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Okay guys, here's me doing my bit for the world of literature, for better or for worse! Elise, a confused, love struck typical teen has plenty to deal with when her world has been turned upside down, inside out and round in circles. Will she be abel to pull through at the end? Or will it all fall helplessly through? If it does, how will she be left?


1. The Beginning

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Elise was lying on her bed, again. Staring at her ceiling, again. Her plain, boring typically English white ceiling. She couldn’t sleep, which recently wasn’t an unusual thing for her. Lying tossing and turning at night, it was becoming a habit. “Maybe I’m turning into a vampire.” Elise thought. “I know they don’t sleep. Supposedly. Although it’s meant to just be a myth. But then again, Vampires are meant to be just a myth. But they’re not. I’m sure of it. Their creamy white skin, teeth worth more than ivory. Though how would people know if it was just a myth?” Elise contemplated her idea, a world of Vampires. Would they hide away unknown? Would they be the gossip of anyone and everyone? Who would they kill? Would they be the fear of everyone and anyone? Would the innocent, the pure, the Human be changed into Vampires? It was the question, this line of thought, which allowed Elise to drift off into her first peaceful night’s sleep she’d had in weeks.

Elise was a pupil at a school in a little place called Forks. Forks was a dismal little place. With a dismal little school. It had gray walls. Gray of all colours. Is gray even a real colour? It looked miserable. It had windows that constantly had rain water pouring down them. It had lousy weather. It had lousy weather, and oh yeah, it had lousy weather. But, on the plus side, it was incredibly interesting for a person like Elise. Elise was an oddball. She took great interests in myths and legends-especially those about the supernatural. Vampires. Werewolves. She found them fascinating. To think Vampires, Werewolves, and Humans… They were all so different and yet, they all had the same roots, the same history, somehow. And occupied the same towns. Being so close together. The idea was deadly.

The next morning, however peaceful Elise’s sleep may have been, she woke up feeling slightly uneasy, disturbed. Her sheets were pulled away from her mattress. Her duvet was piled in a heap on the floor, doing very little in the way of keeping her warm. Her pillow was discarded on the floor. With…? The feathers strewing out? That didn’t make sense to her. She wasn’t that restless in her sleep was she? It felt strange, waking back into a world where lives went on, no matter what the danger, when in her dreams the danger was exposed, sitting right in front of her… Staring at her… Longing to touch her. Or kill her. Elise could never make out. But would it matter? Either way… how would that change things for her? She would be dead if it wanted to touch her, her blood drained. Would it resist? Although it didn’t seem like a danger. Not to her. Elise would dream through the night, sleeping completely peacefully. What she didn’t know, was that the danger looked upon her sleeping body every night, barley the other side of her room. And it was torn with agony.