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It's Kind OF A Funny Story

Edward: a socially inept boy probably destined to become a hermet, even if he is really cute. Bella: a bad ass who just got kicked out of her sketchy life in arizona to her useless father's clumsy hands. now thet're both attending an upscale boarding school along with the rest of the Cullen/Hale crew. all human. rated teen for mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised...lol, no for now it's just swearing and minior drug refernce, enjoy.

yay all human!

7. Beach Jam

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Edward’s POV

“I just don’t trust him.” I insisted. “ I mean c’mon he drives a motorcycle. Who on God’s green earth expects to be taken seriously while driving one of those monsters? And without a helmet no less. I don’t care how experienced he thinks he is, he probably crashed them both.” I threw my hands into the air while my family continued to ignore me completely. “And your welcoming attitude towards that boy is certainly not going to help her stay on the straight and narrow.” I added, crossing my arms.

“Calm the fuck down, Granny” Emmett said, holding Rosalie very close.

“Seriously, you’re going to go prematurely grey Edward, then who’ll be able to stand you?” Alice added helpfully.

“Good to know all of you care for Bella’s well being.” I threw my hands around dramatically. “Some friends you lot are.” I muttered angrily just in time for the lady in question to waltz through the door with the dirty ape in question.

“Hey guys, did we miss anything?” Bella giggled. I couldn’t help but notice Jacob’s tanned and well-defined arm wrapped around her soft little waist.

“Just Edward being his usual middle-aged self” Rosalie sighed, checking her nails.

“Ah” she said then Jacob wrapped another arm around her waist so we were hugging her from the back. She giggled and half-heartedly tried to move his eager hands.

The next 2 hours was horrible. Bella shared a chair with Jacob. She sat on his lap, it was like they were dating or something. Because of the lack of seats, I leaned against the wall awkwardly for almost the entire time. I considered taking up smoking just for an excuse to get out of the room. It was me and 4 couples being well- coupley. I couldn’t believe Bella, my Bella, the girl with the sarcastic comment to everything, the girl who had refused to give this boy her number was being so flirty. Sure he had soft looking tanned skin, impressive muscles and a motorcycle but was that all girls cared about? I was all right looking, or at least I thought so. But why did I care what Bella though of me, for god’s sake, it not like she’d ever look at me romantically. Not like I would ever think of her that way. As if. I liked nice girls, if any at all. And I absolutely didn’t. Not in a gay way- not that there’s anything wrong with that. Cause you know love is love, and good for those who can find it.

“Going for a smoke” Bella said grabbing her purse, Jacob in tow.

“Me too” ginned Jacob who I was growing to hate more and more with each passing moment. She fished around in her bag for those weird little menthol cigarettes she likes and offered him one. As they walked out together, she flung her bag on her bed and slammed the door after them.

“I have to go.” I stated nervously. “See you all tomorrow.” I grabbed my bag and muttered something about homework. Nobody noticed.

I walked at what one might describe as a brisk pace to my dorm, taking the long route, the one that went all the way around the main buildings so as to not accidentally pass by them. I burst through the door and zipped through the halls till I got to my room where I jammed my key into the lock and slammed it after me, panting hard on the other side of the door. I slid down to a crouching position, pinching the bridge of my nose. I had undoubtedly made a huge fool of myself.


Jacob’s POV

We walked hand in hand through her preppy little campus, looking at phonies studying in the grass. She actually did pull out a smoke, something I tended to find particularly sexy. I don’t know why. I just do.

We wandered back through the parking lot and ended up on a curb just off campus. I had my arm around her, my hand just sitting there on her waist. We shared another smoke -another habit my dad’s been begging for me to give up- and talked idly. Not about anything serious, mind you. Serious real life junk like school and work and futures didn’t really apply so much with Bella weirdly. It’s like we both felt completely chills to just sit there, talking about movies and parties and people and goddamn Forks. It seems she wasn’t even there that long. Like just a month or so. Really not long at all. Seems Charlie wasn’t prepared. I mean I knew she came to visit a couple summers but that was before she got that rebellious and all. I dunno, I guess I just liked her. Cause she was pretty smart, not like the brainacs I usually associate aviod. More like clever and quick witted. Like the goddamn Gilmore Girls (don’t judge, Rachel made me watch an episode when she came to see up last year. Those girls talk so damn fast, I was reeling. Truly I was.)

