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The Vampire Queen

She was married in 1859 to Jasper Whitlock at the age of sixteen. One year later, he left to fight in the Civil War. In 1863 Jasper goes MIA but he really got changed. Two weeks later she was also turned and killed her sire. Now, 146 years later, Isabella Marie Swan-Whitlock is the new, powerful to the extreme vampire queen who killed the Volturi who opposed her and took control. But when the Cullens are at the party that will introduce her to the vampire community at large, what will happen when she sees someone who looks extermely like her Jasper, who she thought was long dead, then finds out it is, how will she react. And why is there a pixie like women attached to his arm? A Jasper/Bella story. Don't like these stories?? Don't read it.

My first Jasper/Bella FanFic. Please rate and review. you know you love me, xoxo, Alice

9. Chapter 8: She Did What?!?

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Chapter 8 - She did What?!?


I listened to Bella intently as she told us what had happened. Fury filled me when Bella told of how she found my wedding ring. We were so close to her, just two cities over. But mostly I hated how she found out who took me from her - from our family.

I tried to picture what Victoria must have looked like growing up and could only regret not being there to watch her myself, but at least one of us got to. Lucy seemed to have been good to her. She knows her place and doesn't disrespect her mother. To learn that she would have had to marry the vile Newtons' son was something I would have never allowed. It was no secret that the Newtons were the most selfish family in town.

But these feelings were nothing compared to the feelings I felt when I learned who had turned my only child. To learn that the same person who took me away from my family, sold my wedding ring,and bit my daughter was a whole other thing.

It must have been right after I left her. I haven't heard from her since then. But when I find her, Maria will beg for death.

“She did what?” I growled low enough for only us to hear.

Bella put a calming hand on my upper arm. “Calm down, my love,” she said calmly. “Maria begs for death each time I see her. She has ever since she made the mistake of touching Victoria.”

I looked at her confused, all anger subsiding slowly. Bella sighed. She obviously didn't want to reveal this just yet.

“Maria hasn't had a taste of blood since Victoria's,” she started to explain. “You see, one of my gifts is to control atoms. Since are in every living and nonliving thing, it pretty much means I can control almost everything. I've rarely used this gift as it is too powerful. I used it on James, the vampire who turned me, and caused him to burst into flames, and I have been, continuously, using it on Maria. She still craves blood, the burning sensation growing more each day, but she will never take someone from their loved ones again.”

I couldn't think of a better punishment for Maria. She craved blood more than any vampire I have ever met. But that was Bella's punishment for damning our daughter to this life, I needed to punish her for taking me away from my wife and child.

A woman was chosen by spotlight but she wasn't nervous, just annoyed. She started singing Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, her voice hitting most of the notes perfectly.

“Dance with me, Jasper?” Bella asked.

“Modern or our time?” I replied extending my hand.

“Maybe a waltz,” she said with a small smile. “I haven't danced like that since Jake and Leah's wedding, one month before your departure.” Her hand was in the crook of my arm as I led her to the small dance floor.

“If I had known what would happen, we would have gone to Sam and Emily's wedding three weeks later. Given you one last dance,” I said as we set our hands in the proper places.

I wouldn't give that night up for the world, Jasper,” she said, getting on the defensive. “That was the last night we showed each other how much we truly needed each other. Besides I 'm here in your arms tonight. Let's show these young people how to waltz.”

And just like that we were off. Showing off our dancing. It was just like old times, never missing one step, talking about silly things, singing along with the song just like when I'd hum it to her. The song ended long before either of us wanted it to but they then played Blessed the Broken Road by the Rascal Flatts as a closing of the night's festivities.

I pulled Bella closer to me and swayed us to the music. She laid her head on my shoulder as I sung with the music,

“I love you,” she whispered when there was a pause in the words.

“As I love you,” I replied, kissing the top of her head, then went back to singing along. She stayed silent for the rest of the song, just listening to my voice as I sung to her. Too soon, the song ended, and Bella was leading the way back to our table to gather our things.

“People were staring, during the first dance, you do realize this, right?” Rose asked, annoyed that people would rather stare at us than at her.,

“They stare every week,” Victoria said. “Mom does a different dance, with a different guard member, every week, but that was the first time I've ever seen her waltz.”

“That's because it was the last style of dance I'd danced with your father, honey,” Bella said, a smile on her face. “No one could waltz quiet as well as Jasper and I, he was perfect when he came to leading.”

“And you would lead anyone besides me, if I recall,” I interjected. “No one could keep up with you.”

Back and forth it went, trying to out do the other, on the way back to the castle, arm in arm, a smile on everyone's faces, and laughter ringing through the streets.