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Crossing Both Paths

What if Bella was in a car accident, that she was to be SUPPOSEDLY died in, to be burned in ashes. But she didn't. What if, she was saved. Chapter 4 is here! Chapter 5 as well!


3. Chapter3: Run Away

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When I got home I went straight to my room and I lay on my bed. I closed my eyes and listened to my IPod. Then furious knocks interrupted me. I stopped listening to my music and I heard shouts coming from outside the door.

"Bella open up!!! I got new clothes for you and I'm sure you will love it all!!!" she shouted. I sighed and opened the door. There stood Lexy with bags so many. I was shocked. She overdid it this time. She reminds me so much of Alice (wince)

"Lexy!!! Don't you think that's too much!?!?" I shouted as she went inside my room with her bags all filled with my clothes.

"Don't be such a baby Bella. Come on Try it on." I knew I had no escape so I sighed and she squealed with delight.

"I knew you would do it!" I answered her back

"Living with you for three years, with me always saying yes after long arguments is tiring. I never won a single argument over you. So I'm giving up." I said

"YEY!!! Oh you're going to love all this clothes. They are all cute and comfy at the same time. They will suit you fittingly!" she screamed

For hours I had to play dress up with Lexy. She also bought some for her. I also found myself liking the clothes she bought for me. They were all comfortable.

After hours of dress up, Antonio called a family meeting. We all settled in the dining room. Antonio spoke up with a slightly disappointing face looking at us.

"We are leaving for the Volturi tomorrow. So it means that we will not go to Italy next year." He said. We just came home from Italy just a couple of months ago and now were going back. "We will leave first thing tomorrow." We all went to our rooms to pack.

Something in my mind was telling me that this was going to be interesting.

When we arrived in the Volturi castle, we were greeted by Aro, Marcus and Caius. After that we all went straight to our rooms.

After a month of staying here, we finally get to leave. That is when Aro stopped us.

I heard there was an unsuspected visitor, and Aro would not let us leave the room until the visitor was gone. We couldn't hear anything from the main room so we didn't hear any voices.

Some Days Ago


After packing our stuff, all of us excluding me wanted to go and see the sights around our new home. I told them that I'll just go to the city to look around.

While I was driving, I crossed the airport. A thought came in to me and I started doing it without thinking. I know Alice will see but the plane will be leaving soon and the next flight to Italy will be tomorrow an hour before noon.

When I was inside the plane, I was nervous. What if they catch up, what would Carlisle say. Then the plane is taking off. I felt relief inside of me. Soon, I am going to see my Bella.

When I arrived in Italy, I ran quickly to the Volturi castle. There was going to be a feast tomorrow, so it is going to be hard to find me there. Saint Marcus Day is the feast tomorrow. When I got there, Aro greeted me.

"Why, hello Edward. What brings you here?" He sounded a little tense. And I realized that I couldn't hear his thoughts.

"Why can't I read your thoughts?" I asked

"Oh it is just the doings of my new member." He said still sounding a little tense.

"Aro, I wish to die." I said. His eyes widen with shock. So did the rest of his guards. I went straight to him and held up my hand so that he would know why. His eyes widen as he now know everything.

"I'm sorry Edward but I do not want to upset Carlisle." He said with a very nervous voice. Not letting go of my hand. Then I thought of a way to make him. His eyes widened.

"I hope you would change your mind." He said after he let go o my hand.

I nodded and left. I will walk into the sun tomorrow at noon. My mind has been set and I will not change my decision.