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It's Kind OF A Funny Story

Edward: a socially inept boy probably destined to become a hermet, even if he is really cute. Bella: a bad ass who just got kicked out of her sketchy life in arizona to her useless father's clumsy hands. now thet're both attending an upscale boarding school along with the rest of the Cullen/Hale crew. all human. rated teen for mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised...lol, no for now it's just swearing and minior drug refernce, enjoy.

yay all human!

6. Phone Numbers and Bait.

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Edward's POV

“You’re not leaving so early are you Bella?” Jacob asked with that confident, charming smile I could never seem to master.

“My friends are leaving now, they’re my ride home.” She shrugged. She had managed to sober up enough to pull that smart-ass act she was so fond of. The to of them grinned at each other.

“Bella, Bella, Bella,” Jacob laughed, “I’d be happy to drive you, you know that baby.” Baby? I was suddenly worried. I had assumed Bella was single but hearing this boy I didn’t know call her ‘baby’, well my thoughts had changed.

“But you don’t even know where I’m going.” She pointed out but still walked towards him slowly as he walked to her. She looked up at Jacob’s well-defined chest and muscular arms. He was a good-looking guy.

“That doesn’t matter. It could be fun to adventure together” they were closer now. Almost touching and talking softly but with mischievous grins plastered across their faces. From the back, I could see his big hands wind around her waist, one went up her back, and the other slid down just gazing her bottom. When he bent his head down to hers, I could see her arms around his neck. The whole scene killed me. It’s not like I even knew the girl! What right did she have to make me jealous? It was probably just the human connection. Truth be told, I hadn’t kissed anyone since that fateful night. I couldn’t hear them anymore but I knew they were still talking by the soft whispers that clung to the air. I had to stop them; my mind went into warp-speed, throwing ideas around like a blender on high without a lid. In my craze, I tripped over a rock and yelped. That did it. Suddenly, two dimly lit faces were turned to me. They strode over together like a pair of Siamese twins, holding each other’s hips.

“Hey there man, you must be the ride home” Jacob extended a strong arm out to me on the ground and I felt absolutely ridiculous. Here was Bella, this confident, beautiful, clever girl. And here was me, this awkward, shy, over thinking stumbling idiot. It was obvious she’d choose this guy, he was tanned and muscular and funny and attractive. I took his hand, in effort to not look like a bad sport and got up, wishing bad, evil things on this Jacob guy.

“So where are you kids headed?” asked Jacob. He said ‘guys’ but he was only talking to Bella.

“The grand Charles-Lennox Academy.” Smirked Bella.

“ahh, yes, I’m familiar with snobby snobersons Academy for Rich Folk.” They both laughed at his stupid comment. For god sake, it wasn’t even clever. No word play or alliteration or anything. Very immature and mindless, just like him.

“Edward! If you want to take all night, just give me your keys, Jazzy’s not too drunk! He can just take us!” Yelled Alice. She was leaning out of the windows in the back.

“Listen Bella” I said, “I have to go, and I can’t let them drive my car. I'm the designated driver but if you want to stick around…” I trailed off sadly, not wanting her to take me up on the offer of leaving her with this guy.

“No no, I should really get home anyway.” She said, her eyebrows pulling together. “Bye Jake, nice seeing you after all these years.” She smiled and kissed him on both cheeks like the French. ‘After all these years? What the hell did that mean? They knew each other already?

“Yea, really” Jacob grinned down at Bella, obviously not really seeing me as any sort of competition. “Hey, give me your number, we should chill,” he said smoothly.

“Uh not yet thanks, if you really want my number, you’ll find a way to get it.” She laughed over her shoulder at him, dragging me along. I did not see that coming. I thought she was into him, I thought she’d write her cell phone number across his palm in hot pink sharpie. I thought she’d pull him into the woods and do God-knows-what. But instead, she just asked if I was coming or not and ignored Jacob, still standing there, shocked as me.

“C’mon Bells, we have history, we have mud-pies, you can’t be serious” he called after our car.

“’Fraid so” she leant out the window and blew him a kiss as my car whizzed through the night.

“I’m so tired.” Bella sighed. Her arms relaxed slightly around my neck. I shifted my arms under her knees. I had to carry her from the car to her dorm because she said when she got tipsy she was a stumbler. I had suggested she just walk, I had promised to catch her if she looked unsteady but of course that wasn’t enough. Although she wouldn’t tell me why, she said that wasn’t who she was any more

“Who”? I’d asked.

