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After Edward's sudden departure in New Moon, we all know how lost Bella felt. When Edward unexpectantly returns, will Bella welcome him with open arms or will she believe he is just a figment of her imagination?


1. The Return

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--Edward's POV--

Most of the time since I left, I was too caught up in my own thoughts to worry about those of others. One thought broke through...

We should go back to Forks

My head snapped up once I recognized who's thought it was. Esme always worried.

I'm glad Carlisle agreed to have us move back.

What?! My family has been using my depression against me to plan without my knowledge? No, we can't go back. It's not good for Bella. Just thinking her name was painful. I missed her too much that if I saw her, I couldn't take it.

Edward, can I talk to you?, my sister Alice thought.

"Yes Alice what is it?", I asked slightly bothered.

"I don't know if you've heard our thoughts but we've decided to move back to Forks, you need to see Bella again. Edward give her the choice.", Alice said seriously.

"No Alice, Bella lets her emotions control her sense of rightness. She doesn't understand the danger I am to her", I said but really thinking how much I would love to see her, smell her again.

"Please Edward...just for a visit at least. That's all", she pleaded.

"No", I was stubborn. The only one who could ever change that was Bella and although she wasn't there, I felt like she wanted me to come back. I fought those thoughts...for Bella.

"Just consider it at least...please? We all want to go back to Forks. I can tell Tanya's getting on your last nerve with all of her....pushiness", Alice smirked.

I wasn't amused.

"Jasper, Rose, Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and I are going. All of us. You can join us if you'd like", Alice smiled knowing that I would fight that and end up in Forks. Her advantages were truly unfair sometimes.

"I suppose we'll save all this arguing and I'll say fine. I am not going anywhere where she can see me", I said surely.

"You will", Alice had yet another vision of me in the cafeteria watching Bella with her friends.

I rolled my eyes. "Let's go", I said annoyed.

The next morning Alice got us all back to Forks High. Our lunch table was empty without us, so we took it again. I could hear the annoying teenage minds again and a few very familiar ones.

Great...the Cullens are back..maybe I can have Edward now, Jessica Stanley mentally chuckled evil-like.

Great!!! The Cullens are back! That should make Bella so happy when she finds out she gets to see her old friends again!, Angela Weber thought kindly. I always liked her.

I saw her then. Bella the love of my...existence walks in not yet seeing my family. She sat with her friends, closer to Mike than usual. Seeing her again was like a drug, a new high. Her beautiful brown eyes turned her gaze to my table and widened in shock when she met my gaze. I smiled adoringly at her and she just blushed. How I missed that! What was she embarrassed about though? I decided to leave her alone and would talk to her in Biology next period.

I walked into Biology and sat down waiting looking out into the hall for her. She walked in shyly and sat down without looking at me. Am I being arrogant for hoping a happier reaction from her?

"Hi Bella", I said smiling.

She didn't look up. "Hello", she nearly whispered.

I was again irritated. Why was she the exception to my talent?

"How have you been?", I asked cautiously.

She cleared her throat and waited a few moments before responding, "Well. You?"

I just nodded and turned away. I was stunned, hurt, many emotions running through me. Had she moved on? That's only fair so why was I having such a reaction?

We sat akwardly through Biology without saying another word to each other. When the bell rang she gathered her belongings and walked out without even a glance. I sighed and walked out to meet my family by Rosalie's convertible.

How did it go? Alice thought eagerly.

I shook my head and got in the car. I started to pull out when I heard a thought that bothered me more than anything in the world. Mike Newton. I turned my head to where his thought was coming from when it happened.

I froze.