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Okay guys, here's me doing my bit for the world of literature, for better or for worse! Elise, a confused, love struck typical teen has plenty to deal with when her world has been turned upside down, inside out and round in circles. Will she be abel to pull through at the end? Or will it all fall helplessly through? If it does, how will she be left?


5. The End?

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“Good morning Elise.”
Elise shot out of bed. How did she get in her bed? And…was Lorenzo? In her room? At the end of her bed?
“You talk in your sleep.”
He was talking to her? But? Last night? What happened to never talking to her again?
“You’re talking to me?” Elise managed to stutter.
“I know. I had noticed. Here,” He handed her her dressing gown. “I thought you would prefer sleeping in your bed than on the floor.” He was so calm and collected. Elise took her dressing gown, her back to Lorenzo. When she turned, she turned to face his back.
“Umm, what’s the matter? Why are you facing the wall?”
Lorenzo turned slowly, but gracefully, looking at the floor.
“Two reasons. One, because I thought you may have preferred it if I wasn’t watching you cover yourself, although after last night…” He shook his head slowly “And two because…”
Lorenzo lifted his gaze, his eyes meeting Elises. His perfect golden eyes had turned soot black. Deadly black.
“Because you smell so tempting.” He said it with such remorse, such pain, it took a moment for Elise to register what he was saying.
“It’s true?”
Lorenzo didn’t say anything. His gaze dropped down to the floor with a flicker of his eyelids.
“Really? That’s what you are?”
He cringed when she said what, not who, but replied none the less.
“I’m sorry. I don’t want to hurt you. I meant what I said about never seeing you again, however I thought I owed you an explanation.”
Elise took a step towards Lorenzo, who simultaneously flinched back towards the wall.
“Please, don’t come any closer. Don’t make this harder than it already is.”
Elise took a step back and sat down carefully on the floor, never taking her eyes off Lorenzo.
“I am… Immortal. What you might call… a Vampire. Except I am different. I do not, try not to, drink Human blood. I live on animals.”
“You said you,”
“Please, let me finish. “
“Sorry.” Elise studied her toes, until Lorenzo started to speak again.
“But I couldn’t help but notice.. your scent. Your blood is extra appealing to me. It is harder for me to resist you, to control myself around you.”
Lorenzo stayed silent staring at the floor. Elise looked up in disbelief, although after seeing Lorenzo’s pained expression, his posture with the tension rolling off his shoulders, Elise slung her head back, slouching back against the end of her bed.
“I’m so sorry.” Elise whispered.
“I should go.” Lorenzo answered solemnly, barley acknowledging Elise’s apology.
“I don’t… want to hurt you.”
“Then don’t go.” Elise levelled her gaze with his, staring intently, daring him not to go.
“If I stay with you… I could bite you Elise.” He flinched a he said bite. “I can’t do that to you. I should keep my distance.”
“For how long?”
Elise dropped her gaze again.
“How far do you mean by distance? Like we are now?”
Lorenzo stayed silent. Not being able to stand the silence, the tension, the unease between them, Elise started babbling.
“I mean, if it’s like this now, that’s fine right? We can still talk? Cause you’re not really going to leave me are you? You’ll be here with me… forever now. Right? Lorenzo, I’m right, aren’t i?”
Lorenzo slowly started shaking his head, pain streaked across his face, the agony heartbreakingly obvious. A single tear fell silently down his cheek.
“Vampires don’t cry.” Elise said unemotionally wiping the droplet from his cheek, him flinching as she touched him, every muscle tensing, making Elise gasp. “Not… not unless their world is ending.”
Elise drew her knees up towards her chest, burying her head down. “Not unless their heart is breaking.” She whispered barley audible. And then, with one last heartbreaking, tear provoking, soul crushing “I love you Elise.” Lorenzo vanished, leaving behind, a soft plume of soft, velvety, purple smoke.