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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


1. Chapter 1

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“Are you ready Jasmine?”

“Yes, ready and waiting Sienna”

“Guys, maybe we are crazy”

“No we’re not Ashley. And if anyone says that you are, I will kill them!”

“Thanks Willow” the four girls got into their car. They didn’t look related. Jasmine: tall, thin, striking, with long blonde hair, cascading down her back. Sienna: medium height, average body, red hair down to her shoulders. Ashley: short, skinny, light brown hair. Willow: same build as Ashley but with black spiky hair.

“This is our chance! A fresh start” declared Sienna. They reached Forks high school.

“This is our fresh start. No one knows us here, so Willow, no fighting!” Jasmine ordered her younger sister. They parked their car and got out. Heading towards the front office, Sienna noticed a shiny Volvo.

“Wow, that’s got to be the nicest car around here, I wonder who owns it?” she said.

“Well, we’re going to find out” Jasmine said determinedly. They entered the reception.

“Hello. Can I help you?” asked the woman sitting behind the wooden desk.

“Yes. We’re new. Jasmine, Sienna, Ashley and Willow Smith”

“Oh. Really? There’s no record of you being supposed to attend here”

“Our mum phoned up yesterday. I’m sure it’s nothing” lied Jasmine.

“Okay. We probably have a schedule for each of you here” she dug out several pieces of paper.

“Okay, get this slip signed by each of your teachers and bring them back at the end of the day,” she instructed. The girls left for their lessons.

“We’ll meet up at lunch; try to make the best of this, okay?” Jasmine pleaded. She put her hand out, palm up. Sienna put her hand on top, also palm up. Ashley and Willow did the same. Each wrist had a small circular scar on it.

Jasmine’s point of view

My first lesson was trig. I despised trig. I liked gym, I was great at volleyball. Sienna and Ashley were both smarter then Willow and I and always got good grades. Willow was a rebel. I prayed that she wouldn’t be kicked out on her first day. It had been hard finding a new location, far away from our real home. I went over to the teacher.

“Hey, I’m new. Jasmine white”

“Okay, Miss Swan? Is Miss Stanley coming in today?” a pale girl with brown hair answered.

“No. I think she’s sick today”

“Okay Miss White, sit there for today” he told me. I sat next to the girl. I wanted to make friends but after last time, it was better if we stayed low profile. She seemed shy. I decided to keep quiet. Eventually the lesson ended. I wished the day would end.

Finally, lunchtime arrived. I met my sisters outside the cafeteria.

“There’s an empty table at the back,” Willow said, leading us over there. I spotted the girl who I had sat next to in bio sitting at a table nearby. She was looking around anxiously. Then she paused, gazing at the door with a smile on her face. I looked over.

Sienna’s point of view

Jasmine was staring at something. I followed her gaze and saw them. Three boys and two girls. The boys were gorgeous and the girls were pretty. There was a big one, with short dark hair. He looked like he was made of rock. There was a blond boy, his honey colour hair blended totally with his golden eyes. The third boy looked younger, with bronze coloured hair. He wasn’t as muscled as the others either. The two girls were very different. There was a short one with flicked out black hair and a secret smile. I wondered what she was like; I’d love to get to know her. But Jasmine was right about that, we couldn’t. The other girl was tall, blonde and looked like a model. She seemed to look down her nose at everyone. I wished…just once…but no, I couldn’t risk our family. The bronze haired boy seemed to smile slightly, as though he had heard something he found funny. They went and sat down with a girl. She was shy, I could tell. She also seemed a selfless kind of person. Jasmine’s attention had returned to the table.

“What’s your ‘special talent’ telling you about them?” Willow asked. I had this thing; I could kind of sense a person’s personality.

“Umm…the blonde girl is stuck up?” I said. I heard a sudden burst of laughter and looked up. The boy looked like he had was choking back laughter. My stomach grumbled. I was hungry.

“I know Sienna. We’re all hungry,” sighed Jasmine.

“Maybe we can ask them. They’re not eating,” said Willow, nodding in the strange group’s direction. It was true, except for the girl who had been there before; the others had untouched food in front of them. Ashley’s eyes widened, her face contorted in terror.

“They’re…they’re like her!”