She was saying how weird it was that we met up again that night after so long. I agreed.

“soo..” I began, turning her pretty face to me. It was a little on the chilly side, maybe cause im a pretty warm temperature guy. Anyway I turned her face to meet mine. My hands looked pretty dark next to her porcelain skin. “how about that number?” I asked ginning impulsively. “I mean I came all the way here, I think I worked pretty damn hard for it.”

“I guess so. “ she chewed her lip all coy. She rummaged in her pockets for a pen I guess. She pulled out a tube of lipstick, forty-nine cents and a sharpie. Her writing was quick and pretty messy, it ticked across my hand. Then she kissed the back of my hand above her writing.

“thanks a bunch Bells, really. I’ll call you up sometime, alright?” she nodded and went back to chewing her lip with that pretty hott expression on. Seductive, I’d say. “Listen, I’d like to stay but I have to head back now, my dad flips if I’m riding the bike too late, you know.” I got up and pulled her up we walked to my bike. She fiddled with my helmet while I checked my pockets, made sure I had everything I came with. Then I got right on, she stuck the helmet over my head with the visor still up so she could see my eyes.

“Bye Jake” she smiled and laughed a little. “Talk to you later” then she turned and walked away, still laughing sort of. I felt my back for a ‘Kick Me’ sigh or something and came up empty. I kicked the bike up to start and zoomed right out of that place.

I was on the road when I remembered my visor. I flipped it down to find lipstick hearts over my eyes. I laughed realizing that had probably been what she had done when I was leaving. A couple cars honked and laughed with me. I laughed the whole way home almost; looking thought those two big hearts.

Edward’s POV

I couldn’t sleep. I rolled around instead. It was 11:00 according to my cell phone on the table but I still got up for a cup of tea.

While the water boiled, I chose music. My fingers raked across the multitude of CD cases but couldn’t seem to land on just one. I read the artists names fast but nothing could fit.

Because no word could quite summarize my feelings. I felt stupid and petty and girly to be so wrapped up in my emotions but I was. There was nothing I could do. They’re as anger and frustration and hopelessness but that ever-present giddiness that Bella always seemed to lure out of me. The weird part was jealousy that I found poisoning the already murky waters of my mind. But I didn’t understand the jealousy. I’ll admit to the small infatuation I had growing on Bella but I didn’t feel that justified the ferocious frustration exploding in my insides.

The tea calmed me down some and I read a book to calm my mind. Catcher In The Rye was probably my favorite book. Holden Caulfield’s depressing existence was the distraction I so dearly needed. Hours flipped by with the pages of my beloved book but eventually needed something else. There was this deep painful pit inside of me that I could not fill with tea or knowledge and I had very little Idea what else might fit. It was painful and frustrating. I just wanted to hide under a rock. Sleep abandoned me that night; it left me to fend for myself.

Bella POV

It had been 2 weeks since Jake had tracked me down for my number and he had been using it to it’s fullest. Every day that week we’d at least talked or he’d ridden all the way here. We’d gone to the campus coffee shop and sat in the grass or just hangout in my room when Alice was with Jasper.

We were watching a movie when we suddenly started making out. The movie became forgotten as I held his face and he lifted me onto his lap. The transition between buddies who chill together and buddies who suck faces was an easy one to make. That first time, while watching something stupid like Scary Movie or something opened the door to Friends With Benefits, it was a door I had no particular desire to close or address.

It was clear he liked me, duh, he’d asked me for my number in the first three minutes since I’d re-met him and he wasn’t an unattractive guy by any means. He had this glossy black hair that forever seemed to be on the verge of greasy. It was tied back in some dinky ponytail for the most part but when he was thinking about something, he’d run his fingers through it. He had a rockin’ bod, not going to lie. Muscular and smooth. He wore thin t-shirts cause he always seemed to bee too hot, in fact he pretty much took his shirt of at the first sign of anything. Like if I pulled him to me by his belt loops and reached up his mountainous height on my tippy-toes to kiss him, he’d take off his shirt.

