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Thunder and Twi-lightning

A pair of Treasure hunters let loose a group of ancient creatures.

Volterra is destroyed by unknown forces.

A secret police unit from Chicago arrives to investigate a string of murders . . .

And to top it all of, three certain killers arrive at the Cullens.

What else could go wrong?

This is an big crossover, with well known characters from X-Men, Tomb Raider, and several horror movies, and a bunch of lesser know characters from the movie Tremors and the TV show Special Unit 2

3. The Lycanian Temple

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“In other news, a small town in central Italy, in the Tuscany region, a massacre of humans was discovered in a basement of the Roman Theatre, which was excavated in the 1950s. Police refuse to comment on the deaths, but they did say that a hockey mask was discovered with the dead bodies. And . . .” The Cullens all sat near the TV, its words dimly reaching their unbelieving ears. “I can’t believe it . . .” “Oh my gosh . . .” “Oh, crap . . .” These were just some of the words you would have heard if you had walked in right about then. Carlisle got up and started pacing. “How can this have happened? The Volturi were the ‘strongest’ vampires around . . . You know what kind of weaponry they would have needed for an attack like that? And why a hockey mask?” Emmett cracked, “Maybe it was Jason! Like in the horror movies.” Carlisle glared at him. “I’d hate to break it to you, Emmett, but Jason isn’t real.” Emmett replied, “Yeah. I know. But still . . .” A chorus rang out though the room. “Shut up, Emmett!” Elsewhere, in the Quileute area: “Is this gonna take all day, Lara? I have better things I could be doing.” “Oh Burt, be reasonable. After all, it isn’t every day that you get to help me with my expeditions. And besides, this artifact could fetch a good price.” Lara Croft, the legendary Tomb Raider, and her husband, Burt Gummer, were exploring the Quileute Forests for the lost Temple of Lycania. According to some old legends, there used to be a civilization called Lycania in the forests whose people could supposedly turn to vicious dog-like creatures from the power of the golden Lycanthropy Idol. This made it next to impossible to conquer. Armies of neighbouring tribes had been obliterated when they invaded. But one of their enemies designed a giant worm-like creature that tunneled at high speeds under the ground and learned from experience which proved their downfall. But an unplanned circumstance had arisen. When the worm-creatures died from age, they spawned three to four smaller, bipedal creatures communicated by screeching and reproduced by eating. When they ate enough, they vomited out a new brother. When they aged around a day, they shed their skins and became flying creatures. These carried eggs which hatched into small, fat worms. And these grew into the giant worms again. Burt’s ancestor first encountered them in 1889 in Nevada. He and a small town fought them off, but they returned around 100 years later. No records of the worms remained, so they had to use their wits to fight them. One resident named them “Graboids.” A year or two later, down in Mexico, the Graboids showed up again. One of the people from Nevada was hired to kill them, and was able to kill most of them, but they spawn the small bipeds. People started calling the bipeds “Shriekers.” They couldn’t handle them on their own, so Burt came down and helped. A few years later, the creatures showed up in Nevada again, but Burt had everyone prepared in case they returned. They couldn’t kill them fast enough and the Shriekers had shown up next. Then they shed their skins and the flyers come out. Someone calls them “Ass-Blasters,” because they use small explosions to fly up into the air. Burt and his friends did end up getting the flyers killed, though. When Lara was gathering four stones in one of her adventures, she had to go to Area 51. When she had her stone and had escaped, Burt rescued her. They married a year later. “But Lara, do you even know where this ‘temple’ thing is? We’ve been walking for hours!” Lara sighed. “Yes Burt, I’m sure that its here. Somewhere.” “Oh, great” They hiked for another hour before Lara Stopped and pulled out her notepad. ‘Yes, this looks right. A tree that has a face to me left and a rock that looks like a skull to my right.’ She turned to Burt. “Okay, Burt, You see that rock over there?” He turned to look where she was pointing. “Yeah, I see it. What about it?” Lara walked over to it, picked up two sticks and shoved them into the ‘eye sockets’ of the ‘skull.’ “Get two sticks and do this to the tree over there.” Burt looked around and grabbed two good sticks. When the sticks where in the tree, Lara said “Okay, on three, twist them too your right and pull them out. One, two, three!” They both twisted and pulled the sticks at the same time . . . and nothing happened. “Well, what was the point of that? Nothing happened!” Burt complained. But before Lara could respond, there was a soft rumbling sound. The sound started to increase until the ground was shaking, and then a door opened in the ground. Lara and Burt peered into the hole, and they saw steps going down into it. Burt turned to Lara and said, “Well, I guess you where right. Let’s get started . . .”