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Thunder and Twi-lightning

A pair of Treasure hunters let loose a group of ancient creatures.

Volterra is destroyed by unknown forces.

A secret police unit from Chicago arrives to investigate a string of murders . . .

And to top it all of, three certain killers arrive at the Cullens.

What else could go wrong?

This is an big crossover, with well known characters from X-Men, Tomb Raider, and several horror movies, and a bunch of lesser know characters from the movie Tremors and the TV show Special Unit 2

1. The Beggining

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‘Okay, is this all the items I need? No, wait. . . Yes, I’ll still need a plutonium iodizing converter. Oh, and some granular frost sizing nuclear fuel. Heh. They're going to need a whole lot of money to afford these. And to pay me.” In a sparsely furnished room off of the Corporation of Supernatural Study and Protection main headquarters, Erik Magnus Lehnsherr sat with a notepad in one hand and a pen the other, writing down a list of materials needed to build . . . a certain project. With one final look over the list, he sets his pen down on the desk, folds the paper in half twice and then slides it into his coat pocket, and puts his helmet on. He raises from his very comfortable and extra padded chair and leaves the room into a nicely lit but very sterile smelling hallway. As per his request, the section that he is lodging in is being very lightly used so he can concentrate and make a more detailed list of items. He strides down the corridor with very large steps, not stopping for anyone and almost knocking over a few people that were to thickheaded to get out of his way, and heads for the President’s office. He enters the room, not bothering to knock. Erik takes in the details. It is a very nicely decorated room, fairly dimly lit but with enough light to read if one needed to. It was carpeted with plush red carpet, there were antique paintings and frames on all but one of the four walls, a specialty chair in every corner, an oak desk, and a small fridge next to the desk. But there was something definitely out of place, which was that there were no windows, which was probably due to the fact that they were several stories underground. A lone figure, obviously male, sat somewhat hunched over the desk facing the door, and he appeared to be writing something. When he heard the door open, he lifted his heard to welcome his guest. The President of the Corporation of Supernatural Study and Protection eye's flickered over Erik in recognition. “Ah. Erik. I am gladdened by your appearance. You've been awfully reclusive recently. I am assuming that you have finished the list of materials required to build my—our project?” Meir King asks. Erik smiles grimly. “Yes, but regrettably some of the material will be very hard--and not to mention very expensive--to obtain.” King was quiet for a second. “Well, as you have probably figured, money is no object. May I see the list, please?” Erik passes the paper to him. King unfolds the paper, scans the list quickly, then frowns. “Are you sure that some of these items even exist? I’ve never heard of most of these.” Without hesitating, Erik replies “Oh, I assure you, Mr. King. If it has any metallic properties at all, no matter where it is, I can find it. VERY easily, I assure you. But, even then, yes, it may be somewhat difficult to obtain to. Are you positive that it will it be worth it?” He asks with a slight smirk. With a somewhat distant and and undeniable vengeful look in his eye, King softly replies, “As long as it rids the world of those. . . those. . . creatures, for lack of a ruder term, I would pay almost any price.” Erik stared at him. “You never did tell me what kind of creatures this machine needs to find. If I know what we’re looking for, I may be able to. . . modify the machine better.” King was wary of Erik, with very good reason. If even a quarter of his criminal exploits were true, he should not be trusting this. . . man? King slowly tells him “What I am about to tell you and show will never leave this room. Am I understand?” Erik is visibly slightly amused at this. “Mr. King, there is nothing that you could do to prevent me from telling anyone. But . . . fair enough. You will have my silence.” King smiles again. “All right then, Mr. Erik. Please, have a seat." Erik sat down on the nearest chair, noting the similarity to the one in his room, while King reached over and pressed a small black button on his desk that was very hard to see if you weren't looking for it. A fairly large screen came down out of the ceiling and lit up in a blue, very much like a Power Point or DVD showing. The screen then turned to a scene which was very apparently filmed out of a small camera, most likely one embedded into a hat or a button the way it was almost always slightly bouncing. The scene was outside, in a fairly crowded square, close to a fountain. The person