“A stumbler” she’d answered

“Hey Bella, do you have your key? I asked the girl riding piggyback.

“Uh huh” she giggled. She let go of my neck so I reflexively grabbed her legs tighter. They were soft and strong from running and moisturizing. I felt her dig around in her purse until she laughed again. “Well what do you know, NO I DON’T!” she seemed to find it very funny because suddenly Bella was laughing at top volume.

I did my best to shush her but I was unsuccessful. We had left Alice and jasper in the car, she was currently too inebriated to get out of the car, or understand it was time to get out of the car. Instead, she had locked the doors and was laughing drunkenly at her dedicated boyfriend.

“Okay well I can’t get you in. I don’t have your key. I don’t know where you can sleep.” I thought about how I didn’t have a roommate. “Unless you’re okay with sleeping in my room.”

“That would be most generous of you, good sir,” she slurred.

I helped her to my dorm and got her inside. I dug through my suitcases and found her a shirt and a pair of boxers. She sat on my bed, swinging her legs wildly. “Here you go Bella, is this okay?” I handed her my clothes.

“Yep yep” she took them and ran into my walk in closet.

While she was getting changed and making worrisome clanging noises from inside my closet, I took the opportunity to clean up a bit. I grabbed all the clothes on my floor and stuck them in a box, made my bed, and swept up a bit. Then I went over to my illegal electrical kettle and boiled some water for tea for her. I was feeling nervous. Partially because she was still making fairly violent noises in my walk in but truthfully I think it was because I was alone at night with the girl I sort of maybe kind of liked? I put on some music, to calm myself down, to distract myself from the thumping noises.

Finally she came out. I had given her one of older bigger t-shirts, so she’d be more comfortable and a pair of plaid boxer shorts. The shirt hung off her slim frame loosely, flapping slightly in the breeze from the open window. Standing there, with her hair all messed up and her make up smudged, she looked so young and sleepy. She stumbled towards the bed and me.

“Hey” she slurred.

“Hey, do you want some tea?” I asked her, putting some honey in a mug with peppermint tea bag anyway, waiting for the water to boil.

“Uh” she shook her head so I unplugged the hot kettle and but a CD case over the cup to keep out dust motes.

She tripped over her feet but thankfully I caught her. She felt so soft and sweet in my arms. I held her to my chest until I realized it was weird because she was barely awake.

“Here you go Bella,” I lifted her into bed “go to sleep now sweetie.” And it was so hard not to use pet names when she seemed to innocent and unlike the hardened bad girl I’d met. I leant over her and tucked her into the covers; her pale fingers grasped my shirt as her eyes closed. She hummed contentedly, like a little kid. It reminded me of when my cousin Becky used to stay over. Us kids were supposed to take care of her while Carlisle worked and Esme took her sister out for pedicures to make up for the rough divorce. I was about 10 at the time but I was always the responsible one. Alice liked trying to dress her up and Emmett thought she was cute but spent most of his time at Rosalie’s house. So when Alice got bored, it was always me and Becky. She was a cute kid. I used to put her to bed on the couch and tuck her in with her plush elephant and read to her until she fell asleep.

I tried to pry Bella’s fingers off my shirt and grab the extra pillow for the floor but she murmured something into the pillow. I just thought it was her breathing funny but then she did it again, louder but still as unclear.

“What’s that?” I whispered softly.

“Don’t go Edward.” She murmured again. My heart did a funny little jump. My eyes widened in surprise. How could she make me feel that way? It was almost like I really liked her. It was just some juvenile crush. She was smart and funny and beautiful so of course I should at least be infatuated by her. So acknowledging the crush, I tried to get her hand off. It would be wrong of me to stay with her while she was so intoxicated and I still liked her.

“I have to. Good night Bella.” I said trying again to break free. Truthfully, my attempts were pretty half hearted. I kept telling myself it was because I didn’t want her to wake up, not because I wanted so much to stay.

“NO. Don’t go Edward” she was getting louder and it was against rules to have girls in the boys’ rooms after 10:00 PM (and vice versa). It was strictly because I couldn’t afford to get in trouble with the D.A. so soon. I said that was why I stayed.

“Okay Bella. Okay, I’ll stay,” I whispered and looked down at what I was wearing. Still in my party clothes and my teeth remained unbrushed. “Just let me get ready.” I added. She nodded sleepily and yawned.

I grabbed some pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and my toothbrush and booked it to the bathrooms. I changed faster than necessary and scrubbed my teeth with excessive force.