Alice was getting used to seeing Jake in our dorm and had gotten used to picking up extra microwave burritos since he tended to eat like 50 every visit. The others seemed okay with Jake too. Particularly Emmett who liked having a guy around who was a similar body weight for wrestling and laughed at the same insanely immature jokes with him. Rosalie just rolled her eyes and laughed. She seemed a bit on edge around Jake usually but I assumed it was because she had issues trusting people. Jasper appreciated Jake distracting me from Alice, allowing him to lure her to his shared room with Emmett who spent all his time at Rose’s anyway.

In fact it seemed the only person who hadn’t embraced Jake into their life was Edward and other than in class I had rarely seen him since I’d been hangout out with Jake. I missed him, I missed his adorable naivety and his green eyes but I knew he wasn’t gone for keeps.

It was a Thursday that Jake pressured me to attend some Rez jam. He said he wanted him buddies to meet the slamming hottie he was spending all his time with. I laughed of course, never blushing. Instead I asked why they couldn’t just think back to that night at that party we met at.

“But Bells-“ that was what he had called me when we were kids so he began again “-we were all so stoned there’s no way they remember you, hell I barely did.” He grinned at me and grabbed my arm just in time to stop the punch I was swinging back for. “Just come okay?” he said and then he kissed me before I could say no. To be honest I kind of wanted to go. I was curious about Jake’s past, the parts I wasn’t around for. But me being I I couldn’t give him the satisfaction of winning. I couldn’t let him think he had any control over me.

So I simply said, “we’ll see” and bit my lip to stop from smiling.

As I left my last classes on Friday and made my way to the parking lot, I heard the familiar growling of Jake’s bike. I ran over to him and threw my arms around him and kissed his cheek. I could feel his strong arms coil tightly around me.

“I’ll be right back.” I said and pulled away. “Turn off the engine.” He knew I didn’t like him idling. I ran to the girls building and threw open the door. I sped passed doors until I actually passed my own. I backtracked and then jammed the key into my lock. I threw my bad at my side other room and incoherently acknowledged the ‘hey’ directed at me from Alice and jasper.

I grabbed the bag I had packed the night before and waved to the happy couple.

Jake grinned when he saw me coming, it made me grin right back. He got up from his position leaning against his sweet ride. He grabbed me and stuck me on the bike before getting on himself.

“Hold on tight” he told me, waggling his eyebrows.

“Alright” I answered before wrapping my arms tightly around his warm torso. I could barely hear him say “awesome” before he kicked that baby into gear.

We rumbled out of the parking lot and out of sight. The trees blurring into just muddy green, the houses just grey and browns.

The house we stopped at was a small one. It was old looking and well loved, as my aunt would say. If you said I remembered it even faintly from my childhood, you’d be lying. I guess that means I lied to Jake.

“Now do you know where we are?” he asked, stepping of the bike and helping me.

“Yeeeaaaa” I said real slowly as if the extra time would remind me.

“No you fucking don’t,” he laughed. “Liar.” I distracted him with a kiss. He laughed against me lips. “This is Embry’s house. We just have to make a pit stop.”

“Alrighty.” I sighed, grabbing my bag. We made our way over to the door. I stayed a polite distance and quieted the hell down. Drunkenly, I could meet anyone, and even painfully sober as I was right now, usually I didn’t care much but I wasn’t just of my relationship with Jake. I didn’t know how he was going to introduce me or what he wanted so I hovered a bit away. He didn’t notice me over the sounds of his own hammering fists on the door.

Finally some tall lanky guy emerges from the shack. “Jake what the fuck?” asked the boy, he pulled handfuls of silky black hair out of his face.

“Like you have anything better. Meet Bella-again.” he took my hand and dragged me over to his friend.

“Hello” I waved.

“Pleasure.” He croaked in that stoner way.

“yo Embry, go get Hamish” His friend disappeared for a moment and we could hear voices. A whine girl and Embry’s deep voice as well as stuff being thrown around. Jake took my hand and pulled me to him. I looked up at him and he pressed us together. His mouth was warm and inviting. His hand rested on my lower back. I pulled away before it gets to my butt. Embry then returned with a largish blown glass pipe. Jake slide ‘Hamish’ into his pocket

He smiles. “Gotta go though, Katie’s over.” Both the boys’ eyebrows waggle simultaneously.

