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How were things before the pack became the pack? Did Jacob have a first love? What happend to her? What was it like before all of these changes? Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of the twilight characters and unfortunatley I am not Stephanie Meyer.


1. Simpilar Times

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Jacob's POV

The sun beamed through my small bedroom window. I yawned streching every growing limb in my body. Last night was crazy. I wonder if anybody else is having a hard time waking up.

The smell of sea filled my room. I inhaled deeply imagining all the waves Sam and the guys would be catching. That was the best part about the spring.

With that thought I hopped out of bed and grabbed the closest shirt next to me. Most of the time they were clean so I didn't bother to smell it. I put it on as I walked toward the dining room.

Mmmmm!! Something smelt great. Billy or Dad always had something cooking when I woke up. The waves would have to wait. Im starving.

"Good morning Jake." My father said vivaciously as I took a seat at the table.

"What is for breakfast?" I asked anxiously. I looked down at my frail father in his wheelchair. The years had aged him terribly. The bags under his eyes seemed as perminante as the broken heart left behind from my mothers death. But the constant pain he was under would never be apparent to someone who didn't know him the way I knew him. His eyes never gave away any sort of longing, all though I knew it was there, most people saw him as a cheery old man.

"Nothing special, just some pancakes. Got any plans for today?" He asked, his words genually curious.

I hoped he hadn't planed anything. I didn't want to disapoint him.

"Nothing much dad."I replied nonchalantly. I didn't minnd spending time with my dad, epecially after the crazy party last night.

I hadn't planed to be sucked into such a fast paced party. 'It's just a couple of friends hanging out.' Embry had told me. Sure, that would be the last time I would be trusting Embry. But there was one upside to last nights party, she was there. I had only seen her twice before. I knew she went to our school. Everyone on the reservation did, but that's as far a my knowledge goes.

I had spotted her as soon as we got there. She was standing beside the bon fire. Her hair as dark as the darkest of nights. Her cheek bones were high and her features defined. Her eyes weren't the usual dark shade of other reservation girls. Nope, her eyes were a golden honey that were incased in long black lashes. And even through the darker skin of native american girls you could see a faint blush.

I was pulled out of my reverie by my over excited father. I guess he did have plans for today. But I hoped they didn't include me. I needed to find her. To find out her name. To find out where she had come from. To find out how old she was. I knew it wouldnt be hard. The reservation was like a small town, everyone knew eveybody. And it didn't take much to get people to start talking. And everyone was excited by a new arrival.

"Well I'm going fishing with Charlie, but after that I'll be home. You can come if you'd like." Billy stated, knowing I did in fact have plans of my own.

I finished the last bite of my pancake and placed my plate in the sink, not bothering to wash it.

"That's okay dad I'll find something to do." I told Billy heading for the door. I knew this wouldn't be easy. Especially bcause I knew who I would have to talk to to get to the mystery girl. I took a deep breath as I started heading for the Clearwaters home. If anyone could help me it would be Leah, she had spent the whole party with my mystery girl. I let out my breath in a sigh as I came face to face with the door. Here goes nothing I though before I let out the quick knocks.