When I finally left the bathrooms, I passed a boy I faintly recognized from my math class.

“Hey man, what’s the rush,” he said smiling and waggling his eyebrows obscenely. “Got a hot date?” he laughed as if the notion was ridiculous.

“I have to go,” I breathed as I rushed away, unable to think of a more clever come back. I thought of how Bella would have used a set up like that to come up with a real zinger.

I flew into my room and dumped my clothes and toothbrush in time to hear the girl in my bed call out my name. It was pretty dark except for a desk light I’d turned on for her. “I’m here.” I said. She reached out for me to I walked into her arm span. She waved around until she hit thigh, then she pulled my flannel pant leg closer. I tumbled into bed beside her. She found me and snuggled into my arms. I didn’t know if this was completely unacceptable so instead of beating myself up over it, I lay there, enjoying the smell of her hair. Like strawberry perfume and some flower I couldn’t name. Something Esme used to love.

Lying with her in the darkness, I couldn’t help but smile. She liked me-or at least trusted me enough not to totally molest her while she slept drunkenly. This had been a memorable night. It had started out shaky and the party sucked but this made up for it. She made me feel special and needed. I drifted off into a strawberry scented sleep.

Bella’s POV

I awoke in a strange room. There was light sifting through a white curtain and the window was open. My legs were tangled in a blanket and I could see I was only wearing a pair of boy’s boxer shorts and a big t-shirt. There was an arm, draped across my side and back but the worst part was I was hugging someone. Something Reddish caught my eye and it was hair. I mentally did a tally of all the gingers I knew, then narrowed it down to people I knew well enough to sleep in the same bed as. I came up blank so I turned my head to see Edwards face inches from mine. His lips were open slightly but he was breathing through his nose.

Wait a second, why was I lying in Edward’s bed? I wondered and then the previous night hit me like a tetherball on a death spiral. The party, meeting Jacob, drinking, dancing with Toby, Lauren with Edward, me with Edward, us outside, him talking, me talking, the almost kiss, Alice interrupting (saving us?), seeing Jacob again, Edward’s weird look, a foggy filter on the rest of the night’s events I recognized as alcohol. I vaguely remembered getting ready and falling on him. Then him tucking me in and leaving. Then he came back and got into bed with me. Then the memory hit again, I’d practically BEGGED him to stay with me in his bed. I’d snuggled up close to him. This one wasn’t a case of the boy not leaving me alone because my underwear was intact and I remembered missing him. God this was disgusting. This weird feeling, second guessing myself and feeling sick. It wasn’t a hangover but I decided to call it that. I tried to wriggle out of his arms without waking him up. I was unsuccessful. As soon as I twisted around so my I was facing the ceiling instead of his thoroughly washed sheets, his breathing changed. It was subtle and had I not been so close or been in this situation a million times, I wouldn’t have recognized it.

I froze until his breathing went back to normal then I got off the bed.

“Bella?” damn, his groggy voice brought me back.

“Oh hey there” I paused on his name, “Edward. Didn’t know you were up.” I smiled weakly and opened the door to the walk-in I half remembered changing in last night. Sure enough, my party clothes were crumpled in a pile on the floor. “Excuse me” I nodded to Edward before ducking inside.

As I pulled of his shirt, I was briefly caught in it, all tangled up. This smell was all around me, sneaking into my nostrils, replacing my mental freak out session with ‘wow, he smells amazing.’ I was like normal boy smell but cleaner and sweater and more wonderful. I would have tried to convince myself it was his detergent if I didn’t suddenly remember this lovely sent all last night. It was glorious cologne, I decided, forbidding myself from giving the matter anymore thought.

My bra was still on which I had to say was pretty remarkable. I slipped on last night’s outfit and gingerly turned the doorknob to see Edward had slipped a pair of jeans on, made the bed and was making coffee.

“Mmm can I have some of that?” I walked towards him with my arms out.

“Sure here’s a cup” he handed me a mug that matched his and every other one I saw on the table in the small cabinet he had above a small kitchen table. “How do you take it?” He pushed a milk carton at me and a small bowl of sugar cubes.

“Just milk thanks.” I smiled weakly again, sitting down. Damn what was this? Hangover or the soul? I was acting ridiculously! I was and in-and-out kind of girl. I usually slept with boys but then snuck out in the night, not stayed for a whole sleep over and chatted the next morning. “sooo…it’s Saturday, right?” I asked. Maybe I was supposed to be home. Or in class.

