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It's Kind OF A Funny Story

Edward: a socially inept boy probably destined to become a hermet, even if he is really cute. Bella: a bad ass who just got kicked out of her sketchy life in arizona to her useless father's clumsy hands. now thet're both attending an upscale boarding school along with the rest of the Cullen/Hale crew. all human. rated teen for mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised...lol, no for now it's just swearing and minior drug refernce, enjoy.

yay all human!

5. Your Smile's On Fire

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Chapter 5

I dragged Edward through the boys building and over to ours. I unlocked the door to find the two couples making out on separate halves of the room.

“Can you guys control your raging hormones for 5 minutes please?” I slammed the door loud enough to get their attention. Emmett looked up at up at me by the door. He looked shocked to be interrupted but then a sly grin crept across his face, as he understood what I had said.

“No, I can’t” he smiled a leant in for another kiss from rose.

“I can.” She rolled her eyes and pushed his puckered lips away with her palm. He might have mumbled ‘but Rosie’ against her hand but everyone was too busy laughing.

“Shall we then?” Alice asked, pulling jasper up of her bed with her. He dropped her hand infavor of her waist and pulled her close. She giggled at the change and placed her hand over his on her hip. She turned to face him and kissed his nose. He went cross-eyed to watch her. They laughed.

Edward caught awkwardly behind me and truthfully I was thankful for it. I may have become a huge flirt/borderline slut but I still felt uncomfortable around people that much in love. Jasper seemed to understand Edward’s discomfort and allowed a little space between them. However he gave me a funny look, like I was a difficult math problem.

We decided to split into two cars. Rosalie and Emmett in the jeep and Edward driving me and Alice and Jasper. We four piled into the Volvo. Alice and Jasper whispered to each other in the back seat almost immediately after buckling their seat belts, which left only Edward and I.

I leant back in my seat and watched the road sail away. I put my foot up on the glove compartment and slid down in my seat. Edward kept sneaking glances at me when he thought I wasn’t looking. The silence continued on for about seven minutes until I reached for the radio knob at the same time he did. I grabbed my hand back, he shocked me, or so I thought. It was like a mini electrocution.

“You can pick the music.” He gestured towards the radio. I nodded and spun the dial.

Small pieces of hit songs raced through the car too quickly to give them a fair chance but I kept changing it anyway. Every genre hit us, faster and fast until I hit a song I recognized.

You’re going away

And I'm feeling the same

Thing Day after Day

I can't let it go

Everyone in this room

They've got troubles too

Secret stories and

Lies that we never knew

I turned to Edward. He peaked at me from the side and did that funny little half smile of his.

Xavia, who will save us?

Your smile's on fire

And still my heart

Won't let you down, the sound

“Do you even know where we’re going?” I asked him, suddenly a little concerned.

I don't wanna be

Your favorite enemy

Not when I can be loving you, alright

Why can't it be?

No two people feel

The same way at the same time

“I google-map’d it.” He confessed. “Alice gave me the address from the flyer.” He turned back to the road. I nodded and looked out the window and sang along.

Xavia, who will save us?

Your smile's on fire

And still my heart

Won't let you down, the sound

He really was a good driver. His hands remained at 10 and 2, he signaled when appropriate, he never exceeded the speed limit. I was impressed.

One heart to break, one heart

One heart to break, one heart

One heart to break, my heart

One heart to break, my heart

The song brought us right to a driveway with about 15 cars parked around it. The house glowed gently with Christmas lights and bad decisions. I was home.

When we got inside, Toby spotted me instantly.

“Hey, Bella right?” he asked excitedly. Oh flirting maneuver where you pretend to forget my name, I know you well.

“Yeah.” I smirked, seeing right through him.

“I see you brought you’re cute friends.” He nodded in approval at the girls behind me, but then he frowned. “And their boyfriends.” I didn’t have to turn my head to see the menacing looks Emmett and Jasper were surely giving Toby. Clearly wanting to quit while he was ahead, he turned back to me, and then he spotted Edward. “What the fuck are you doing here? Nobody invited you.” He glared at Edward, wanting to lose the compition for drunken sluts I guess.

“I did.” I spoke evenly, “he’s with me.”

“You invited Egg-Boy?” he asked incredulously.

“Yeah I did.” I turned to guy in question. He was starring at me wide-eyed.

“Whatever,” he said, “just promise me you’ll save me a dance.” I nodded and he winked at me and then was magnetically pulled to a guy with a new keg at the door.

Emmett pulled Rosalie to the kitchen to get them drinks, Alice and Jasper found a little couch space beside a partially passed out freshman. I couldn’t see Edward but I assumed he was a big boy that could take care of himself. It was time for me to map the lay out and then commit to a location.