“Well then, by all means, get back in there.” Jake gestures to the door wildly.

“Oh I fully mean to, but first I have to get back in the house.” He grins at his awful innuendo and pulls the door shut. Jake chuckles to himself.

“Ah Embry, that boy his puberty with a fucking mallet.” He laughed as we got back over to his bike. He saw my skeptical look and asks what’s up. I said nothing. He said his dad would like me.

“You’re dad? You said nothing about your dad!” I said pushing him away.

“Sorry” he laughed and we rode to his house.

“My dad is going to beg Charlie to trade kids.” Jake said. We had barely caught his father before he got his ride somewhere. He was a nice guy, funny, it was clear Jake’s personality wasn’t a fluke. We were lying on Jake’s bed in the tiny room that was his. Jake hovered over me and kissed me hard. My hands held his hair away, caressed his cheek. His hand was at my hip. His thumb rubbed around the bone there, his lips moving with mine hungrily. I moved a hand to his back and felt the rippling muscles I knew were there. He was so effing hott in both senses of the word. His hand moved up and down along my side. He not-so-accidentally grazed my boob. I grasped his neck, which he took as encouragement. He took the whole thing in his huge warm hand. The kiss grew more rough and hard, exactly the was things were with him.

I’m not going to lie and say I loved Jake but he was a good guy. He was funny and witty and quite attractive. I was glad to have someone to hangout with since Alice was practically living at Jasper’s; Emmett with Rosalie and Edward hadn’t acted normal in a while. I didn’t see and thing serious happening with Jake but it was nice to have some guy to suck faces with instead of having to talk about boring shit.

Nothing happened that would constitute the third base. I use the four ‘f’s to measure; French, Feel, Finger, Fuck incase you’re wondering.

Eventually it was time for the party. I got up of the bed with only a little effort.

“Jake, I’m getting changed.” I warned, pulling my dress out of the bag. It was some silly little black t-shirt dress I was wearing. I had also packed a pair of grey and black striped tights. Back in Arizona, I had been at a jam that had been booked by the cops and me and my boyfriend then, Pete had jumped some fence in them, the had runs all through them.

“I don’t care.” He grinned at me, lying back on his arms perfectly at ease.

“Whatever” I said as I pulled my white button up shirt out of the skirt and got it over my head. He wolf whistled so I turned moved my hips a little. I pushed my skirt down slowly until I was just wearing boy short panties and a bra. I was bent over, picking the dress up when I felt warm rough hands on my bareback.

“I lied.” He said as I turned around to face him. His hands found their way around my waist. He pulled our bodies close enough that I could feel a large unambiguous shape in his pants. “I do care”

“I can tell” I smirked down at his boner. We made out a little more before I finally got dressed and we hopped on his bike.

The paved road he had followed most of the way to the beach ended and a parking lot. I could see a fire not too far away as well as lots of people. It seemed they were streaming to and from the fire and the closest house to the beach. We walked to the logs around the fire and met up with his friends.

The fires dim lighting danced on the Quileute kids’ faces, obscuring details like facial features and skin color. I didn’t remember anyone from that party but Jake anyhow, I couldn’t have recognized anyone.

I met a whole whack of kids after Jake reappeared with a couple beers. He said something about Paul’s ID never failing. Whatever, I took a long sip of the beer. I hadn’t eaten a whole lot that day. Oops, drinking on an empty stomache. I took another sip. And another until there wasn’t anymore to be had. I bit my lip all cute and asked Jake for another. He grinned and hopped to.

I drank the next one as I met Jared, his girlfriend Raven, the infamous Paul with the ID, his lady Sheila this girl named Leah and her kid brother Seth. Leah was all right, kinda judgmental but fine. By 10, I had found out where the beers were coming from and I could help myself. Quil came over too.

“Whoa, slow down there girly, I don’t want to have to drag your drunk ass back to Jake’s”

“Thanks for your concern” I said bitingly, unconcerned with his words.

“Whatever” he grabbed a bottle and popped the cap off easily with his huge, callused hands.

I found Jake with Embry. I meant to walk up to them but the stupid sand tripped me and I ended up launching myself at them. Embry caught me easily before I crashed to the sand beach but I was still embarrassed. I cursed loudly. He laughed and pulled me up tight to his chest.

