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Crossing Both Paths

What if Bella was in a car accident, that she was to be SUPPOSEDLY died in, to be burned in ashes. But she didn't. What if, she was saved. Chapter 4 is here! Chapter 5 as well!


2. Chapter2: Finding Out

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3 years ago

I was at sitting in a room of an abandoned house, when I had a phone call. I looked at the caller ID. It was Alice. Something was telling me that I don't want to know what news she was going to bring. And then I clicked the yes button.

"Hello" I said sounding very bored. I never had any fun ever since I left Bella.

"Edward please go back to Forks please. You have to hurry!!!" Alice said with panic in her voice. I was panicking as well and I didn't know why.

"Alice where are you? Why should I go back to Forks? What's wrong?" I said very fast and fear in my voice. Why was she panicking and? Why was she sounding scared?

"We're all going back to Forks. We are at the airport, waiting for our flight. And I can't tell you why you need to go back just please hurry." And then she hung up. My mind was centered on Bella that made me think that something must've happened to her. Quickly I rushed to the airport for Forks.

I was going back HOME.

When I arrived at the house, I was anxious to see Bella, just a little peak to see how she's doing. She won't even know I was here. This made me feel a lot better.

When I got closer, I noticed they were all mourning. I opened the door and saw they were all wearing black and they were all holding white flowers. I read their minds but the second they saw me they were singing the alphabets backward. Their eyes were agonized and then I spoke.

"What's wrong? Why are you all wearing those clothes? Why are you holding white flowers?" Then I now know why. They were going to a funeral.

I shouted at them "Who died?!?!?" no one answered. Who died? My mind was telling me that I didn't want the answer to this.

Then Emmett and Jasper was holding me down. And Alice spoke up

"Edward, we will not let you kill yourself." Alice said. Then Rosalie lost her focus. Now I know.

"No, no, no, NO!!!" No it isn't true "tell me you're all lying to me PLEASE!!!" I was begging to them even if it was true. "She can't die. She can't." I was sobbing and I fell to my knees. Then they all came to me and Esme whispered to me.

"Edward, you go upstairs and change your clothes to black. You're going to Bella's funeral." Esme whispered. Maybe I can run away now and run to Italy. Just then, Alice saw my future.

Alice said. "Edward you will not kill yourself. Emmett, Jasper you two must make sure he won't run to Italy." And then she thought I'm sorry Edward, but you can't kill yourself.

And then Carlisle said "From now on Edward you are going to stay with us. We will not let you kill yourself." Carlisle said with a strong and firm voice. Then memories of how he did respected me, welcomed me, loved me and helped me flashed through his mind. He was telling me I should listen to his decisions from now on.

And he thought "Edward do not kill yourself, and please follow me for once". And he was feeling guilty for making me feel bad, but he wasn't going to take it back.

I went upstairs and changed in black. When I went downstairs Alice gave me white flower to give to Bella and she said

"Edward we already talked to Charlie and he said he'll let us go to her funeral. He said he forgives us all, even you." Alice said

We all went to Carlisle and Rosalie's car. And now I was going to say goodbye to Bella.

End of Flashback

3 years have passed since she was burned to ashes from a car accident.

I was here sitting in front of Bella's grave. I was saying goodbye to her because we were leaving to a new place that the sun barely shines. It was rainier then Forks. I put a white rose in front of her grave, I stood up and said

"Goodbye. Don't worry I'll visit you sometimes. I love you." I didn't want to leave but we have to.

I went straight to Charlie's grave and said "Goodbye."

He died after 2 years Bella died.

I put my hood on so no one would know me. Then I decided to walk home. While I was walking, a black car past me, it was tinted very dark that I don't know who it was. Then it came to a stop a little far from me, the car door opened and came out was a woman in black with hair so dark with little tits of red. She had perfect curves.

I wanted to know who this was, but her back was to me. And she continued walking and stopped at the grave of Charlie. She didn't speak, but put a red rose in front of Charlie's grave. I continued walking home leaving the lady to Charlie's grave.

When I got home we were ready to move. Although I thought that I can never move on from Bella.


I was driving to Charlie's grave, when a man walking with his hood on and his head bowing down caught my attention. He seemed to visit someone's grave.

I pulled in just a little far away from him and went straight to my dad's grave. I put a red rose in his grave and sat down.