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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


13. Chapter 13

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Ashley sighed at the boys. She rolled up her sleeves and walked towards them.

"Ashley! They could rip you to pieces!" I protested. She gave me a look, which clearly said I know what I'm doing. So I just watched as the tiny girl approached the giant wolves. She opened her mouth and whispered something. The brawling wolves froze.

"How did you...do that?" asked Embry. She shrugged, and looked at her feet, clearly embarrassed.

"Can you unfreeze them?"

"They're not frozen. They can move any time. They just can't fight anymore" this seemed to be news to the two wolves as they shook their heads and pawed at the ground.

"Where did you learn to do that?" asked Sam.

"I've always been able to do it. Ever since, I was little. It's a long story and I don't have time" Sam made a gesture with his hand and the boys surrounded her.

"We're not letting you leave until you explain," he said. She sighed and sat on the ground.

"Well, I and my sister Sienna learnt that we could...do things. She knew stuff about people, even if she'd only just met them. I never got lost. But there were other things. I didn't learn to talk until I was five. And I was small. Smaller then a normal five year old. Then when I was twelve...I changed. I could see things others couldn't, feel things. And I learnt to...do things. Special things. I don't know why or how. I just can. End of story"

"That's not it. You're hiding something," said Paul, appearing from a bush, fully clothed.

"Okay, the reason I was never killed by the vampire was because she knew I was different. My entire family knew I was different. That's why they always look out for me"

"So what kind of things can you do?"

"Oh...nothing special"

"It looked pretty special"

"I can stop certain people doing things and they have to stop. I can...I can do what you do"

"Turn into a wolf?" asked Paul, sceptically.

"Not that I know of"

"Big surprise"

"Stop being so damn rude" Paul opened his mouth to say something but he seemed to choke on his words.

"Jacob. When you snuck into my room that time. You acted like that because..."

"Sam had ordered me not to tell"

"She can do what Alpha's can" Ashley shrugged, looking uncomfortable.

"But...you could have just ordered us to let your sister go"

"I don't like doing that" she muttered, "Now can I please leave? I have to save my sister!"

"We're not letting you go until we know what you are," said Sam firmly. They seized her and dragged her inside the house.

Ashley's point of view

I had to escape. I waited until midnight then I clambered out of my bed and into the hall. I expected there to be someone guarding me and there was. Jacob.

"Let me go" I said when he saw me standing there.

"I can't Ashley," he muttered.

"Please. Let me go" I said. He stared into my eyes.

"I have to save my sister. She's the only one I've got left. Jasmine's dead, Willow's hurt. We need our family together or we all die. I have to get her back" he looked at the sincerity in my eyes and nodded once.

"Thank you"