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After Edward's sudden departure in New Moon, we all know how lost Bella felt. When Edward unexpectantly returns, will Bella welcome him with open arms or will she believe he is just a figment of her imagination?


3. The Talk

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---Edward's POV---

If my heart weren't already cold and frozen I thought it was going to shatter. I took in a deep breath and decided that would be the last time I saw her....no seriously. I drove off to our house with my family's thoughts buzzing in my head. I ignored all of them and thought to myself. I really had no right to feel so hurt, I had left her. I told her to move on and now I'm angry...no angry wasn't the right word. I was agonized by her finding someone. I probably wouldn't have been so mad if it weren't that we were talking about that vile Mike Newton. My Bella with....THAT. No she wasn't my Bella anymore. But before I left I had to say goodbye. It wouldn't hurt her now, she had found someone. That night I had decided to go see her. No I should do it now while it's still early.

I dropped my family off at the house.

Edward, where are you going?

Alice was always so caring. As if she didn't already know. I waved them off and drove to Bella's. I knew I would make it there before she did with that old truck of hers she never allowed for me to replace. I parked far enough so she wouldn't see my car and I waited for her on her porch collecting my thoughts. I could hear her loud truck a mile away. I took a deep breath and prepared to say goodbye for good this time. My family was going to stay in Forks, but it was unbearable for me to stay and...watch. They would have to leave in a year anyways. I'll go back to Denali or even try living on my own for a first. She pulled up shocked to see me.

I got up and always a gentlemen, helped her out of the truck.

"Hi Bella", I said softly.

"Hi....Edward......What brings you here?", she asked genuinely confused but there was another emotion that I couldn't identify.

"Do you mind if I talk to you?", I asked giving her the option. She could always say no. I hoped she wouldn't.

"Sure. Do you want to go inside or...", she trailed off searching for my motive.

"Anywhere is fine", I responded feeling just as I did when I left her the first time. If not worse.

"OK. Charlie won't be home for another two hours so...we can go to my room.", she said warily.

I nodded as she fumbled with her keys and opened the door. I followed her up to her room and she offered me to sit on the edge of her bed with her. As much as I missed being with her, being on her bed next to her felt wrong. Like I was a homewrecker.

"So...what would you like to talk about?", she began once she saw how I wasn't starting.

I had planned the scripted conversation in my head about 50 times in my head, yet I couldn't remember any of it anymore.

"Um...I just wanted to say goodbye. For reals this time. I'm going back to Denali", I started.

She nodded with that unidentifiable emotion again.

"Why um....", she frowned, "why'd you come back?"

I'd prepared for this one. "My family wanted to live in Forks and I came along. It was only going to be for a year but I had to cut my...visit I guess you could call it short."

"Was it because you heard Mike's thoughts?", she asked suddenly. She appeared to regret saying it.

I smiled an unhappy smile. "Partially....I don't want to blame you Bella. If anyone should be blamed, it's me. I left you so you could move on. I just want your happiness and I don't want to interfere with your life. I am going to be with Tanya", I explained.

Her response shocked me. She looked upset, hurt. She nodded her eyes filling with unshed tears.

"Will Tanya make you happy?", she asked her voice breaking.

"Yes", I lied.

She smiled a gentle smile and nodded.

"As long as you're happy", she said.

I was confused. She wants to move on but doesn't want me to? I don't understand.

"So you live your life and be happy. You deserve the best Bella.", I looked into her eyes.

"Thank you. So do you. I hope you'll be...very happy", she said almost crying.

Was I hurting her? Why is she crying?

"Are you alright?", I asked concerned.

She nodded. "I'm great"

I kissed her forehead. "Bye Bella"

She paused. "Bye Edward", her voice cracked and a tear shed.

I got up and climbed out of her window. I decided to run home, I would stop by for my car later. I was in torture the whole time.

Edward don't leave, Alice thought.

"Why not Alice?! Please stop using your visions against me. You're not helping Alice! You're ruining my existence! You find me Bella, your mate Jasper had to attack her, you get me back here why so I can torture myself even worse seeing her with my mortal enemy, and now I have to leave! You've officially screwed things up for me Alice! Thanks!", I yelled in an unforgivable tone and went out to the garage to sulk.

I felt instant remorse. I could hear the hurt in her thoughts. She was coming in to see me....great. She walked in and sat beside me.

"Edward...", she began.

"No Alice. Don't say anything. I'm sorry I truly am. I'm so lost without Bella I don't see a point to anything anymore. It's not your fault, it's not Jasper's fault. It's my fault I really shouldn't have blamed you. I truly am sorry", I apologized completely sincere.

"I understand Edward. You need Bella. That's why I was telling you not to leave. I have no intention of irritating you with yet another vision but I saw you two reuniting. As a couple.", she told me kindly as she changed her thought to the vision of Bella in tears as I kissed her tenderly.

The vision made me smile. How I had missed that. Alice smiled in response.

"I think you should go see her tonight. Express to her how you feel and let her do the same. It doesn't hurt to give it a shot does it?", she suggested.

"I guess not. But what about Mike?", I asked.

"If the two of you are meant to be, that's fate. Mike will have to move on", Alice said surely.

I nodded.

"Go now", Alice smiled gently.

"Alright...", I rose to my feet and left for Bella's house yet again.