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Grocery Store Klutziness

Have you ever thought that maybe klutziness could be a good thing? That maybe, going to the grocery store could change your life? Well, neither did Bella. She thought it would just be another normal day, but look where she has ended up.. ALL HUMAN


3. Ch3: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Part Two

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Chapter3: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Part Two


We got our sleeping bags out of the tent and set them up on the floor, near the TV. Alice hadn’t started the movie yet, but it was in the DVD player.

“Okay, so this is a GIRLS NIGHT ONLY. That means, no talking to your boys on the phone, Rosalie.” Alice said, looking at Rose.

“Fine, just let me call Em and let him know I won’t be talking to him for the rest of the night. Please?” Rose said, looking at us as she stuck her bottom lip out.

I laughed, “Go call your man, Rose. Just don’t take too long, I want to watch this movie,” She ran out of the room with her phone in hand. “Alice, don’t you need to call Jasper or something?” I asked, wondering why she wasn’t calling him as well.

“Well, since this was my idea, I already told him I wouldn’t be talking to him tonight,” she explained. “So, Bella, how was your day?” Alice asked, scooting closer to me.

“It was fine. All I really did was go to the store, so there really isn’t much to tell,” I said, turning my head so she wouldn’t see my blush. There had been something that happened at the store, I just didn’t want to talk about it right now.

Alice gasped, “Bella, you’re blushing! What happened at the store? TELL ME!” Alice started bouncing up and down in her seat.

The truth was, I had met the most amazing guy. She would find out sooner or later, but I really didn’t think it was important. “Nothing happened, Alice,” I lied. I started to smile as I sat there, thinking about him.

“Bella, do not lie to me. You’re blushing and smiling. Something MUST have happened,” she was going to make me tell her.

I groaned, “IWasSlippingOnsSomeIce,AndABeautifulManSavedMe!” I said, standing up and walking into the kitchen.

Of course, Alice ran after me, squealing, “Bella Marie Swan! Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

“Umm, I forgot?” I tried, even thought I had been thinking about him all day.

“Yeah, sure. But now, you have to tell me everything,” Alice said, opening the bag of Twizzlers I had picked up at the store and walking back towards the living room.

I sighed. I picked up the chips and pop, and walking back into the living room. This was going to be a long night.

After ten minutes, Rose walked back into the room holding her phone up to her ear. She was still talking to Emmett, “I love you too, baby. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Good Night,” she closed her phone, walking over to us, “What was all the screaming about out here?”

“Bella met a guy today, and she didn’t tell us about it,” Alice explained, handing the Twizzlers to Rose.

I blushed again, “See, she keeps blushing,” Alice pointed out.

I threw a Twizzler at her, “Do you guys want to hear about this, or just keep making fun of me?” As much as I didn’t want to tell them, I knew they weren’t going to just forget about it. Plus, it gave me a chance to talk about him.

We all got into our sleeping bags, lying next to each other on the floor. I started talking, “Okay. So, I went to the store today, you guys know that. Well, when I was walking into the store, I slipped on a patch of ice,” I explained, remembering what had happened. I paused, thinking of that crooked smile that I had loved so much.

“Keep going,” they said together.

“So, I slipped on the patch of ice, and…” I told them about how he stopped me from falling in the parking lot, and how I kept running into him inside the store, literally. I mentioned him wanting to become an editor, but his dad wanted him to be a doctor. I found myself smiling, thinking about him.

“..and he has the most gorgeous green eyes. His name is Edward Masen; he just moved into town, and he starts classes next semester,” I really was excited. We might actually have some classes together. I looked over to Alice and Rose; they were both looking at me with big smiles on their faces, “What?”

They both laughed, looking at each other. “Oh nothing,” Alice said. “It’s just that, you look so happy right now. And that makes us happy.”

I blushed, “Okay, now I told you my story. Can we watch this movie now?” I tried to get them to stop talking about Edward. I didn’t even know if I was ever going to see him again, although I hoped so.

Alice chuckled, “Hold on, Bella. Just one more thing,” she said, looking serious. “When are you going to see him again?” She asked.

The truth was, I didn’t know IF I was going to see him again, “I don’t know Alice, I didn’t ask him. We are going to be going to school together, so I was thinking I might see him there sometime. Why?” I was hoping I would see him again, but I didn’t know.

Rose looked at me, “You should have given him your phone number, Bella.”

“Rose, it was bad enough that I kept running into him. He probably already thinks I’m some kind of stalker or something.” I said, even though I was wondering the same thing, should I have given him my phone number?

“I don’t think he thinks you’re stalking him, Bella. He probably has a thing for you too, you know. We’ll see what happens in the future,” Alice winked at me. “But, for now, let’s get this party started!” Alice sang, jumping up and walking over to the TV. She grabbed the remote, and got back in her sleeping bag as she pushed play.

“Mmm, I love this movie,” I murmured as the opening credits started.

As we watched the movie, I found myself thinking about him again. I just couldn’t get him out of my head, no matter how hard I tried. I thought about his beautiful green eyes, and how it felt when he was holding me. How when I talked to him, I had butterflies in my stomach. Before I knew it, I found myself smiling at the memories again..

“Bella! Are you eve watching this movie?” Rose asked. We were already to the part where Nemo goes to school for the first time. I just missed a good chunk of the movie..

“Huh? Oh, sorry. Yeah, I’m watching it,” I lied, starting to watch the movie again.