“Jesus Bella, I can’t have you breaking your neck, you stay with me okay?” his warm body rumbled with laughed as he held me close.

“Thank you Embry, I’ll take it from here” Jake swiftly transferred me to his arms all the while glaring daggers at Embry who shrugged at his angry friend and winked at me.

The rest of the party is a bit of a blur. I can’t remember much after that but there’s hazy stuff. Leah’s boyfriend showing up. Sam, some guy in his 20s who still hasn’t got his act together. No school or job, just hangs around the rez, according to Jake and his pack of friends. The school nerds coming and being laughed at. Some girl named Kim who cruised in with the geeks watching Jared and Raven. This look of pain and jealousy.

“What’s with that chick?” I slurred to Katie, the girl Embry had fucked earlier.

“Kim? Oh she’s liked Jared since the fuckin’ dawn of time man, that girl is crazy about him. Does that whole ‘Mrs. Whitehorse’ thing on her binders, what a fucking mess?” Katie said than then slammed back another shot. “gotta find Embry,” she mumbled. I sat on a log by the fire until I felt a familiar arm on my shoulder.

“Jakie!” I sighed, kissing him happily.

“Hey Bells” he held me eagerly. “You wanna go for a walk?” he asked holding my face in his hands, his eyes raking over my body. I nodded and he helped he up we strolled along the waters edge, teasing it; not quite letting it hit us. We were pretty far away from the party when we came across a white drift wood tree.

“Lets sit” I suggested and plopped down and slid down the tree on to the cold night sand. I was even colder without his arm he dropped beside me and was all around me soon. He kissed me deep and drunkenly. It was without tact or skill, just passion and an alcohol induced horniness. Together we skittered along to second base again until I was shivering so bad I had to put my clothes on. He carried me piggy-back-style to the bike. He waved good-bye to his friends, receiving many catcalls and arm punches at the sight of our slightly askew clothes and my dress was riding up. My phone claimed it was 2:37 AM.

The bike raced through the night and to his small red home. I pictured him riding to see me from here all this week. I smiled against the wind and held him tighter. I really do have the confidence not to need some guy to like me, truly I do but it’s nice to feel wanted. You know?

The bike came to a halt on the gravel out front of the old red house I know distantly recalled from my childhood.

“C’mere Bells.” He held his hand out to me and I took it, trying hop off the bike the way I usually did but I stumbled and fell. He caught me and carried me up a small hill and down a path behind his house.

I watched the light of the moon filtered through the trees and into my hazy eyes.

He set me on the ground in a small makeshift garage. It was small and cramped. There was a car, on the verge of completion and a ton of pieces that belonged to it scattered across the floor in random piles.

“This is my car. Imp going to finish it” he waved his arms at the hunk of junk drunkenly.

“It’s nice…” I yawned. “I’m sleepy” he took my hand and sat me in the back seat of the red car. He got in after with a can of soda. I smiled because I was dehydrated. I eagerly took a sip. He chuckled and held me.

Sitting together turned to making out with dry tongues, making out became touching each other until-well you know the rest.

Edward’s POV

I had been keeping myself away from her. It had been hard but I had thought of her non-stop and I didn’t know of any other way. It had been Emmett’s idea. I usually wasn’t one to take advice from a big buffoon like him but this time it made sense.

He’d said “Ed, listen to me, just stay the hell away from her, give yourself a break from the girl. We all like her a lot and we don’t want our brother being obsessed with her. It might make her feel weird so for our sake, stay away. Don’t talk about anything; girls always want to have fuckin’ discussions. Just don’t man, okay?” I had nodded and he had sent me on my way.

I had stuck with Emmett’s advice. I hadn’t really ever needed girl advice before. When I had been with- when it had been appropriate, Carlisle had been there plus my favorite literature had steered me right so far. Even though ignoring her, stuffing away my feelings contrasted greatly with how I had acted with girls my whole life, Emmett knew best. Especially since the girl in question was some rebellious bad girl.

Even if I was swearing off seeing her, alone on this Friday night, I couldn’t help but wonder where she was, what she was doing, how she was feeling and if she was with that worrisome Jacob Black character. I hoped she was all right. It was all I could do.