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I Wanted It To Be You

Sam has to tell Leah that they can't be together anymore, and he knows it won't end well.


1. I Wanted It To Be You

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Sam was standing at the Clearwaters' doorstep, feeling guilty. He had to do something that he never thought he'd have to do; say things he never thought he'd have to say to Leah now. He paced as he waited for his girlfriend to come out.

Leah appeared in the doorway looking as gorgeous as ever. her long black hair was braided with a ribbon of blue satin. Tonight, she was dressed in a simple blouse and jeans combination. She smiled at Sam. "Hey."

"You look amazing as usual." Sam's regret grew as he took her hand to help her down to the porch steps.

"Are you okay?" Leah eyed him worriedly. Sam had been really quiet for most of the day . She knew something big had happened to him recently, but he didn't tell her about it.

"Actually, I'm not." Sam led her down towards their quiet place. "Leah, we have to break up."

"excuse me?" Leah let go of Sam's hand. "What are you talking about?"

"Leah, I promise is there any other way...."

"Explain it to me!" Leah glared at him. "Is there someone else, Sam?"

"No, not yet." Sam swallowed hard. He didn't like the look that was on her face now. He felt really bad. Sam knew how much he was hurting her, and he wished he didn't have to. The imprinting had been unexpected and had surprised him.

"Then what? You've been acting weird for weeks, ever since Emily's visit."

Sam winced at the mention of Leah's cousin. "Leah there is something I need to tell you...." They were far off now.

"Oh more surprises. Great." Leah folded her arms, glaring at him. "Give me one good reason...."

"Leah, I love Emily." Sam blurted it out, not wanting to prolong her suffering any longer.

"What...?" Leah blinked feeling as though the wind had just been knocked out of her. "E-Emily?" She spoke barely above a whisper. "How could love her? I thought you loved me...?"

"I'm sorry, Leah, I really am...." Sam started to move forward, wanting to hold her, and comfort her. Leah backed up. "Leah, please...."

"How could you choose her?!" Leah was in tears now. She couldn't understand. "How, Sam?! Tell me!"

Sam stood there, his heart breaking for her, even then. He had never wanted to hurt Leah. He had assumed that he would imprint on her. He had never expected it to be anyone else. "Leah, I'm really sorry, but it's over...." He started to walk off, wanting to get away from her, unable to stand seeing her in such pain.

"Just like that?!" Leah followed him, her whole body shaking. "Sam, you can't do this to me! We had too much!"

"It's nothing I can help! Please, Leah, understand...." Sam felt tears in his own eyes now. Though he loved Emily dearly already, it still hurt him badly to see Leah hurting so much, especially when he couldn't explain it properly, or tell her the truth. He stopped, and started to reach for her.

"Don't touch me!" Leah shoved him away. "I will never talk to you again, Sam Uley!" Leah whirled around, and all but ran back to her house. Sam stood there, breathing deeply himself.

I'm sorry, Leah. I wish there was another way. But there isn't. I hope in time you'll forgive me, because you're going to be seeing a lot of me, especially with Emily involved now.