The first room was a living room before the party blizzard hit it. There was a TV with a muted episode of Friends playing, kids pressed closed together, plastic cups sloshing against each other, spilling on each other. It was packed but I slid out and moved on the kitchen. I grabbed a beer and found a bottle opener. Emmett had Rosalie up against the wall but it didn’t look like she was fighting him off at all. I said hi before I slipped through the crowd and ended up in a dinning room. There was a couple girls slumped in chairs already. I found the stairs and ascended. There was a badly lit hall and a glowing room. Probably a table light or more Christmas lights.

I heard laughter and someone telling a joke. I walked up the to the door and leant against, taking a swig of my now half empty beer, it for a minute to take in the scene.

A tall lanky boy with russet skin seemed to be the center of attention; the group was molded around him. He sat against a bedside table drawer with some random girl’s head in his lap. There were a couple other native looking kids scattered around the bedroom. On the bed sat few guys I was sure I had at least one class with. There were a couple other girls giggling at whatever inappropriate joke I had just missed. I looked back to the boy in the middle. He looked vaguely familiar. That face, I had seen it in one of my summers with Charlie. He laughed louder and freer than the others. His gaze swept across his audiences’ smiling faces until he came to me, against the door.

“Hello hello hello.” He smiled up at me very big.

“Hey there.” I raised one eyebrow, still not totally sure how I felt here. I dangled my bottle in one hand.

“Come sit with us, you look familiar baby.” He patted the carpeting beside him, everyone watched me carefully, trying to figure out what I was thinking but bad news for them, I had been here many times before, I knew how to play this game. I say cross-legged and looked around the room through my eyelashes, executing the perfect ‘im-innocent,-you-can-trust-me’ eyes. I took a sip.

“Yeah I think I know you, do you live in forks?” I asked, thinking of the only place I could think of.

“Close, La Push.” The room stayed quiet. “It’s the reservation near by.” He explained.

“How do you know that Hicksville Forks?” asked some boy from the bed. “You sure don’t look like the small town girl.”

“I am.” I grinned. “Well almost anyway.”

“Tell me your story.” Insisted the ringleader.

Jacob’s POV

Suddenly I noticed some girl by the door. She was gorgeous. Her long brown hair swept casually over her shoulders, her hacked at tee shirt, slipping down, exposing more of her shoulders. Her cute little skirt. But her face, not only was it cute but I knew it. Before the miracle that was puberty blessed this girls body.

“Hello hello hello.” I knew I was smiling big; this was the charming smile that made girls comfortable.

“Hey there.” She smirked from the door, her big pillowy lips cushioning the words.

“Come sit with us, you look familiar baby.” I patted the carpeting beside me; she stared at me a little longer before walking over and sitting down. She smiled through her eyelashes and took at swig of her beer.

“Yeah I think I know you, do you live in forks?” she asked.

“Close, La Push.” I was charming her, I knew it. “It’s the reservation near by.” I told her incase she didn’t know about the rez, not many people did.

“How do you know that Hicksville Forks?” Quil asked her, leaning back on his hands. “You sure don’t look like the small town girl.”

“I am.” She grinned. “Well almost anyway.”

“Tell me your story.” I gestured for her to continue.

“My dad is Charlie Swan, I dunno if you know him-“ I cut her off.

“Charlie? He’s my dad’s best friend.” I smiled, happy to have a connection to this girl. “That must make you…” I racked my brain for her name. Charlie had been talking about his daughter a lot lately, coming over and telling us about the shenanigans she was getting into. Apparently she was a real troublemaker but hadn’t seen her since I was like 10. I remembered playing tag with my sisters and her…them screaming ‘you’re it Bella’. That’s her name. “Bella right?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She bit her lip. I wanted to know what she was thinking,” who are you?” she looked up at me, those big brown eyes swirling with amusement.

“Me?” I asked, faking shock she didn’t know me. “I’m Jacob Black of course.” Everyone laughed lightly, not a terribly funny joke but they were pretty drunk.

“ohhh,” she nodded, “I recognize you.”

“Bella Swan from Arizona?” asked Embry, he hadn’t really wanted to come but we had dragged him along.

“Yeah” she answered. Everyone exchanged looks and snickered.

“You legend presides you,” I informed her.

“Oh yeah?” she asked holding back a laugh, “whatever you heard, it’s a lie.”

“I hope not.” I laughed. We talked for a little while before she said she had to go check on her friends. She told us she’d be back though. We nodded and watched her go then went back to our night.

