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Bella Fell Down a Well

Everything was going Bella's way... that was untill Mike, a Kick Ball, a Bella, and a Well came into the same chapter. This is a funny, multi chaptered story writen to the best of my wild abilities.


2. Volvos, school, and a softball

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Chapter Two

We pulled up to school in Edward’s pretty, shinny Volvo. One night when Edward was hunting, I went on the computer and googled his Volvo. I learned they came from Sweden, and like everyone there has a Volvo that they drive everywhere. Than I googled Sweden pictures and came across a picture of the capital, Stockholm, during rush hour. Every car there was a Volvo, except the occasional fancy car, like a Porsche.

I hoped out as carefully as I could. Edward and I had every period together except first and last. Those ones for me were Spanish and P.E. but Edward’s were P.E. and something else. I didn’t really want to think about that right now. I had to concentrate on my feet.

“Bye Edward.” I called out as I shuffled off quickly, with my eyes never leaving my feet, because I was too afraid to look away from them. Pow, I just ran into something. Still looking at my feet, I could tell by the shoes who it was, it was Mike.

“Hey there Bells!” Mike called out.

“Shut up, can’t you see I am trying to walk with out tripping here.” I spat at him. Why won’t he leave me alone? He is asking me so often that once he asked me out right after me and Edward finished a kiss. God, that guy is desperate.

The day flashed by.

In Spanish, Jessica was having trouble saying Hola. She kept on saying it with the H in it. She could use some lessons. Also, some French student was in there saying something in French that I found out thanks to my handy-dandy French-English dictionary that I always carry around in case of emergencies. The French dude was saying, “Why am I in a Spanish class? I just came here as an exchange student! Why did they put me here? I don’t understand them! They don’t understand me! I am going to the office!”

After he finished yelling in French he left in a hurry. Weird kid.

In English, Edward and I passed back a note over and over again. But the teacher found it and read it out loud, “Well, well. What do we have here?” Than the teacher looked at the note. “Milk, eggs, bread, chocolate, pasta, and chicken? What’s this?”

“What Bella needs to buy at the store. It’s her shopping list.” Edward replied. After that the teacher left us alone and we picked up again.

For the rest of the day, including lunch nothing special happened. I only got asked out by Mike 3 more times and at mystery meat for lunch. I didn’t really eat it because for one thing, it had a tentacle in it and another, it growled at me.

During P.E. we were playing softball. I was put in the outer left field, with hopes that I would hurt anyone or get hurt. We were outside, it was cloudy but it wasn’t raining. I twiddled my thumb out there with nothing to do.

Near the end of P.E. Mike went up to the plate. The ball came flying at him and he missed the first two balls. When the last ball came flying towards him he closed his eyes and swung with all his might. He actually hit it this time and it went flying. A perfect homerun. Right then the bell rang.

“Bella, Mike! Go get that ball and don’t comeback till you have it. It is our only softball! If we don’t get it than we will have to start using baseballs, but they are hard, and we don’t want any law suits so get your butts moving.” The P.E. teacher called out.

I sighed and Mike and I started searching for it. About five minutes passed, Edward didn’t know where I was, and I was getting impatient.

“Hey Bella! Over here!” Mike called out from near the edge of the woods.

I ran over to find him near a well. A old, dried up well at that. “It’s down there.” He said. He pointed at the bottom of the well. There it was, sitting right where he said it was. How were we going to get it out?