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Bella Fell Down a Well

Everything was going Bella's way... that was untill Mike, a Kick Ball, a Bella, and a Well came into the same chapter. This is a funny, multi chaptered story writen to the best of my wild abilities.


3. Mike's Great Ideas

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 619   Review this Chapter

Mike and I were standing in front of the well trying to think of how to get the ball out. The well was pretty low so it would be pretty hard to get something down from there. By now Edward would be wondering where I was. Mike started pacing and looked as if he was in pain for trying to use his brain. He suddenly stopped in his path and looked as if he just heard the ice cream truck.

“Bella! I have three ideas!” He exclaimed. Finally, Mike might be useful for something.

“Tell me! I’d do anything to get away from this well. It scares me.” That was a true statement. Judging by how old it looked it must survived through some pretty scary conditions. Plus, one of the stone appeared to be frowning at me.

“Lets try one idea first. Bella have you ever seen Star Wars?”

“Yes of course I have. I haven’t been living in a shell for the past 18 years.” I replied.

“So then you know that the Jedi learn how to use the force, right?”

“Yup, where are you going with this?”

“Well I joined a Star Wars fan sight were you can train in the ways of the Jedi, and I’m pretty good at using the force to lift things.” Mike said proudly. Ok… was Mike crazy or something? He thinks he can use the force to lift the ball out of the well. But at this point since Edward was going to start getting worried I might as well give Mike a try.

“It’s worth a shot.” I said as optimistically as I could. He beamed at me before turning to the ball and focusing on it. He stretched out his hand and slowly began raising it as if he was picking up the ball. Nothing happened to the ball but Mike kept on trying, turning blue-faced waiting for the ball to lift. The ball was still sitting in its spot but outside the well a rock the size of the ball began floating. Mike was to busy concentrating on the ball so I didn’t tell him bout the rock.

“Darn it. I’m sorry but I just can’t do it. I need to train more I guess. How about we move on to my next plan.” Mike said.

“Fine, just no more mystical junk anymore.” I said while starring into the forest. Mike walked into the forest and came back a minute later carrying a long stick. Than he pulled a hat out and tied it to the end of the stick.

“We can try to scoop it out with this.” Mike said holding out stick.

“Ok, you try. I’ll watch.” I said as I sat down on the slightly moist ground. He poked the stick into the well and as soon as he got close to the ball the stick snapped. Mike swore when he heard the cracking sound. Now they ball and the hat were stuck at the bottom of the well.

“Well, what your last plan Mike?” I asked him. He froze than slowly turned around to my wearing an evil grin. He walked towards me as if he was ready to pounce. I started walking backwards but he jumped forward and graved me. His hand held onto my arms as he picked me up and headed back to the well. He now held me over the well with my feet dangling inside.

“My third plan is to send you down the well.” With an evil laugh he dropped me into the well and I fell, and fell, and fell.