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Crossing Both Paths

What if Bella was in a car accident, that she was to be SUPPOSEDLY died in, to be burned in ashes. But she didn't. What if, she was saved. Chapter 4 is here! Chapter 5 as well!


6. Chapter6: Trapped

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10 years have passed ever since I saw him in Volterra.

After that day, Antonio or Tony, my father, asked Aro if we could only visit in times of need. Of course, Aro agreed, afraid to lose a powerful coven (but I think it's more of a family) like us. Antonio is very fatherly, afraid to get us hurt. So I guess he matches Amillia. Amillia is very motherly and very protective of us kids.

We have two new members of the family as well. We found them a year after that dreadful day. Both 16 when we changed them. It appears that both of their parents didn't want them to be together, so they decided to run away. And then ends up in a car crash at midnight with no one there but us.

Amillia doesn't want anyone to die young and especially someone who is in love, so she decided to have them changed. Their names are Denver and Annika.

Denver is tall and slender, well built, but not muscular like Greg or Emmett. He has dark hair with little tints of brown in it, and tends to smile a lot, he has wide eyes. Annika is just about my height, has golden brown hair, cute little pink lips and wide eyes as well. They look cute together and they are so young.

It appears that Denver and Annika has powers as well. Denver can freeze humans and vampires, but a vampire knows they are frozen while humans don't. And Annika can levitate anything.

Sigh. Can't we have a normal member in the family?

Denver likes to fight a lot, so I'm not surprised he always likes to wrestle with Greg. Of course, Greg agrees. Greg sometimes loses and says Denver is using freezing powers even though Denver never used it in a wrestling match against Greg.

Greg might have his strength, but Denver has strategies and stamina. So it's pretty much a fair fight.

Annika on the other hand loves to shop. So I'm not surprised Lexy always hang out with her. Well Annika also comforts me when I'm depressed and loves to read, listen to music and watch the boys wrestle. Another down side to this is now I am always being dressed up twice than before.

I hate being the guinea pig Barbie.

I mostly hang out with Amy because she makes me feel like I'm never going to be alone. I help her clean up the house, help her garden and go to stores with her for house needs. And I am being able to get away from shopping or dress up time.

Apparently I don't get to get away today.

It turns out, I have a shopping trip with Lexy and Annika and Amy is nowhere to be seen.

"BELLAAAAA!!!" Amy and Lexy said at the same time. I was hiding on the top of the tree hoping that they'll forget me.

I was surprised to have someone pull my hand.

"ANNIKA!" I yelled surprised.

She started dragging me to the car. Inside I was tormented by my sisters when they started singing Fergalicious with the radio. I covered my ears all the way to the mall.

At the mall I went straight to the book store, hoping to see a good new book to read. Luckily I found something in the farthest corner of the bookstore. It was titled

Letting Go

I thought it might help me move on from him. So I took it and head for the counter.

When I saw the counter I saw a very long line, so I planned to put the book back and roam around the mall for awhile. That is when I noticed someone standing in the one door exit.

It was him, right in front of the exit, his hands on his pocket, His head eyes looking everywhere, as if he is looking for a book.

I quickly went to hide before he saw me.


How can I escape?

How can I with only one door in the whole store?

How can I with no windows as well?

And how can I with only one hallway?

Just then, I heard his beautiful voice, the voice I missed so much.

"Excuse me miss, I there any new book that is good to read?" he said.

"I think there is. Why don't you take a look around?" the old woman said.

"Of course thank you." He said


He's going to roam the whole store.

I am sure if he does that he'll see me.

What will I do?

And just then he started to roam around, getting closer to my hiding spot.


What was I going to do?