“Yes it is.” He answered in the comfortable formality that was Edward. “Sleep okay?” he asked, staring intently at his cup.

“Yes, thank you so much Edward. That was really…above and beyond.” I said quietly. Why was I stuttering? I hadn’t even kissed the boy for goodness sake, why was I so nervous?

“Oh, no problem.” He said quite quickly. “I’d hate to think what might have happened.” He added still examining the cup.

“Oh, I’m most definitely going to find my key.” I assured him. Oh god, most definitely? What was I? Four thousand years old?

“Yes, that’s sounds like a good idea” he said stiffly, finally taking a sip. I took my last gulp and set the cup down, unsure where he would wash it.

“Well, I should probably get going, you know find Alice and all that.” I said getting up. “Where do you want this?” I asked holding up my empty cup.

“Oh, just leave it, I’ll take get it.” He said.

Okay then, bye.” I grabbed my socks and shoes, not bothering to put them on. He was suddenly behind me, walking me to the car.

“Bye Bella.” He opened the door for me and smiled but his eyes remained clouded and a bit sad looking.

“See you” I ducked out.

When I got home, Alice wasn’t there. I assumed she had spent the night at Jasper’s in her drunken haze. I dumped out my purse on the hallway carpeting and finally found that stupid key.

“There you are, you little monster” I muttered and I shoved my stuff in the bag and jammed the key in the lock. I walked inside, locked the door, and yanked off my clothes. I grabbed my bathrobe, toiletries and key and headed for the showers.

It was mainly empty which I was glad for. I walked into a stall and worked on getting clean. My strawberry shampoo filled my nose so that was good. It reminded me of home and everything before school before Charlie, before my rebellion, before him, back to when I was a good girl making good grades in Arizona. I tried to scrub away that weird over whelming sense discomfort but it didn’t work so I rinsed and left for my room with my stuff.

Alice (who still wasn’t home) had insisted I not leave my clothes on the floor so I actually had a drawer to look through to find a t-shirt and a pair of jeans cut into shorts. I grabbed a towel and tried to dry my hair. I brushed at it and then stopped caring. I picked my bag off the floor and emptied it on my bed. I put my cell phone back in and my smokes. Then I added my journal and a pen. I know, it’s dorky but I still kept a journal. In my defense it wasn’t really like ‘Dear Diary, today Johnny looked right at me, I felt like I might explode into a million tiny sharps of happiness’. I drew pictures and wrote when I felt like it. I tucked my key in my pocket and threw my wallet in just in case. Then I locked the door behind me.

I had only been walking a couple minutes when I found a nice tree. I was pretty big and kind of on the outskirts of school campus. I felt like sleeping but I couldn’t. I settled for placing my ipod earphones in and closing my eyes to pretend I was sleeping. I hoped any passer byers would get the message. I felt strange and tongue tied and unable to speak.

I focused on the slight breeze and the smell of the freshly cutgrass. When suddenly I heard someone say my name, or a variations on it. I kept my eyes shut and continued to pretend to be asleep.

“Hi, Isabel!” someone’s warm hand hit my knee. My right eye popped open. I cursed myself for not bringing sunglasses.

“Bella.” I said looking up at the weird blondish boy standing above me with a gleeful smirk on his face. “Yes?” I asked kind of rudely.

“Sorry, Bella” he repeated my name to himself “you’re in my science class right?” I felt like asking this tool how the hell I was supposed to have his schedule memorized or to recognize anyone after my third day at a new school but instead I shrugged and said I didn’t know. “K” he said, “I think so” he smiled down at me in a way im sure was meant to be attractive. “Mike” he pointed to his chest.

“Great.” I said wanting to put my headphones back in.

“soo” he said moving quickly to sit beside me against the tree trunk. “Saw you at Zack’s party last night” he said grinning again.

“Yep I was there.” I said.

“You transferred in right?” he asked even though it was completely obvious. If I had gone here before this year I might he endured more stimulating conversations with this fool.

“Yea” I said playing with my headphones.

“Where from?” he asked. I felt like yelling ‘fuck off, I don’t want you’. But of course I didn’t. I also really wanted a smoke but I didn’t know how unbelievably rude it would be. I considered asking him but that would imply he might be here to see me finish it and I certainly didn’t wasn’t that invitation.

“Phoenix, then Forks” I said. His eyed popped.

