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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


11. Chapter 11

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I ran to her side and hugged her body close to me. It was plainly obvious that she was dead but I rocked her backwards and forward as if that movement, mixed with my tears could bring her back.

"Ashley" whispered Alice. She was pointing at something behind me. I turned. Written on the wall, in blood was a message.

If you ever want to see Sienna alive, you need to come to your old house by midnight. Or else. Don't take to long Ashley. You know I can do it.

"I have to go! I have to find Willow!"

"So you can both walk straight to your deaths? No!"

"I have too Alice! Sienna is our family! I have to get her back! And Willow too"

"The message doesn't mention Willow. If you take her with you, she will probably be killed"

"I need to talk to her at least. I'm going to la Push!"

"But I can't go there! I wouldn't be able to make sure you're safe" Alice's phone rang.

"Edward" she said into it.

"What? No! They can't do that! That really is crossing the line!" she snapped the phone shut.

"Turns out the Quileute werewolves decided it would be funny to kidnap your sister and blackmail us. They thought she was a vampire and won't let her go until a relative comes to get her. Which will have to be you!"

"And you think they're going to capture me too?"

"Yes. And so does Edward. So to make sure we're sending Bella along with you"

"She won't be happy about that"

"Bella will be fine. She's been dying for an excuse to go see Jacob and now she has one"


"Werewolf friend that Edward despises" Alice scooped me up and carried me to the car before I had time to blink.

"Jasmine!" I said.

"When you three are together, you can bury her properly," she promised, "I'll get Carlisle to look after her body for you" she drove me towards the beach but stopped before we actually reached there. Bella and Edward were both waiting there.

"Hi Bella" I said, quietly "How's the eye?"

"I'm fine Ashley. I'm sorry for everything that's happened to you. I can understand now why your sister reacted the way she did"

"She thinks with her fists," I muttered. Bella smiled and opened her truck door. I realized that Edward must have driven the truck down here and was getting a lift back with Alice. I could see that it was killing him to not go with Bella. Bella drove slowly down to the beach and each second was torture for me. I needed to know that Willow was alright! Bella parked by the beach and we walked over the sand.

"Where are we meant to be meeting them?" I asked.

"Jake didn't say when he rang me. He just said he'd be there. OH! There he is" she sighed.

"Is he trying to scare you to death?" she muttered to herself. I scanned the beach and saw a large russet wolf approaching. Bella sighed again as the wolf got nearer.

"Hey Jake. Why the get up?" she asked the wolf. The wolf licked her face and she smacked him away. The wolf growled at me and I flinched away.

"Jacob Black! Stop being so damn rude! This is Ashley, and she is my friend. So treat her with respect" the wolf rolled his eyes and huffed.

"So, are we going to get Willow back? I have to go rescue my other sister from a maniac vampire by midnight," I said, desperate to get away from the giant wolf.

Bella's point of view

Jacob howled and Ashley flinched. The other wolves emerged from the trees. Obviously, they'd sent Jake out to make sure I wasn't here with a vampire. And if I was, he could attack.

"Hey guys," I said.

"Hey Bella" said Quil, smiling at me.

"Have you met Collin and Brady?" Embry asked me.

"No. nice to meet you" I smiled at the two thirteen year old boys. They smiled back at me.

"Hey Seth" I said. Seth was staring at Ashley with a look I recognized. I groaned.

"This will be complicated"

"What will?" asked Sam looking at me. I nodded at Seth and Sam groaned too.

"So...where's my sister?" Ashley stuttered. Jake rolled his eyes and nudged Seth with his furry head.

"Umm...Ashley? Right?"

"Yes. Who are you?"

"I'm Seth"

"Where's my sister?" she demanded.

"She's at my fiancée's house," said Sam "I'm afraid she got slightly hurt" he glared at Paul.

"What...what happened?" asked Ashley.

"She's fine Ashley. She just has some scars"

"Some scars? SOME SCARS! WHY THE HELL DID YOU KIDNAP HER IN THE FIRST PLACE?" Ashley shouted. Seth looked increasingly anxious as she got more stressed.

"She'll be fine. My fiancée has the exact same thing which was my fault," admitted Sam.

"Can I see her?" asked Ashley, calming down.