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Crossing Both Paths

What if Bella was in a car accident, that she was to be SUPPOSEDLY died in, to be burned in ashes. But she didn't. What if, she was saved. Chapter 4 is here! Chapter 5 as well!


1. Chapter1: The Beginning

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I was in my room, lying on my bed, staring at the ceiling. I closed my eyes and started wishing to be able to sleep. But I can't. I can't because I was a Vampire. I started thinking about my past when a certain memory that happened 3 years ago filled my mind.


I was driving my car in the way to La Push. No cars were around driving so I sped up. When a dog crossed the street, I turned my wheels too fast and crashed to a big tree.

I was suddenly unconscious. Then, very suddenly, pain went through my body and I thrashed in pain.

For 3 days I burned. And then the pain was gone, and I opened my eyes. There stood 4 humans, no, they were not humans, all looking at me. They all have inhuman beauty and gold eyes.

They were vampires. (All vegetarians)

There were two men and two women. One man looks about 28 years old and has black hair. And the other man looks about 18 and has brown hair, he has muscles like Emmett. A woman appears to be 18 years old and has silky, ruby red hair. She has perfect curves and has full, light red lips. The other woman who looks about 26 years old has silky, black hair, perfect curves and full red lips.

They were all beautiful.

I noticed I was in a room and was sitting on a bed. Pain was in my throat.

Then the man with black hair came up to me and said

"Hello my name is Antonio but you can call me Tony and this is my wife Amillia." Then the woman that was called Amillia who has silky black hair came up to me and said "Call me Amy instead." Antonio continued introducing his family.

"This is Lexian and her husband Gregory." Then the woman named Lexian said "Call me Lexy..." and the man who was her husband said "And me Greg."

Then Lexy came up to me carrying a huge mirror and put it in front of me.

"You look absolutely gorgeous!"

In the mirror was a woman with blood red eyes, black hair with little tints of red in it, thick lashes, wide eyes, perfect curves and full, cherry red lips. She was more beautiful than Rosalie. Then I noticed she was me. Then I spoke

"Hello my name is Isabella." Then Amy said "Oh, we all know, even what you've been through. We are all sorry for you. And you're probably wondering how we know what your past is. You see, my ability Is that I can see and know all the thoughts in one look, although yours is very blurry, and I didn't hear your thoughts, and that never happened before."

Then Greg spoke "My talent is to send my thoughts to others, and I can also receive what you want to let me know in my mind, so that's how we all know your past because Amy let me know your past and I sent it to others. It's kind of like a group chat in your head." He sounded smug. "But I can't send anything to you" he sounded a bit disappointed now.

And then Lexy spoke up " I can change the weather, memories but only humans, appearances, objects, scents, emotions, ages and that's it. Oh, and you have to shop with me. You look awful!!!" She said. She had a cheerful tone in her and I have a feeling she can cheer me up pretty well.

Then Tony spoke "My talent is to make you see images in your mind, although I can't send anything to your mind. I bet that's your talent, to protect yourself with mental talents, Very impressive." He said with curiosity and fascination.

He Continued "We are the Carters. We changed you because your past is so terrible and we would like to have another member in the family. And don't worry about you missing. Your truck has been burned to ashes and they are all thinking you were burned as well. We would like to know if you would want to be Isabella Carter."

I Said "Yes."

End of Flashback

Life being a vampire is easy for me, probably because of Amy changing the scent of humans to smell like perfumes, and changing the weather so that we could go out at anytime and we can stay at one place longer because Amy can change our age.

My talent is very easy to use I can make holes so that the only ones who can use their abilities on me are Lexy, Antonio and Greg.

After a year of change the Volturi found us and now we have to spend 1 month (usually every may) with them every year.

We just came home from Italy and, we were all repeating high school again next year and

Our story is this:

Antonio and Amillia are our parents, married when Tony was 19 and Amy 18. Lexy and Greg at the age of 12 were both adopted after the month of marriage. And I adopted at the age of 12 a year after that. Tony was a doctor and Amy was a house mom. Greg and Lexy are going to start by being sophomores and me a freshman.

We just moved in here and decided to have a permanent home here, and, we have a very big house (more like a mansion). I checked my room.

It has walls that are color cream, and the whole floor is rugged with a red fury carpet, a closet so big (filled with clothes bought by Lexy), and a bathroom that is luxurious. It has a plasma TV in it and a huge bed with white and brown sheets and pillows, it also has a white long sofa.

I loved my room.

I sat on my bed and started remembering all my memories. Unlike many vampires, they tend to forget their memories. Me, I remember all of it. That is why up to now I'm still hurting about the time when HE left me.