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The Vampire Queen

She was married in 1859 to Jasper Whitlock at the age of sixteen. One year later, he left to fight in the Civil War. In 1863 Jasper goes MIA but he really got changed. Two weeks later she was also turned and killed her sire. Now, 146 years later, Isabella Marie Swan-Whitlock is the new, powerful to the extreme vampire queen who killed the Volturi who opposed her and took control. But when the Cullens are at the party that will introduce her to the vampire community at large, what will happen when she sees someone who looks extermely like her Jasper, who she thought was long dead, then finds out it is, how will she react. And why is there a pixie like women attached to his arm? A Jasper/Bella story. Don't like these stories?? Don't read it.

My first Jasper/Bella FanFic. Please rate and review. you know you love me, xoxo, Alice

2. Chapter 1: Party and Surprises

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Chapter 1: Party and Surprises

Jane walked in on my right while Alec moved to my left as we entered the room. I looked around the room and saw human and animal drinkers a like mingling peacefully. I sighed internally at this. I was worried how they would all get along and I didn't want any fights happening here.

There had to be at least 200 vampires here from all over the world and I knew some disliked each other but I would not tolerate any fighting tonight or in my new home city.

“Thank you so much for that grand entrance, my friends,” I started my small speech knowing that they would want to know how I almost single handily brought down the Volturi. “I know you all must be wondering how I was able to bring down the most powerful vampire trio known. However, none of you will hear that story tonight. Tonight is simply about having a good time. However, should there be any trouble my guards – who are here both by duty and to have a good time – will take care of the problem in the way that I have instructed them. Please feel free to mingle with who ever you feel fit.”

I moved to the platform where my throne sat knowing that many of the covens and nomads will be coming to mingle with there knew queen.

Later That Night

I had met many vampire covens/nomads that evening. The American Nomads and the European Nomads all showed manners that I had learned not to expect from nomads. The Denali, Irish, Egyptian, and Amazonian clans were all polite beyond comprehension. I was just about to step out for a short brake when the only two vampires who have always been in my good graces finally graced us with their presence.

“Victoria, my daughter, what took you so long? I was being to think you wouldn't show,” I said as I stood up to give the only remainder member of my human family a hug.

“We're sorry, Mother. Our plane was delayed.”

“Hello, your majesty,” my new son-in-law said to me.

“Now Demetri, I've told time and time again. You are now part of my family. You do not call me that. It's 'Mom' or 'Mother' to you now.”

“I'm sorry, Mom.”

“That's better.” We all laughed as I said this – it felt so good to be with my family again but we will never be whole, my Jasper, my husband, will never return to me.


It was a bright summer day in Huston, Texas in the year of 1859. It was my wedding day and I was just about to follow my best friend/maid of honor down the isle. Jasper, my dear, sweet, loving Jasper was waiting for me at the end of the isle. My father took my arm in his and – out of the corner of my eye – I saw that he let one single tear escape his eyes.

Don't cry, Father. Don't think of it as losing your sixteen-year-old daughter, think of it as gaining a sixteen-year-old son,” I smiled up at him and he return smile showed nothing but happiness for his only child.

I love you, Isabella,” he said as he pulled me into a hug.

I love you, too, Daddy.”

The wedding march started and he walked me down the isle, to my waiting Jasper.

The next time I walked down the isle I would be Mrs. Isabella Marie Swan – Whitlock.

End Flashback

I could still remember all my human life clearly but that day was the clearest of them all. I sat back down in my two children sat on either side of me.

I had meet all but one major vampire coven. The Denali clan seemed close to them. They were animal drinkers like my small family and Tanya's family and had the surname of Cullen – though two of them went by Hale. There were seven in their family – which in it self was strange. I knew I had to meet them tonight, they had three members with gifts and they – if any one deserved to know my story.

I called for Felix and sent him to find their leader, Carlisle, and tell him that I would like to meet him and his family. He left quickly more afraid of my wrath than my two body guards.

When he returned he had the Cullens/Hales following him. There were three blonds – two male one female – and four brunettes – two males two females. The first blond male looked to be about 23 human years of age with one of the two female brunettes – the one with caramel colored hair – holding his left hand. On the males left was a male vampire that looked about the age of seventeen. He had bronzed color hair and had a lean look about him. Behind them was the other brunette male with the blond female on his arm. The female was beautiful – even for a vampire and the male was so built that if not for his giddy feelings I would have been scared. Beside them was the final brunette. She was short with black hair that spiked out and made her look like a pixie. She was holding hands with the other blond male. He had shaggy curly just like my Jasper's. He was also just as tall as Jasper was and he was also well built, just not as well as the other one but just like Jasper. In short he looked amazingly like Jasper.


I was pushing Victoria on the swing Jasper had put on the tree our front yard. He had put it there right after he bought the house – our dream home. I had found out I was pregnant with Victoria the day before Jasper left for the war about three years ago and didn't tell him because I didn't want him to want him to worry about us. I had needed him to focus on staying alive. It was a bright warm spring day and Victoria's third birthday was in a week.

Suddenly, I heard the undeniable sound of a horse's gallop down the lane.

Lucy?” I called for the nanny I had hired when Victoria was just 3 months old.

Yes, Mrs. Whitlock?” she asked coming outside of the house.

Take Victoria inside please, dear. There's someone coming up the lane.”

