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Okay guys, here's me doing my bit for the world of literature, for better or for worse! Elise, a confused, love struck typical teen has plenty to deal with when her world has been turned upside down, inside out and round in circles. Will she be abel to pull through at the end? Or will it all fall helplessly through? If it does, how will she be left?


9. Feeling ill.

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“Ali!” I yelled, running out to see her.

“Well?! How did it go?! With Lorenzo?”

“Oh.” I fell into my seat, pain roaring through my chest at his name. My bones felt heavy, my body felt weak. My head hurt and heart ached. What could I tell her? He was frozen to me? I had doomed him? A tear rolled down my cheek as I told her.

“He, had to move away.” Her face looked like I had just slapped her. I felt like I had killed myself at the same time.

“Ohmygod! Did you get to talk to him? Did you get to tell him?” My face must have given it away. But I gave a small nod nonetheless. Ali threw her arms around me, giving me a strong, comforting hug. And boy did I need it. Again, I let the tears fall, as I clung to the one person who would always be there for me.

“Thanks Ali,” I said, pulling back, wiping the tears from my eyes. “Guess I really didn’t want him to go. It’s silly really. I mean; he’ll always be here with me.”

“That’s right honey, look on the positive side. Now, cheer up, straighten your blouse, and give us a smile.”

“Thanks Ali. You always know how to cheer me up.”

And with that, we left for school, and what would be one of the longest days of my life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I walked into my first class, Lorenzo was meant to be sitting next to me. Instead, he was frozen, stuck to me. I sat in my seat, ditching my bad on the floor, and sunk my head into my hands. This is going to be hell, I thought, and the tears started welling in my eyes. But I couldn’t start now, I couldn’t bring my emotions out for all to see, in front of my English lit’ class.

Lucy, a new acquaintance of mine, usually sat the other side of the classroom, however after seeing the seat next to me empty promptly filled Lorenzo’s place. She started babbling. I didn’t know how I felt about this, this sudden intrusion of my space, of his space, just felt wrong. I was glad for her company, she saved me from wallowing in self-pity and devastation… She meant I had to get my act together, perk up and not act like a zombie. Which was still easier said than done. But at the same time I wanted-needed the time to work out a plan. I had to save Lorenzo.

“Now, that Lorenzo,” Lucy was saying, “He is something special.”

“Yeah. He was wasn’t he?” I replied, kicking myself for the stupid mistake. Was? What was I saying?

“Personally I wouldn’t mind getting to see under his clothes… Imagine what he’s got under there.”

Thankfully she hadn’t picked up on my stupid, foolish mistake.

“I think there’s plenty of girls who would join you on that.” I laughed bitterly, although it hurt to laugh. My chest was hollow, I was going to be my own executioner, as well as Lorenzo’s at this rate.

“You okay honey? You look a bit ill.” Lucy was peering at me expectantly.

“Elise?” She asked, when I suddenly realised she was waiting for a response.

“I feel a bit ill.” I replied slowly, seeing an escape route, then looked over at Lucy’s worried face. “I think I should go to the medical room.”

“Do you want me to come?” She asked, and without waiting for a n answer, Lucy marched up to the teacher. “Miss, Elise needs to go to the medical room, she’s not feeling so well.”

With an acknowledging nod, and a note excusing us from class, Lucy pulled me and my bags out of the classroom, and along to the corridor, to the sound of my protests.