Bella’s POV

There he was! Alice said Edward was just moping around the party being a total downer. Apparently I was to track him down and hook him up with a nice girl.

“Edward I have been looking for you everywhere!” I yanked him by his shirt. He was staring intently at the CD rack in the living room. “Where the hell have you been?”

“These people have terrible taste.” He told me, blatantly ignoring my question. “Nickelback?” he pulled a CD out and held it to me “please.” He slid it back in is spot shaking his head with a look on his face that seemed to say what is the world coming to?

“Sure Edward, they suck, come with me okay?” I took his hand and looked around the room. Thankfully, my job wasn’t too hard; Edward was a pretty good-looking guy and was already getting a bunch of looks. Not very many nice girls, which Alice had emphasized. Whatever I wasn’t looking for a soul mate for him, just a random hook up to get him to cheer up.

There, some girls from our science class were staring. Laura maybe? I dragged Edward over, ignoring the look of horror that crossed his face.

“Hey guys!” I said over the music “you know Edward right?” I yanked him forward to greet the decent looking females.

“Of course” a sly smile washed across the blonde’s face. She crossed our tiny circle and walked her fingers up his chest until they slid around his neck. She stared up at his face with a look of evil joy as he stood stiffly, clearly uncomfortable in the pushy girls embrace. It would be fine, I was sure Edward wouldn’t let things get too far. I wasn’t sure what would stop them, whether it would be Edward’s copious amounts of respect for women or him just growing a back bone finally and telling her ‘no’ but I was confident it would be fine.

With my one big duty done, I could finally get back to enjoying this party. I grabbed a new drink (not sure if it was a second or third beer) and wandered through the crowds. Alice and Jasper were grinning and leading each other up to a bedroom and Rosalie and Emmett had disappeared along with their car. I didn’t really know the people since I had just moved here and I couldn’t exactly go back up to those cute Native boys because that would break a rule of mine so for about 10 minutes I just chilled, sipping my drink, not sure what to do.

I had decided to check on Edward, after all, it wasn’t fair of me to just throw his to the sharks or in this case, aggressive sluts. I was just moving back towards the living room when an arm curled its self around my waist and pulled me around to meet a pair of glazed eyes.

“Bella” Toby smiled slyly. “Lets boogie.” He grinned at the embarrassingly old timey word but wouldn’t remove his hand from the small of my back.

“I would Toby but I actually have something I have to do really quick” I held up one finger and made a stupid pleading face. “I’ll be right back.” I lied and snuck away.

“Hey you” I smiled down at Edward on the couch between two girls. They were burring their fingers in his hair and telling him how nice it was, how luck he was. He shook them out with a couple powerful shudders. He looked up at me like a young child being dragged into a long detention.

“Hi” he shot daggers at me, angry I had abandoned him with these girls. The girls in question however, were not deterred by the fact that Edward was trying to escape; in fact they sat on either side of him, each hold one of his arms.

“Oh hi Bella,” sneered the blonde one who’s name I still couldn’t remember. “We were just telling Eddie here how neither of us had date for the school dance in a couple weeks.” She looked at him meaningfully but he wasn’t taking the bait.

“Edward” he muttered.

“What?” she asked, taking the opportunity to stroke his cheek as she turned his head to meet her gaze?

“Edward, Lauren, my name is Edward.” He spoke quietly.

“of course Baby.” She cooed. He shifted awkwardly again and looked back up at me helplessly. I was just about to ask him if he wanted to dance (you know out of pity, not cause I like him or anything) when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Bella, you still owe me a dance.” Crap, Toby stood behind me looking rather cocky.

“Right.” I looked back to Edward and mouthed ‘be good’. Toby towed me father into the room, wedged between seventeen other kids. He down at me, his lips curling into a smile and his hands swerving around my waist. I shimmied away and danced kind of innocently, well innocently for me at least.

“Hey you come back here” he clumsily tried to grind closer but I kept sliding away when he got close. He was beginning to look angry so I threw him a bone. I placed my hands on his shoulders and swayed my hips. Toby grabbed my ass and I squealed but kept cool. It was fine as long as he didn’t take things too far. I was sure it could he fine. I shook my hair and closed my eyes just enjoying how soft the strands of my hair were against my face. How light I felt. The room spun and it was okay, like a merry-go-round. Toby was pulling us closer together slowly, as if I wouldn’t notice. I pushed lightly on his chest.

I stole a glance at Edward, still sandwiched between the creeper twins and gave his a hopeful smile. He grimaced back. Lauren grabbed his hand stood up, using her free thumb to gesture to the dance floor. So it was dancing time for them too.

