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Crossing Both Paths

What if Bella was in a car accident, that she was to be SUPPOSEDLY died in, to be burned in ashes. But she didn't. What if, she was saved. Chapter 4 is here! Chapter 5 as well!


4. Chapter4: Acting?

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The next day, I ran to the spot near the tower and where there were many people so that I could walk in the sunlight. I was waiting till noon so that the party is really going to start. I tore my shirt off and closed my eyes, tuned out all the thoughts and put Bella's image in my head.


I was sitting on my sofa when a knock disturbed me.

"Bella, Aro wants to see you! Hurry! He says it's important!" it was Heidi.

I quickly went to the main room. There Aro was waiting for me.

"Bella, I know your past. And that you know Edward (wince)." He said. I wonder what Edward (wince) has to do with this. "And Bella, he is going to expose our kind at the last strike of the clock later noon. You do know that if he exposes us, we will kill him. Bella you are the only one who could knock some sense to him." I was afraid for Edward. No matter how much he hurt me I still love him.

"Aro, why should I save his life? Others can stop him easily." Besides he won't listen to me, he doesn't love me anymore. I thought to myself.

"Well, if he sees us, he will go straight to the sunlight that will immediately expose us of what we are. And if he sees you, there is a greater chance he will not continue his plan." He said

I looked at my watch and saw it was 11:55. There was so little time left for Edward.

"Go Bella. Hurry please. And bring him back here." Aro said.

I quickly ran out of the castle and traced his scent. I quickly noticed a scent that smells so sweet and is also a vampire. It was Edward.

I kept running at vampire pace but fast enough so that no one will notice me. I was tracking him, and it was good that I have my cloak on to protect me from the sun. I was running, not for my duty, not for Aro, not for the exposure of my kind, but for Edward. I can't let him die. I can't.

No matter how much he hurt me, I will always love him.

I was distracted when the clock made a very loud noise. I froze.

"No."I said.

I started running through the crowd.

And then I saw him.

He was leaning at the wall, his eyes closed. He looked like he was in another place, somewhere peaceful. He isn't wearing any shirt. His shirt was at his feet in threads. He was just as beautiful as 3 years ago.

Then he started to move his foot that will put him directly to the sun. That is, if I didn't put my hands in his chest and push him back to the wall gently, not making any crashing boulders sound.

He put his hands to mine and opened his eyes slowly. I missed his eyes, though they were not the topaz eyes. They were black, but still, it is mesmerizing me.

He said with a voice so beautiful

"Bella" it made my knees weak. Then I remembered why I was here.

Awhile ago I was filled with sadness relief and love.

This is where my Act begins.

Now I looked at him in disappointment and said

"Edward, you are attracting too much attention." I removed my cloak and so that I could put it around him. I was putting my hands around his neck to get my cloak around him. If I was still human, my heart would be pounding very hard.

After that I put my hands around his neck and pulled him closer to me. I whispered in his ears

"Come with me."

He took my hand as we walked to the Volturi castle.

Why is he holding my hand? He must be guilty. For me being a vampire. He never did want me to become one.

When we were inside, walking in the hall to get to the main room, Felix saw me.

"Bella, nice job, I thought you couldn't act looking like you're in love." He said with a wicked grin.

Damn Felix.

Edward looked at me with hurt eyes though he tried not to show it. I don't get it, why would he be hurt? He doesn't love me anymore. He's guilty. Guilty for why I am here right now.

I removed my hands from Edward's and said to Felix

"And you said I couldn't act. And besides, I have to keep the master's order." Lying is now very easy for me. I know saying those will let Edward be guiltier, but I can't let myself be hurt again by him. It would kill me. I hope I didn't make him guiltier.

I was walking to the main room with Edward behind me. The moment was tense. He was quiet and so was I.

When we got there, all of the Cullens were there. They all look shocked the moment they saw me.

I kept myself in a blank mask and blocked Jasper from knowing my emotions, especially my emotions for Edward. I also blocked Alice with her visions.

I quickly went to Aro and said

"Aro I am done with your order. Now can I and my family go home?" I said.

I looked over at the Cullens and saw Alice with pleading eyes, as if wishing that we could talk privately. I ignored her, even though it hurt me to do so, and looked at Aro.

"Of course my child, call your family and you may leave at once." He said. I went to my family's rooms, (without looking at the family I wanted to belong in before) and told them we could leave.

We left at once and none of my family questioned me on what happened. Probably Amy told Greg when she looked at my past with her mind, and Greg told Tony and Lexy using his ability.

When we got home, I went straight to my room, laid in my bed and curled up in a ball letting the pain take over me.