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The Vampire Queen

She was married in 1859 to Jasper Whitlock at the age of sixteen. One year later, he left to fight in the Civil War. In 1863 Jasper goes MIA but he really got changed. Two weeks later she was also turned and killed her sire. Now, 146 years later, Isabella Marie Swan-Whitlock is the new, powerful to the extreme vampire queen who killed the Volturi who opposed her and took control. But when the Cullens are at the party that will introduce her to the vampire community at large, what will happen when she sees someone who looks extermely like her Jasper, who she thought was long dead, then finds out it is, how will she react. And why is there a pixie like women attached to his arm? A Jasper/Bella story. Don't like these stories?? Don't read it.

My first Jasper/Bella FanFic. Please rate and review. you know you love me, xoxo, Alice

5. Chapter 4: The Queen's Study - Jasper's Memory

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Chapter 4: The Queen's Study – Jasper's Memory


Why did everything she say make sense? I had done my research, trying to find my past. I had searched the name 'Whitlock' and had come up with two families in Texas. Eleanor Victoria and Joseph Henry and their son were one of the two – and the family I had felt connected to.

As Bella told of how we met, I had a flashback of those two days. My mother was trying to get me cleaned up for dinner but I wanted to explore the city. I remembered knocking her but not going back to make sure she was okay because I was too excited to explore my new home.

I remembered the dinner at the Swans' household. I remembered becoming her best friend and she mine. I remembered that – by the age of thirteen – I loved her. And I remembered everything else up to her fifteenth birthday.

Then she went on to tell us the suitors her farther sent her way. About how she detested all but one of them, Jacob. The name itself brought up a new wave of emotions. One I thought I had only felt from the humans at the schools we had attended. Jealousy.

She told us about the night before Jacob was meant to propose. How it had been the first time in a long time we had had time together and were sitting on her front porch swing. How she had told me she loved me for the first and I had said nothing. How she stood up to go inside but I had stopped her and proposed to her with my great-grandmother's ring – her ring. And as she said it, it was like my memory was unlocked, I could remember it all.

I remembered the jealousy I felt towards Jacob. I remembered how earlier that very day, I had asked her father for his only daughter's hand in marriage. I remembered her telling me she loved me and being stunned speechless.

But most of all, I remembered the look on her face as I proposed. The tears of joy running down her beautiful face. The way she said yes. Our first kiss.

I looked at he left hand. There in its rightful place was my great-grandmother's ring in all its glory, shining like it did when I had given it to her. I felt my dead heart go heavy. She still wore it after all this time.

Slowly, I remembered everything else between that day and the day Maria had bitten me. We had a year long engagement. Our wedding was on the fourth of June 1859.

I remembered the year we spent together before I left for the war. How I had bought our dream home and put a swing on the tree in the front yard and had pushed her on it everyday. I remembered her laughter.

I remembered the day I left for the war and how I promised her I would come back to her – my life, my angel – and had broken that promise. How I would write to her everyday and she would, in return, write me back everyday.

But most painfully of all, I remembered how – during my transformation - I forced myself to forget her. The pain of leaving her behind was worse than the searing flames.

“How far along were you with the pregnancy when I left?” I asked her.

“I had found out the day before you left,” she replied

“But you didn't tell me. Why?” I was baffled as to why she wouldn't have told me. We had always wanted children.

“Yes, Jasper, we did always want children,” she said with a smile. “I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry about the baby and myself. I wanted, no, I needed you to focus on staying alive, on returning to me.”

Maria, the one who changed me, took my wedding band during my transformation. I think she sold it........or destroyed it. I thought to her.

“She sold it,” Bella had a small smile on her face, why would she be smiling at this was beyond me. “She sold it to this pon shop in a state near Texas. I stole it back. It's in a safe up in my room.”

Would this women ever stop amazing me? I hoped not.