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What Not to Watch with Your Boyfriend

Renee finally sends the rest of Bella's things to her.


4. Chapter 4

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Edward got up to put the last tape in. I thought that most of my embarrassing tapes had been played; there wasn’t much that could be worse than what he’d already seen.

The movie came on; there wasn’t much on the screen, just a field and some kids. One was holding a baseball bat, and swinging it around recklessly. I recognized the little girl holding the bat. It was I. Memories flooded back to me. This was the one and only time I had let Renee talk me into playing a sport outside of a gym class. Even at the age of six I’d understood that I shouldn’t be given anything made of metal that could be swung, but Renee wouldn’t listen to my pleas, instead she signed me up for the local little league’s tee-ball division.

I knew by now what would happen if I tried to talk Edward out of watching the video, and I knew he would recognize me at any age, so I took a deep breath and sat back to watch the destruction unfold.

“All right Bella hit a home run!” I heard my coach say, telling me to go to the plate. Seven-year old me stepped up to the tee and waited for the coach to put a ball on it. Thankfully seven-year old me also understood the necessity of waiting for my coach to get out of the way before swinging the bat, which was more than could be said for a lot of kids.

I took a swing at the ball and missed. I could hear cries of encouragement from the parents around me. I swung again and missed again. I tried to hit the little white ball 10 more times and failed. Well, apparently I’d had enough of this nonsense. I took a deep breath and stared at the ball, almost as if I was trying to communicate with it. I picked the ball up off the tee and threw it into the middle of the field, and proceeded to run around the bases. Backwards.

The coaches didn’t seem to know what to do, they were having too much trouble stopping their laughter to do anything about the situation, and so I kept running around the bases like an idiot. I made it all the way around without anyone stopping me, then I ran up to the camera, well I assume I was trying to talk to my mom, but she was holding the camera. “Mommy, Mommy! Did you see my homerun!!! I’m gonna be the best baseball player ever!!!”

I didn’t see Edward turn off the video, but the screen suddenly went dark. I turned to him, “Well at least you didn’t hurt anybody that time!”

“You didn’t see the rest of the season,” I mumbled, “as you’ll notice I no longer have any desire to play baseball.”

He feigned a look of horror, “What not even with me! Well that puts changing you right out of the question! I can’t change you if you won’t even join in all the activities required to be a Cullen!”

“So what you’re saying is that if I consent to play baseball with your family, you’ll change me?”

His expression which had been playful a second before changed to one of absolute seriousness. “Bella…”

“Forget it, I’m too tired to argue! I think it might be bed time for the human.” Edward look relieved that I let it drop so quickly. We went up the stairs to my room and I got into bed.

Just as I was drifting off to sleep Edward whispered, “Bella?”


“For what it’s worth, I think you’d make a terrific baseball player.”

I went to sleep with a smile on my face, and my only nightmares were of running around the bases backwards, but it was okay because my angel was there to send me in the right direction.