“Forks, really? That’s where I grew up!” he exclaimed. I wanted to say ‘looks like you still have a long way to go buddy’ instead I said told him my time there had been brief, as shortly after my arrival my father had shipped me here. He laughed too loud.

“Wait a sec, Bella, Isabella?” he narrowed his eyes. “Omigod, Chief Swan’s rebellious daughter!” oh god I was really getting sick of people recognizing me by that title. It made me seem like a soap opera character.

“Yea I guess so” I shrugged super-duper wanting to go.

“Wow, is it true you hotwired a car and drove it into a swimming pool?” he asked excitedly.

“Well not exactly, but elements of it are true.” I wasn’t ashamed of my actions back home but I wasn’t proud really. I mean the stuff I did was so juvenile.

“Okay, which part is true?” he asked eagerly.

“Um well yea I hotwired the car but I didn’t drive it.” I admitted.

“But you were in the car?” he pressed.

“Well yes technically but-“ I was stopped by someone calling my name

The weekend passed just fine. I wasn’t up for anything social. I decided to pin the weird anxiety on the fact that I was starting a new school full of strangers, not that I hadn’t seen Edward since Saturday morning. Monday was a blur. The teachers took my excuses regarding my awful homework completion. We all eat lunch together, which was nice to have a group already. After school I went for a walk with my notebook and smokes, intent on non-interrupted quality time this attempt. I pulled out a cigarette, eager for the feeling as my stress puffed out through my nose while toxins pillaged my lungs. I wrote a short story about a small child named turnip and her only friend, a talking muffin. Then I illustrated it, and then tore it out. Random stories about talking confectionaries, that was one of the things I worked to give up.

Tuesday this sweet girl named stumbled and fell on me. I opened my mouth to tell her to watch where she was walking but instead she began nervously apologizing. I told her it was fine and kept walking with my bag full of opening assignments. There was something about her soft voice and conservative clothes. When I saw her around the campus after that, she waved timidly, like she didn’t completely expect me to wave back. She was like old me but smarter and more confident so I didn’t hate her. We ended up being history partners for something.

Wednesday morning I got out of bed to Alice’s alarm clock.

“Wake me in 5?” I asked sleepily. It was 7 o’clock for crying out loud.

“No Bella. You have to get up, today is important” She insisted.

“Picture day?” I guessed.

“No, I don’t know what it is but get ready.” She was already walking in her uniform but she had 7 boxes from home shipped up, claiming these accessories were the bare essentials. She settled on sliding a black pencil skirt in place of her school one and a stylish little scarf tied around her neck but to the side. I decided to continue the cowgirl thing I had begun on Friday and wrapped my belt with plastic gun holsters around so it hung of my hips. Then I slid two play guns inside. I put on my spurs over my chucks then pinned my sheriff's badge on.

We had begun to meet everybody by this tree between the boys and girls dorm. By the time we got there, Edward and Jasper were already leaning against it talking about something. Jasper said something while grinning evilly. Edward blushed a little and punched him on the arm. They were adorable. Before we got there, Jasper started walking towards us. He wrapped his comparatively long arms around his tiny girlfriend and they stood still for a moment. I continued to the tree. Drama yesterday had been interesting. We did two person scenes. A series of pretty typical improv drills. We were supposed to make a scene, establish and relationship and a conflict then solve it in 6 lines. I did okay because I like improv and I’ve don’t it before but when I looked away from my partner Tyler, Edward seemed to be really struggling. It was sad to watch; I knew he was a kid who couldn’t think on his feet well.

Rosalie and I had been getting closer. We talked easily in classes together. When I first met her, I had pegged her as snobby and arrogant and it was pretty true still but I had also learned she was smart and clever. She was full of biting comments and it seemed she kept Emmett on a pretty tight leash. They were cute together, the way he always waited outside class for her. He’d nod to me in acknowledgement but all his attention was really on her. It was sweet. But also painful.

We ate lunch all together on the grass again, I invited that Angela girl to sit but she declined, gesturing to an Asian boy I recognized as Alex or Ben or something.

After school, the group of us was leaving school grounds when we heard the roar of a motorcycle. Me an Alice ran to check it out, Alice being very nosy and me finding guys with bikes hot. Sure enough, on the paved path separating the girls and boys dorms sat a large glossy black bike with dark skinned guy leaning against it in a helmet.

Alice and I ran quickly down the steps and tried to get closer to the guy, which was a serious feat as most of the female population were flocking. Suddenly as we were getting closer, the rider pulled off his helmet and shook out his dark silky hair.