We watched as Nemo went to school for the first time, and when the kids went to the drop-off, I screamed “He touched the butt!” as I pointed to the TV, laughing.

Alice and Rose stared laughing too. As the movie went on, I got to the point where I would really only watch my favorite parts. My favorite character was Dory; she’s just so funny. We were getting to one of my favorite parts..

[singing] “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim, swim.”

Dory, no singing.

[singing] “Ha, ha ha ha ho. I love to swim. When you want to swim you want to swim.”

Now I’m stuck with that song.. Now it’s in my head.”


We were singing along with Dory by then. Laughing and just enjoying our time together. I watched the rest of the movie, thinking of nothing but the great time I was having with my best friends. We watched as Nemo’s dad and Dory were looking for Nemo. Nemo had ended up in the fish tank at the dentist office, and I started singing along with the fish in the fish tank.

From this moment on, you shall now be known as Sharkbait.”

Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!”

Welcome, Brother Sharkbait!”

Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!”

Enough with the Sharkbait.”

Sharkbait! Hoo… bop pa doo.”

I laughed, “I love those fish. They’re just so funny. Sharkbait! Hoo ha ha!”

Alice and Rose laughed at me throughout the rest of the movie; I always recited my favorite parts. When it ended, Alice got up and walked over to the TV to take the DVD out. “Okay, now that Bella got to watch her movie,” she rolled her eyes, laughing. “What do we want to watch now?”

We both knew she wanted to watch her movie. “We can watch Peter Pan now Alice,” Rose said.

Alice jumped up and down, smiling. “Okay!” She put the DVD in and walked into the kitchen. “Do you guys want some pop?”

“Sure,” Rose and I answered together.

She brought some pop out and started the movie as she got back into her sleeping bag. I didn’t really care for Peter Pan as much as Alice did, but then again, I don’t think anyone really does. As the movie went on, I was starting to think of Edward again. I was thinking about my classes, and the fact that Edward might be taking English courses next semester, if he decided to follow his own dreams. I suddenly found myself daydreaming about classes with him, when Alice started to squeal.

“Tinkerbelle! I love her, she’s my favorite character,” she said, although it was no surprise to us.

I started watching the movie again and I realized we were already through most of it. It was one of the newer Peter Pan movies, and Alice had made us watch it too many times already.

“I do believe in fairies, I DO I DO!” Alice screamed at the TV. She did this every time and it always made me laugh. Rose and I joined in with her.

“I do believe in fairies, I DO I DO! I do believe in fairies, I DO I DO!” we all screamed, and started laughing.

The movie ended shortly after, and Alice started The Notebook. We sat there eating Twizzlers and potato chips throughout the whole thing, laughing and crying and smiling. It really was a great move, but it was sad at times. I had hoped to find a love like that someday, with someone who is there for me, no matter what.

The movie ended, all of us crying as the credits went by. The three of us looked at each other and started laughing. “That is always such a sad story in the end. But it’s a happy one too,” Rose said, as Alice took the movie out.

“Do you guys want to watch the last one now? We can get the ice cream out and eat it while the movie plays,” Alice asked, dancing into the kitchen. She didn’t even wait for us to answer as she pulled three bowls out of the cupboard.

“I guess we’re eating ice cream,” I whispered to Rose. We both laughed, getting up and walking into the kitchen.

Rose looked at the ice cream box, “Oh, I love Moose Tracks. Good choice Bella,” she sat down on a stool, waiting for Alice to finish scooping it out.

She handed me my bowl, and we headed back out to the living room. Alice started 50 First Dates and we got back into our sleeping bags.

We just sat in silence throughout the whole movie, eating our ice cream and laughing at all of the funny parts. By the time the movie ended, we all yawned. It was already past one in the morning, and we were all ready for some sleep.

“We can’t go to sleep yet, we still have to make s’mores!” Alice said after we all yawned.

I sighed, “But Alice, I’m so tired. I really don’t care if we make s’mores. And we don’t even have a fire. Can’t we just go to sleep now?” I pleaded.

“No, Bella, we can’t. How about this: we can either make s’mores, or you can tell us more about this Edward guy you met,” She smirked, knowing I would give in if she said that.

I growled, “Fine, we will make s’mores. But I don’t get how we are going to do that with no fire. Aren’t we supposed to use the campfire for that?”

Rose stood up, laughing, “We can use the microwave, silly,” and she headed into the kitchen, “I used to do this when I was little all the time. My dad would make them for me at night sometimes, even though my mom would always yell at him for it.”

She pulled out the graham crackers and marshmallows, while Alice ran to her bedroom, returning with some chocolate. I sat on the stool, watching Alice put together some s’mores and sticking them in the microwave.

After making our s'mores, we headed back into the living room.

I took a bite of my s'more, “Thank you guys, this was a lot of fun.” I smiled, "Mmm, these are SO good."

“No problem Bella. We like having a girl’s night. It gives us some time to catch up on everything. Besides, it gave us a chance to learn about this guy you met at the store,” Rose said, biting into her own s'more and winking at me. "And, I know they're good!" she took another bite of her own.

“And now, it’s time for me to go to sleep,” I yawned, standing up and taking my sleeping bag into the tent. We didn’t even bother turning off the movie as we headed to bed. Alice and Rose climbed in just after I did, saying ‘Good Night’ and going to sleep.

It was already almost two in the morning, and I knew I would be sleeping in. I yawned; a night with the girls was just what I needed..

That was the first night I dreamt of Edward Masen.