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Thunder and Twi-lightning

A pair of Treasure hunters let loose a group of ancient creatures.

Volterra is destroyed by unknown forces.

A secret police unit from Chicago arrives to investigate a string of murders . . .

And to top it all of, three certain killers arrive at the Cullens.

What else could go wrong?

This is an big crossover, with well known characters from X-Men, Tomb Raider, and several horror movies, and a bunch of lesser know characters from the movie Tremors and the TV show Special Unit 2

4. The Idol and the realese of the worms.

Rating 5/5   Word Count 776   Review this Chapter

Lara and Burt walked slowly down the stairs, cautiousness tensing their bodies. The stairs continued down approximately 2 flights, and then emptied into a large cavern which was mysteriously lighted. Lara couldn’t find any light source, but it seemed that the walls themselves were glowing. There was a door at the end opposite the stairs, flanked by two large poles with handles out the side of them. Burt walked over and pushed on the horizontal pole, but nothing happened. “Hey Lara! Come over here and help me push!” “No Burt, Wait! If there’s anything I’ve learned in my expeditions, it is that the obvious is always dangerous. Wait here . . .” Lara walked over to the door, stopped for a minute, and . . . did nothing. “What are you waiting for, Lara? Just get on with it!” Burt shouted to her from across the cavern. Lara glanced over her shoulder at him. “Patience is a virtue, Burt.” She sighed. ‘And sometimes, I wonder if you’ll ever learn.’ She thought to herself. She waited a minute more, and still not being able to figure out what to do, she just pulled her pistol out and blasted off a lock she hadn’t even realized was there until now. She looked back at Burt, who was covering his ears and muttering to himself, and called, “Alright, Burt, come on. And get some of those flashlights out, it looks like that the lights go out farther down . . .” Lara led the way, a flashlight attached to one pistol, a laser sight attached to the other, with Burt following, limping a bit from the spear trap a ways back. Lara always went armed on any expedition, and it was a good thing she did. Odd colored snakes were all over, you couldn’t even see the ceiling because of the spiders, their webs and cobwebs, and that tiger that they found . . . what was it even doing there? Tiger’s aren’t native to Washington. They picked their way through the tunnels, popping a snake here, crushing a spider there, when they came to another large chamber. This one was not lit like the previous one, but their flashlights were more then powerful enough to show that there was one stairway in the middle, which went up to a small indentation in the wall with bars running vertically in front of it. Burt walked past Lara and headed into the room, but stopped suddenly. He turned back to Lara with a pale face right as a loud screeching filled the room. “Burt!” Lara exclaimed. “What did you do?!” He looked down at were his foot had stopped. A pressure pad. Lara started yelling. “I told you that you should have stayed home! I don’t know why you insisted on comin-DUCK!” Burt instantly hit the dirt while Lara shot right were he was standing just a moment ago. Burt rolled over and saw, rising half-way out of the ground, a giant worm-type thing, who’s mouth was divided into three parts, and several small snake things were coming out of it. “What in the world . . . Where did that come from?” Lara glanced at him. “Are you really that dense? I’m sure that it got out when you stepped on the pad. We’ve got to get that Idol and get out. I’ll distract the worm and you go and get the Idol.” Lara ran off to the side, firing at the worm, while Burt got the cutting tools out of the backpack. When he had found them, he dodged past the worm and ran up the stairs, toward the Idol. He immediately started up the torch, when he realized that the bars were made of wood. He switched it off and just punched through the ancient rotted wood. “I GOT IT! He hollered at Lara. The worm turned to face him. “Ah, Shi-“ Before he could finish, the worm’s head exploded, flinging gore and body bit’s everywhere. Burt brought his arm up so nothing would get in his face. When the blood haze settled, he looked up and saw Lara holding a large caliber shotgun. Burt walked down the stairs, carefully picking his way the worms pieces. “I think that we’d better skedaddle now, Lara. If those legends are true, there’re at least three more of those things.” Lara holstered her gun and said. “I agree. If we’re unlucky, we’ll encounter more of them so that we can kill them before they get out.” “Well, lets get going then!”