“Bella!” he called and then I recognized him. That voice, that hair, that smile.

“Jacob?” I asked even though I was pretty sure it was he. Alice looked at me funny and whispered you know this guy?’ I nodded, making my way through the people trying to not be totally obvious as they watched.

“You bet” he smiled again, his face pulling into a shape that incorporated most of his face and displayed most of his bright teeth.

“What are you doing here?” I asked in my flirty voice.

“Looking for something.” He answered all cocky.

“Looking for what?” I turned my head to one side, making me look sweeter, more innocent. The rest of the group was making their way over to us.

“A phone number” we both laughed this time as the others arrived.

“So who’s the mystery rider?” boomed Emmett.

“Oh, guys this is Jacob Black” I gestured to them and they waved at him.

“Jake’s fine.” Said Jake. “We’re all buddies” he walked over and slung his arm around me and kissed my hair as if we were together. I pushed his body and couldn’t help but grin. He just came back with more gusto, wrapping an arm around my waist. . Everyone was laughing except for Edward who got that sad little nervous grimace on his face. On principal, I didn’t like guys just grabbing what they felt like when it came to my body but I guess it was because he was supposedly a family friend. Plus he was so charming. Either way I didn’t care

“So Jake, how do you and Bella know each other?” asked Alice.

“Oh me and Bella? Our Dads are like BFFs or something. But we were miraculously reunited when I crashed that tool Zack’s party last weekend with my friends.” He said swiftly before I could explain.

“So like childhood friends?” asked Alice, wanting as many details as possible.

“Honestly, i'm surprised she has told you guys about me.” He smiled again and his annoying cocky behavior was forgiven.

“Why don’t you come over? We were just going over to me and Bella’s room.” Invited Alice of course.

“Sure, I’d be honored.” Smiled Jacob. “Where can I park this thing?” he gestured to his glorious bike.

“Oh Eddy will take it to the student parking lot for you. Just give him the keys.” Said Emmett. Jasper and Rosalie, who hadn’t added much to the conversation except for the occasional snicker laughed at that one.

“Thanks Eddie” Jake said “but do you know how to drive on of these? Why don’t I just do it? Bella can show me to the lot, then we’ll meet you guys at the room” he grinned down at me and I couple help but smile, a ride on a motorcycle? I hadn’t been on one since my leather stage where the only boys I dated had one.

“Sure” I said smiling back. “See you guys in a minute” I said as Jake tossed me an extra helmet and slid his on. Then he got on and I hopped on the back. I caught a flash of Edward’s expression before we tore down the pathway. The motor growled and so I clung to him and his white t-shirt.

The ride was exhilarating. I could see why Jake would ride a motorcycle. The wind in your hair, the powerful rumbling of the bike, the adrenaline rush. It was fantastic. I’d only dated a couple guys with bikes but at that moment I made a mental note to date more.

We parked the bike near Alice’s Porsche. It’s blaring yellow color caught Jacob’s attention pretty fast, he hoped off his bike, lifted me off and pretty much ran to it. His strong looking hands grazed gently above the glossy paint job. He whistled long.

“So you actually know someone who owns this baby?” Jake lowered himself to peer in at the leather interior.

“Uh, yeah, so do you.” I adjusted my school bag and watched him with my trademark amused smile.

“Who?” he asked still not really look up from the vehicle.

“Alice.” I said.

“No fuckin’ way.” His eyes shot up. “I know someone with a Porsche” he shook his head. “Wait till I tell the boys.”

“C’mon Jake, we have people waiting.” I began dragging him away from the car.

“Who cares?” he asked gazing dreamily around me at the car.

“Fine.” I said giving him a look and walking away from him. He took one last look and hurried over to me. He spun me around so I had no choice but to fall into his arms. His hands ventured to the small of my back where they held me close.

“What I mean is, I didn’t come for a bunch of rich kids,” he said, staring down at him even though I childishly wouldn’t look at him. “I came all the way here to track down this girl I met a party,” I slipped up a bit and grinned so I bit my lip. “It seems that even though I had not only the best of intentions- “I snorted. “-But also the guts to ask for her number, she refused to give it to me, in favor of sending me on a hunt of sorts.”

“Is that so” I asked him. “Seems like the kind of girl you should buy a coffee.” I told him.

“Lets go see your pad.” He grabbed my hand despite my not giving him any sort of invitation it sucked but I guess he was cute enough I was kind half hearted when I tried to slip my hand away. What can you do?