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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


15. Chapter 15

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I watched, anxiously as Ashley stirred. She'd been silent for three hours which was a break from her thrashing and screaming. Poor her. She'd sacrificed her humanity for me!

"Soon child. Soon" said my captor, noticing the twitch too. Of course, she noticed it. She was a vampire for crying out loud. Ashley groaned and I dashed to her side. I was surprised I was able to move.

"Feel free. She's your sister" why was she being...nice? I bent over Ashley and peered at her. Her nostrils flared and she sprang up.

"Ashley!" I cried, running to hug her. She pulled back and dropped into a crouch.

Ashley's point of view

I snarled at the hapless victim in front of me. Her fragrant scent rocketed through my nostrils and into my stomach. She looked terrified. That thought struck me as odd. Yes, she should be terrified but why would I notice that.

I moved forward slightly, testing her boundaries. She moved back ever so slightly. Then I noticed something else. A female vampire with fiery red hair. I growled at her and shifted my attention from the human. This was my kill! She should leave. Then she smiled. There was something familiar contained in that smile. A memory floated to the surface of the soup that was my brain, devoid of every feeling except the desire to kill the human and chase away the female. The female. I knew her. I laughed a twisted shadow of a laugh. We must be a team.

"I'm sorry my friend" I said, "I was distracted by the bloodlust"

"No need to apologize," she said.

"Ashley! It's me!" I turned my head in curiosity. How did this human know me?

"It's me. Sienna. Your sister" she said, desperately. My sister. Sienna? SIENNA! It took a deep breath and winced.

"Sienna" I said, thickly, trying not to breathe.

"Ashley!" she yelled, happily, rushing towards me.

"Don't!" I cried. I was dangerous. My senses had returned but that underlying desire to kill was still there. I turned to face her.

"You lied. You said if I was turned, Sienna wouldn't be harmed! She almost got killed!"

"Those were your actions, not mine. I only promised that I would not harm her and I have kept that promise"

"We are leaving! Right Ashley?" asked Sienna. I couldn't! If I was alone with her...I shuddered.

"Ash?" I shook my head.

"I don't think I can! If I go with you...I could kill you!"

"You can go too the Cullen's. They'll keep you under control!" she said.

"Sienna. Go...now. Find Willow. Just leave" I said, voice filled with regret. The bloodlust was getting harder to control. She shook her head.

"GO!" I roared. She took one look at me, and fled. My sister. I'd scared her away. I sank to my knees. What had I done? She put her arm on my shoulder. I shoved her off, into the wall.

"I hate you! You're a heartless killer! Leave me in piece!"

"You can't fight it Ashley. Its instinct," she said. I roared. She smiled sadly. I realized what I'd done, what I'd become. Everything my family hated. I'd sacrificed my life, with them for this. I'd become the same as her. That was the way things were and would be. When I looked up into her eyes, I cringed and looked down.

"You can't fight it Ashley," she repeated. The truth of those words coursed through my veins. When I looked up this time into her murderous crimson eyes, I didn't cringe. I rose to my feet.

"Your right" I said. I was a monster, like her.