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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


10. Chapter 10

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Alice had convinced me to ring my sisters, because they probably thought I was hurt or something. So I rang the home (mobile but we always kept it where we stayed) phone we had. It rang. And rang...and rang.

"Hello?" asked Jasmine's shaky voice at last.

"Jasmine! Why did it take you so long to answer? Are you okay?"

"I'm fine...Ashley" I was starting to worry. Jasmine answered the phone on the first ring normally. She was always confident.

"I'm fine too. The Cullen's are looking after me. Do you want me to come home?" if Jasmine wasn't alright, she'd tell me to stay where I was. I knew that if she was fine, she'd have ordered me home by now.

"No...if you're fine there, stay" I heard a gasp on the other end of the phone.

"Okay...if you're sure"

"Can you ring Willow? She went to the beach and I haven't seen her in a few hours"

"Okay Jasmine. I'll ring her" I put down the phone and dialled the mobile mobile phone we had. Ring ring ring.

"Hello?" Willow sounded scared, slightly.

"Hey Willow. Jasmine asked me to ring you, make sure you were okay"

"I'm fine"

"Do you want me to come and get you?"

"NO! Stay there"

"Is that one of your leech friends?" asked an unfamiliar male voice.

"No. that's my sister. Now...this is a private conversation"

"Who's that Willow?"

"One of the reservation boys"

"So...when are you coming home?"

"When are YOU coming home?"

"Not for a while. But Willow..."

"I'm not coming home until you do at least" she hung up.

"What's wrong?" asked Alice, skipping into the room. She'd left me alone to make my calls.

"I'm worried about Jasmine. She sounded...scared on the phone" Alice sat on the sofa and pulled me next to her.

"She's worried about you. Especially you. I mean, you're the youngest. She's already lost one of you and she feels like it's her duty to your mum to look after her"

"I know that...but she never lets it show! I worry when she shows her emotions because even thought I know she should, she only shows the emotion she feels when it's really strong"

"If you want to make sure she's okay, I'll drive you over there myself" I nodded. Okay, Jasmine had told me to stay there, as long I was fine. And I was fine, but I was also worried. Jasmine was so...good. She was so selfless. If she wasn't okay, none of us were. Our family was hanging by a thread, I could feel it. Sienna was silent, in the background. Willow had run away to gallivant with boys and I'd betrayed my family ties for our enemy! So I hopped into Alice's Porsche (it was gorgeous! I wish we had a car like that!) And she drove me to the house.

"Can you wait here Alice? You can see me but they can't see you. They may get a bit angry"

"Okay" she said and settled herself into her seat. I walked over to the house and noticed. The window's were broken and stained with blood. I opened the door uneasily.

"Ashley!" shouted Alice, who was suddenly by my side. She grabbed me, to stop me going in.

"It's my sisters!" I shouted, struggling.

"It's a vampire," She shouted. I pulled away.

"I have to go!" I ran into the house and Alice darted after me. I was surprised that she didn't stop me. I stopped myself in the living room doorway. Blood was spattered everywhere and there was a body, lying in the middle of the room. Her blonde hair was matted and stained. Her eyes were glassy as they stared, unseeing, at me.