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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


16. Chapter 16

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The feeling of running was incredible. The wind whipped my hair and the only thing that could heighten my ecstasy was the hunt. The smell of my victim's panic as I chased. I no longer cared about humanity. I was a monster and this was my life.

Sienna's point of view

I ran blindly. I had to find the Cullen's! But I was miles away from them! I had no sense of direction either. Not like Ashley. I gulped and tripped. Cut myself, but it wasn't deep. I started running again. Then I froze. Something behind me. Crunching bracken. A twig snapped and I spun round. There was mist circling around the small wood. A figure emerged. It moved, like a cat with dangerous elegance, but also as a predator, testing the waters. Her eyes seemed to light the clearing, even though no light was shed. The thing put it's head on why side, sizing me up. It smiled widely and the moonlight reflected off its fangs. It moved forward into the dappled circle of light.

"Ashley" it was but at the same time, it wasn't. This creature wasn't my kind, sweet sister, though it resembled her. This creature was evil and hungry with its cold perfection that marred Ashley's features. Also, there was something different about her eyes, different from her warm human eyes and different from her blood red eyes. They were still bright red but any control she'd possessed was gone.

"Ssssienna" she hisses. Her expression shows no recognition, but I can see she does! She said my name! But it was strange, as though she knew who I was but she didn't know who I am. She crouched slightly.

"Sienna...it's not sssso bad" I was afraid to speak in case I provoked her imminent attack.

"What isn't?"

"Everything we've dessspised for so long. Immortality" she caressed the word as if it was something she cared for dearly.

"Ashley. You've turned your back on everything! Not just mortality but humanity!"

"Humanity makes usss weak!" she said.

"No, humanity makes us human"

"I am not human! Human's are weak!" she cried.

"Humans are what we are! What we should be! Being immortal doesn't make you evil, it's how you use it," she snarled in rage.

"I wanted you to join me sssister. Together we could have been strong!"

"You are no longer my sister! You stopped being my sister when you accepted the darkness!" I shouted. She roared and stalked forward. Any humanity that had remained in her was gone from her eyes. She circled me.

"I shall enjoy consuming your essence. You always were sssweet," she hissed at me. She leapt. There was no time to move. I was sprawled on the grass with Ashley clawing at me. I tried to bat her off but she sank her teeth into my arm. I cried out as the venom that had coursed through my veins long before returned with a searing heat. I could no longer feel the weight of Ashley. Just the burning pain. I felt lightness. And I thought I could hear voices but they were far off. The burning fire had separated me to some unknown realm.