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How were things before the pack became the pack? Did Jacob have a first love? What happend to her? What was it like before all of these changes? Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of the twilight characters and unfortunatley I am not Stephanie Meyer.


2. Deal or No Deal

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I pulled the long yellow shirt over my head. My wet black hair would make my shirt see through. It didn't bother me though, I wouldn't have it on for long. At first sight of the beach I would rip the shirt off, exposing nothing but my bathing suit underneath. I went to the kitchen and got a plump pumpkin muffin. I doubted the fact that I would actually eat it. But it drove my mom insane when I didn't eat anything before I caught some waves. I grabbed my surf board and headed to the door. Before I could open it there was a knock. I told her we'd meet at the beach in twenty minutes. 'Had twenty minutes passed already?' I thought glancing at the clock.

I pulled the chunck of wood out of the way o that all I could see was the hideous face of Jacob Black.

"Seth is not here, Bye." I said as I closed the door. A huge dark hard kept the door open.

"I'm not looking for Seth, I'm here to talk to you."


Leah's eyebrows rose.

"Speak Jacob, what do you want?" She said in an acidic tone. I hadn't even said anything to make her angry yet.

"I need you to do me a favor." I knew from the look of her eyes that the answer would be no. Even before I told her what the favor was.

"No." She stated. Big suprise.

"PLEASE," i pleaded "Just one little tiny thing! I will do any thing!" I would love to say that her face softened but it turned into an even worse stare.

"Ha!" She laughed "After you almost set my hair on fire last night you think I would help you? HA!"

"Come on Leah," I said trying to sound persuasive "You know it was an accident."

"Oh, Do I?" She said starting to close the door.

Before she could close it i blurted out "Who was the girl that you went to the party with?"

"Oh so that is what you want?" She teased "You'll have to ask her."

Man, I never realized how evil Leah truly was. I guess I'd have to fight fire with fire." I guess you don't want a date with Sam!" I said shrugging.

As I released the door and started to walk away she said, "How...Could you?"

Ha. Her face was priceless. Her eyes were bulging out of her head. Her lips were trembling either with anger or embarrassment. "Sam always talks about you but never had the guts to ask you out." She was buying it. I didn't feel bad about telling her. After all it was true.

"Her name is Kimama," She began "It means butterfly. She likes it when people call her Kimi"

Wow. I didn't think Leah would tell that fast. "Is she going surfing with you?"I asked wanting to know more.

"Is Sam going surfing?" She asked ignoring my question.

"Yeah." I replied hoping she would tell me more about Kimi.

"Good." She said "And yes Kimi will be there.

"Cool. Do you want to walk to the beach with me?"I asked trying to be friendly.

"Sure," she whispered "Why not?"

I was so glad I knew more about my mystery girl, I mean Kimi. I barley saw her until the smell of the waves knocked me back to my senses.

There she was. She looked so much prettier now that I knew her name. Now she was my Kimi. My butterfly!

"So," Leah said "Where is Sam?"

"He'll be here!" I promised.

"He better be," She spat.