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How were things before the pack became the pack? Did Jacob have a first love? What happend to her? What was it like before all of these changes? Disclaimer: I do not own twilight or any of the twilight characters and unfortunatley I am not Stephanie Meyer.


3. Love???

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How did he know I liked Sam? How in the world could the one man that I truly hated know the one man that I truly adored? I bet it was Seth. If I saw him on the waves I would give him a major wipe out. Ewwww look at Jacob all googly eyed at Kimi. I feel so bad for her. He is such a..a... dog!

"Hey Leah." Someone said as they tapped on my now clothingless shoulder. I was just about to wake Jake with my surfboard when I realized it wasn't him.

"Oh! Hey Sam!" I replied hoping I didn't sound to happy about seeing his face again. I didn't want to sound clingy or anything. That girl Emily has been trying to make moves on him lately.

"Want to catch some waves with me?" He asked. That scum bag was right. Sam did like me, I think.

"Ummm... Sure!" I said sounding surprised. On the outside I was calm but in the inside my internal soul was dying to get out and explain my undying love for my HOT beast!

Okay, maybe I got a little carried away.

As we walked to the ocean I could see Jake and Kimi turn their heads and laugh.

'Laugh on dog breath,' I thought. I had way more things to think about than how I would kill Jacob. If I didn't love Billy as if he were my own father, I would have done it already.


"Hey," I said as I approached Kimi. "Your Leah's friend. It's Kimi right?" I tried to sound as if I didn't ask Leah but found out on my own.

"Yeah," Her musical voice blessed my presence "And you are?" Psht. How did she not know who I was?

"I'm Jacob. Jacob Black." I answered still sunned by her voice. "You must be new to the reservation."

"Yep, me and my parents just moved here a couple of days ago." She replied "So... You know Leah?"

"Yeah, I wished I didn't though the only reason I talk to her is because her mom used to baby-sit me and me and her brother are "surf buddies"" I put air quotations around surf buddies because Seth wasn't such a good surfer.

"Oh," She said sounding surprised "I thought you guys were a ummm... thing."

"Haha," I sang "Me and Leah would rather be eaten by a pack of wolves than hold each others hand!"

"Well that's good because it looks like she is making moves on somebody else." She stated as she pointed to Leah and Sam. I looked at them and laughed. I could see Leah giving me the death stare. I could almost hear her insult me.

"Hey dude!" Embry screamed as him and Quil raced towards me. "Ready to hit the waters?"

I wanted to say no but this is the reason I was at the beach in the first place. "Yeah," I replied "Wanna come Kimi?" I asked staring straight into her honey eyes.

"Sure," she said grabbing her surf board.

When she was a couple of feet in front of us Embry tapped me on the shoulder and whispered "Making moves on the new girl."

Before I could answer Quil said "It's okay dude, don't be embarrassed."

The truth was I wasn't embarrassed. I was happy to have Kimi as a friend one of these days she'd be more than just my friend.