Yes, of course, Mrs. Whitlock. Come on, Tori, sweetheart. Let's go fix you something for lunch.”

Victoria hopped off the swing, gave me a quick hug, ran to take Lucy's hand, and they went inside just as a confederate soldier stopped in front of my home.

Are you Mrs. Isabella Whitlock, ma'am?” he asked with a sad smile.

Why, yes I am, sir. How may I be of service?” I asked nervous of what he had to say. Did something happen to Jasper?

I regret to have to inform you of this, ma'am, but your husband, one Jasper Whitlock, is currently missing in action and presumed dead, ma'am. I'm truly sorry, Mrs. Whitlock, I had to honor of serving with your husband, he was truly a great man and will be greatly missed.

I just stood there unable to say anything. My Jasper.........dead? It cannot be. He promised he'd come home to me. I wouldn't, couldn't, believe this man. Jasper would come home to me, just like he promised.

I thanked the soldier and he returned to his horse and rode down the lane to give the news to Jasper's parents.

Jasper's dead, he won't be returning to you...... to Victoria. My head kept telling my heart, but my heart refused to believe it.

I walked into my house, straight up the stairs, and into mine and Jasper's, just mine now, room. I shut and locked the door, flopped down on the bed and cried my heart out as the truth sunk in. Jasper's dead.

Two weeks later

I stood there, looking down at my husband's grave that would never hold his body, tears rolling down. Everyone but I had left to go grieve in their own way.

Jasper's death had made me realize that if something, God forbid, should happen to me that it would leave my daughter with her grandparents, who didn't know about her, unless I had requested differently. I quickly had a will drawn up stating that if I should die everything I owned and the custody of my daughter should be given to Lucy. That way I knew Victoria would be in good hands.

I couldn't return home to my daughter, where I couldn't grieve for the lose of my husband, so I decided to go into the forest on the eastern edge of the cemetery. I didn't plan to go to far in or stray from the trail as it would soon be dark. I had walked maybe five minutes when someone cleared their throat behind me. I jumped a little at the sound and turned to see who had made it.

There standing about ten feet from me was a very handsome young man, though not as handsome as Jasper had been, maybe 20 year of age, with long blond hair that was tied back. But what shocked me the most was his crimson red eyes.

I'm sorry I startled you Miss, but what's a young gal like you doing in the forest at dusk?” he asked me.

It's fine sir. I'm actually out here taking a walk. You see someone very dear to me just passed away and I cannot grieve for him at home.”

I'm so sorry, Miss.....” he trailed off not knowing my last name.

Mrs., actually. Mrs. Whitlock.” I answer with a small sad smile. “And you are?”

Oh, where are my manners. I'm Mr. Hunnington, James Hunnington. It's a pleasure meeting your acquaintance.”

The pleasure is all mine sir but I'm afraid I must be going know. I have a daughter to put to bed.”

Suddenly he was right beside me, though I hadn't seen him move at all.

Go? I'm afraid not ma'am. You'll be joining me and my army now.” I felt a sharp pain, like I had been bitten, in my neck and then all I could was fire from my insides. I knew I was dying, leaving my baby to join my husband. Leaving my daughter with out her parents. For what seemed like an eternity the flames went through my veins, but all I could think about was the daughter that I was leaving behind, that I would never see again. Then – suddenly – the flames stopped. I looked around and saw James sitting on a fallen tree log a few feet away from. We were deeper in the forest that before and far away from the trail.

You're a vampire now, Isabella.” he stated simply like it was something you would hear it everyday talk.

How do you know my name. I never told you that,” I asked.

You're the talk of the town young one. 'Young Mrs. Isabella Whitlock has gone missing.'” he answered. “Now come we cannot stay here any longer.”

I'm not going anywhere with you. Why don't you go off and die.”

Suddenly he burst out in flames. Needless to say he never gave me any more trouble.

I remembered he said that I was to join his 'army' and decided to go north until whatever war he was in was over. Then I would return and silently watch over my baby.

End Flashback

I was brought out of my memory by small cough and saw that the Cullens where in front of my family and I. We stood and I made the introductions.

“Thank you for coming to speak with me. As I'm sure all you already have heard I'm Isabella but please call me Bella. This is my daughter, Victoria, and her new husband, Demetri.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Bella. I'm Carlisle Cullen the leader of my family,” the blond male with the caramel haired female spoke. “This is my wife, Esme and theses are our adopted children. Edward,” the bronze haired one, “Emmett and Rosalie,” the other brunette male with the blond female, “Alice,” the pixie looking one, which left the Jasper look-a-like, “and her mate Jasper,” wait did he just say Jasper?!?!?!

My hand flew to my locket as I sunk back into my throne.

“Mom? Mom?!? What is it what's wrong?” Victoria asked, kneeling before me. The room went silent.

I ignored my daughter's question staring straight at the man that could very well be my husband.

“Jasper?” I asked. “What's your last name? I only ask this because when I was human my husband, and Victoria's father's name was Jasper. I was turned two weeks after he went missing during the U.S. Civil War.”

I heard Victoria gasped as I said this, I had never told her her father's name.

“Whitlock, ma'am. My true last name is Whitlock,” he answered and Victoria gasped again.

I turned to my daughter, knowing that if I could cry I would be right now, and said, “Victoria, my dear sweet daughter, meet your father.”