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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


18. Chapter 18

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I woke from a deep sleep with a sense of undiscovered clarity over my brain. Where was I? I glanced about. No clue. I scratched the side of my face and froze. Huge ruts were indented in my skin. I sprang out of bed, ignoring the wave of vertigo that hit me. Oh god. Oh GOD! I was staring into a mirror. One side of my face looked normal. The other had six huge scars on it, jagged marks. Three ran down my cheek, the other three crossed over to form a kind of X. I gasped. It was so...horrible. I dashed downstairs. I had to get out!

"Stop!" said a voice. A figure blocked my path. It was a blonde guy.

"I'm sorry. But you need to stay here"

"Where are my sisters?" I demanded "I can't stay here! I need my sisters!"

"Willow! It's okay, I'm here!" Sienna appeared.

"Sienna? Where's Jasmine? Ashley?" I asked frantically.

"Ashley's fine...Jasmines...dead. I'm sorry," she said, "We received a visitor. She killed Jasmine and took me hostage" if only I'd been there. I could have helped them.

"Ashley came and found me"

"Did she get hurt?" I asked.

"Yes and no. she's alive and in a better condition then ever...but" she glanced at the basement door, clearly deciding how much to tell me. I ran past them, ripped open the door and was inside. A boy was sitting in the corner, staring at the wall. The wall that Ashley was chained too.

"Let her go!" I shrieked.

"We can't" said one of the vampires. "She's different" sure, she was. They were trying to turn me against my sister, my sister who looked so frail up there, eyes closed, asleep. What hurt me was that they'd convinced Sienna!

"Sienna, why are you putting up with this?" I shouted. Before she could reply, I ran over to Ashley and tried to open the fastenings.

Ashley's point of view

I lay deceptively still. I could hear everything, smell everything. I smelt human. Getting closer to me. I heard the jangle of my chains. I opened one eye and glanced at her. Perfect. She was in just the right place.

"Willow! Get away from her!" said Sienna. She's seen what Willow hadn't. My arm, sneaking round to seize her.

"Why? She's my sister!" said Willow. She turned away for an instant...and I struck. I grabbed her. She screamed. I lifted her to my mouth and bit her throat. I was parched. Her fresh blood was delicious.

"Alice! Carlisle! HELP!" screamed Sienna. A second vampire appeared, the girl, Alice. They both ran to me and so did Sienna.

"No, Sienna!" shouted Carlisle. I clung on to my catch. She was still screaming, still struggling. Not for long. I sucked harder, pulling her blood from her body. More vampires appeared, ones I hadn't seen before, at least not with these eyes. They tried to prize her away from me but I was strong with newborn blood. I held on. I heard the girl's heart stutter. I pulled my lips away and laughed. Carlisle shook his head and backed away.

"Stop" he told his family.

"But Carlisle!" said one of the girls.

"Even if we get her away from Ashley, her heart will give out and even vampire venom won't save her. She's going to die whatever," said one of the boys.

"NO!" shouted Sienna. She ran to me, intent on saving
Willow herself and I eagerly awaited her. Another meal. But one of the vampires grabbed her before she got to me, holding her back. She struck out, hitting them. Tears streaming down her face and went into her mouth as she shouted. Eventually, she stopped and just cried into her protectors arms. I dropped the body.

Sienna's point of view

I couldn't believe it. Mum was dead, dad was dead, Lily was dead, Jasmine was dead, Willow was dying, Ashley was insane and I was trapped. Trapped here without my family around me.