Lauren dragged Edward hesitant body right beside Toby and I. she began grinding against his and running her fingers through her hair. He shuffled very awkwardly. I couldn’t contain a laugh so I tried to turn my head; Edward caught it anyway and smiled that side grin of his. I thought a mental message at him, hoping he might get it, lucky short song. But I mimed it out a bit to while dancing and he laughed and nodded.

Finally the song ended and transitioned into something much slower. Some kid with an iPod was fiddling with the speakers; he then dragged his girlfriend out to the dance floor, ignoring the complaints of people enjoying the raunchier music that was just playing. Toby thanked me before collapsing on the couch. Lauren and the other girl were making to descend on poor sweet Edward so I rescued him.

“Mind if I cut in?” I rested my hands on his broad shoulders, noticing for the thirtieth time at least, how deceivingly dece his body was.

“Not at all” he murmured, again with the sweet smile. We swayed together looking around the room awkwardly then smiling and laughing when we caught each other’s eye. What the hell was going on with me? I was never ever self-conscious or uncomfortable. It simply wasn’t like me to shuffle awkwardly around the dance floor. What was coming over me? It was obviously the air in here I decided. And the fact that I was drunk. No I was, barely tipsy but I fully intended to drown that truth in some hard liquor. Finally the song ended and I was free of these unsettling emotions. Yet Edward still held my hand. Just as the girls were making their way back to Edward he whispered in my ear.

“Would you like to go get some fresh air?” he asked. Air, perfect, I thought to myself, nodding wildly. Just what I needed to clear my head and straighten my thoughts. He pulled my hand through the kids on the dance floor and passed the throngs trying to pick a more upbeat song right to the kitchen. I grabbed us two beers quickly (so it wasn’t as hard as I wanted, it was a start) and he walked up to the screen door in the back. He opened it for my and gestured out with his hand.

“My lady” I giggled as I passed. I popped the top of the bottle and took a long sip. Edward raised his eyebrow. I passed him the other bottle. He declined. “I don’t drink.”

My eyes widened, “what do you mean, like ever?” I asked sounding way stupid.

“Uh yea, never.” He shrugged. “I dunno I’m not really into it you know.”

“Not really” I said truthfully “but I understand. And I respect you for it. It’s cool. Very straight edge, you know that whole nerd look is back.” We laughed. “But if you’re not into drinking or anything, then why’d you come tonight?” I asked maybe a bit rudely.

“For all the stimulating conversation, obviously” I laughed but asked him again. “I dunno,” he said “I guess I just wanted to see what the deal was you know. I mean this might come as I big surprise to you but I don’t really get invited out much. This is like my second party ever.” He admitted ashamedly.

“Don’t be embarrassed. What happened the first time?” I was curious about the event that had ended his party going career.

“Well it wasn’t really my idea. Alice and this girl I knew dragged me along. It ended really badly.” His eyes went back in time to whenever this party went down. He twitched at the memory of it. But not like I crazy person twitch more like a lost child looking for their mother in a busy supermarket. He looked scared and vulnerable. I did the only thing I could think of, I moved closer and pulled him into a hug. I leant against his strong shoulder until he spoke again.

“It was rough, I never really wanted to do it again.” He said quietly.

“What changed your mind?” I asked knowing the obvious answer, of the few changed variables, one stood out.

“Oh you know, a couple reasons it’s a new city,” he defended himself weakly. “And a new school, with new kids…” he said leaning closer.

“High school kids are all the same” I breathed lightly, our noses touched. STOP THIS NOW BELLA! The reasonable part of my brain screamed at me. Don’t do it, you can’t just go back to sweet, selfless Bella. Not after everything. But it was too late and our lips almost touched-

“Bella, Edward!” barked Alice from the screen door “we were thinking of leaving, you two coming?” she finally looked up at us and took in our position. “Or we could just catch a ride with Rose and Emmett”. She slammed it open and walked away. We watched her go and burst out laughing. He got up and offered his hand for me to get up. We ran after her and said we could definitely give her a ride.

Edward’s Pov

Toby came up to us at the door when he heard we were leaving and clumsily wrapped Bella in a tight hug. He tried to be smooth about it but I totally caught him smelling her hair as he held her. A big balloon of jealousy swelled up inside of me. Cutting off oxygen supply to the brain, thus logical thinking. I grabbed Bella’s hand and dragged her out the door muttering “c’mon Bella, we don’t have all night.” She giggled drunkenly behind me.

We walked towards the car until some unfamiliar native boy called Bella’s name. She looked at him confused until he emerged completely from the shadows.

“Jacob!” she laughed. Jacob? I wondered, who was this Jacob character and how did she know him?