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Bella Fell Down a Well

Everything was going Bella's way... that was untill Mike, a Kick Ball, a Bella, and a Well came into the same chapter. This is a funny, multi chaptered story writen to the best of my wild abilities.


1. The Blue Ribbon, and Raggedy Bella

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Bella Fell Down a Well

Bella’s POV

The started like any other day, I woke up in my bed, wrapped up in my warm quilt, with the love of my life sitting across the room from me on a rocking chair. He smiled as we made eye contact and let out a chuckle. I stood up to join him on the chair but I was tangled in my blanket and started flying head first for the ground.

I was prepared to make contact so my eyes were squeezed shut and I was surprised when I fell into something cold and harder half way down. I opened my eyes to find out that Edward had caught me right before I made contact with the ground.

I was so grateful that I kissed him he was at first shocked by the sudden random kiss but than he gave me a kiss back and plopped me onto my bed.

“Time to get ready, young accident prone one.” He said. He tried imitating Star wars… silly Edward, Yoda talks much weirder than that.

“Ok! Up and away I go.” I stood up and walk carefully to the bathroom to get ready, bringing with me the stuff I needed. I got into the bathroom and started the shower with hot water and stepped in. I felt so relaxed in there; I closed my eyes and reached for the shampoo. Strawberries… mine and Edward’s favorite shampoo.







I played that in my mind as I showered and washed my hair.

When I got out of the shower and after I dried up, I put on my clothes. I was wearing a dark blue silk tank top that Alice had bought me under my light, cream sweater. On my lower half I had a trusty pair of dark wash jeans. I brushed my teeth furiously till I had a depleted amount of toothpaste. Gurgle, spit. I was all done, but I wanted to keep Edward waiting so I stood in the mirror and looked at my self.

A pair of pretty brown eyes stared back at me, shinning with happiness and joy. No more bags stayed under my eyes and I no longer was deathly pale. I had healed completely but something was missing in my reflection. I couldn’t tell what was missing. I looked normal… I was wearing all my clothes… my homework was done… I was squeaky-clean… hmmmm. Than it hit me, I need my big, midnight blue ribbon in my hair.

I dashed from the bathroom to my bedroom. I stumbled past Edward. He reached out to try to catch me. But I carelessly slapped him away.

“Not now Edward, I need my ribbon!” I cried out.

I stood in front of the drawer full of hair things in my room and searched for my blue ribbon. I was about to give up when Edward handed me something. It was my blue ribbon.

“Thanks Edward!” I said happily as I put it on so the ribbon was in a big bow at the top of my head. “Wait a minute… how did you get it Edward?” I turned to him to see his distant face.

Flash Back of Edwards to When He Left Bella

Bella, my sweet, little Bella. She is not with me anymore. She is off having a normal human life. She doesn’t need me. She is a human, a pretty human, she doesn’t deserve a vampire.

Thoughts like that poured though my head. I was curled in a ball in the corner of my new room. I refused to leave it for anything, not even hunting because I was afraid I’d go running back to her. Esme, Alice, and Emmett took turns dropping of blood for me every two weeks. They were good people… but they never suffered like me. They had the love of their lives with them for always. Lucky Ba…

Before I could finish the last thought of mine the door opened. Emmett stepped in with a bucket of blood for me to feed. Wow, two weeks went by faster than usual. They usual feel like 2 years… but this one felt like only 1 year.

“Here you go bro…” Emmett said as he handed me the bucket of blood. I took it greedily and drank. “Are you ok, you look kind of lonely.”

“Silly Emmett, I not alone. I never alone, remember?” I looked at Emmett with a freaky expression. Of course I was never alone. I had my Raggedy Bella. She was a toy doll that has brown red hair and Bella’s shade of eyes. She was about as big as a build-a-bear, and wore a collection of things that I borrowed from Bella when I left. That included a pair of socks on her feet, Bella’s shirt, which was tied with a hair band Bella once used during P.E. and lastly, a big, blue ribbon in her hair to make her a pretty doll.

I hugged it tightly and rocked back and forth as a freaked out Emmett slipped out of the room in a scared-too-death manner. Silly Emmett, Raggedy Bella is always with me.

End of Edwards Flash Back

“Edward? Hello? Edward?” I asked as Edward was still staring into space. Suddenly he heard me again and shook his head so he could come back to the real world.

“Oh yeah… umm… I found it on your desk last week and put it in my pocket and forgot about it.” That sound reasonable, I believe him. He was probably freaking about the Math test in two days.

“Ok Edward lets go to school!” I skipped to the stairs only to trip half way down and be caught by Edward and carried Bridal style the rest of the way. It was cloudy, I had my Edward and my beloved blue ribbon, and things were good.