that the camera was attached to looked around at about 3 other people, all males and solidly built, all wearing dark sunglasses and what appeared to be bulky tourist vests. If you had seen the three of them in a crowd, you would never have noticed them. They didn’t make "eye" contact with the camera, or even glance towards it, but they did nod ever so slightly. The camera operator looked ahead again. The screen zoomed in on this one woman. She was middle aged, very beautiful, and even through the camera Erik could almost feel something like. . . an aura? It almost seemed like that she knew that they were filming her, because she slightly turned her head towards them and looked straight at the camera. She smiled, not friendly at all and not a very big smile either, stood up and walked towards them. Erik saw her glance at the camera, look up again (which confirmed Erik's suspicion that the camera was in a button, not a hat,) and say, “Hi. I’m Heidi.” The screen slowly faded. “What happened?” Erik asked King. “There was a lot of footage, mostly small talk, wandering around Italy-" Erik interrupted. "This was filmed in Italy?" "Yes. Yes it was. A little town called, uh, oh I can never remember. . . Ah, yes. Volterra. But like I was saying, there was a lot of useless film so we edited it out so it would flow better. Just watch.” The screen faded back in again, but this time the team were in what looked like an subterranean enclosure with a decent-sized fountain in the middle of it. There was a large group of people in there, which was odd considering the setting. The same three large males with sunglasses were in front of the camera, looking back behind the camera operator. Just then, a scream broke out in the crowd. The camera whipped to see what was happening behind it, but not before Erik saw the three men reach into their vest. Several people were lying on the ground, with blood pooling put around them. Four or five figures were advancing on the rest of the crowd, including the cameraman. There were loud reports which sounded very much like gunshots, and one of the figures fell backwards and landed on his arse, then his head connected with the floor, making another loud crack. Eric was sure that the mans skull had fractured. He immediately got back up off the ground, and then sped toward the group. In fact, he moved so fast that it looked like he just teleported over. The camera spun around, momentarily catching a glimpse of the other three in the team being cut down almost instantaneously. Then the camera hit the ground, blacked out for a moment, then the operator was being lifted, or thrown, upwards. As it started to fall again, it was falling straight towards an old man, with extremely pale skin. He smiled and lifted his arm towards the camera. It hit his hand with a sickening thud and went black. This time, the camera did not come back on. Erik sat in stunned silence for a minute, and then simply asked, “What happened?” King looked at him gravely. “We don’t know. All we know is that those 'people,'" He made are quotation marks in the air with his finger at this. "Are pseudo-vampires.” Erik looked at him, blinked a couple times, and said, “Pseudo-vampires?. . . I suppose it’s possible. After all of the 'Homo-superiors' I have seen over the years, I suppose that it is possible real life vampires could exist in this world. I have seen stranger things. But what do you mean by ‘pseudo-vampires’?” King smirked again. “Well, it’s just that very little of the common vampire lore and legends applies to them. They have reflections in mirrors, garlic is non-effective. Same goes with crosses, stakes, silver, and sunlight. Their weakness appears to be only limited to fire, but we have an agent infiltrating the ranks, whose codename is 'Gianna'. She actually has become their secretary, ironically, and is the one who is supplying us with all of our information. She has discovered that the only way to kill them is to rip them apart and burn them.” Erik frowned. “But if they have this incredible speed and strength on their side, how are you able to combat them?” “They don’t just have strength and speed on their side. Several of them also apparently have some bizarre--and pretty useless, really--mental abilities. For instance, one of their leaders can sense relationships." King saw the look Erik was giving him. "Seriously. It's useless. As for combating them, we have been working on a very delicate experiment. That’s all I can say at this time.” Erik thought for a moment, then asked, “So why do you need the machine?” “I knew you would ask that. Gianna has informed us that there are many more of these pseudo-vampires around the world. Since we know that you helped Charles Xavier build his Cerebro which locates mutants all over this wonderful planet--or as you call them ‘Homo-superiors’-- we thought that you would be able to build a vampire locating version of Cerebro. Am I right, Erik? Or should I less formal and call you. . . Magneto?”