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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


19. Chapter 19

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How could I get Ashley back to normal? I sat in her cell for ages, watching her scream and thrash, or just stare at me. There had to be a way to get her back! I stood up and walked towards her, stopping just out of her reach. She didn't say anything, just watched me.

"Do you want to kill me Ashley?" I asked. She didn't reply.

"Answer the question. Do you want to kill me, to drink me dry?"

"Seth" she whispered my name. Her tone was different, not
hunger, not anger or enticement. It was recognition.

"Yes it's me" I took a step closer "Do you? Do you really want to kill me?" I took another step and moved my head so she could see my veins in my neck. I was within her reach. She could snap me like a twig from here. She growled.

"See! You want to kill me, want to drink my blood," I said.

"No...Seth, I don't want to hurt you," she said, desperately.

"Why? You hurt your sisters. You attacked one, killed another! Why am I so special" she shook her head, like she was trying to remove memories.

"I just...I can't hurt you" I took one last step and reached up to Ashley.

"You can kill me if you want Ashley. I love you and I won't stop you"


"Did you know that vampire venom kills werewolves? We can't stand the stuff. Even if you just bit me, I'd still die. You might as well make the most of it," I said. I was practically ordering her to bite me.

Ashley's point of view

Why was he doing this to me? His stench repulsed me but his blood enthralled me. Yet there was something else, something stopping me. I couldn't hurt him. I pushed him away. He smiled.

"Ashley? Are you back?" he asked. Was I back? I no longer thought only to kill.


"Carlisle!" he shouted. Carlisle appeared.

"Seth! You've seen what she can do! Get away from her!" he snapped.

"No Carlisle. I've awoken her. The real Ashley"

"Ashley?" he asked me.

"Sienna. Where's sienna?" I asked. I needed to know she was all right; I had to apologize to her.

"Your sister is fine" he assured me "we can bring her down here to see you. I'm afraid we can't allow you to leave until we're completely sure you're back to normal"

"I understand" I did. I had acted crazily. I needed to earn their trust back. Alice appeared with Sienna.

"Ashley? Are you really...are you normal" I smiled and nodded. She approached me, hesitantly.

"I've missed you Sienna"

"Me too Ashley. It's just us now"

"I know" it was just us.

"I have to go" she left the room suddenly.

Sienna's point of view

I left the basement. It was just me and Ashley but I knew it would torment her every day me being human.

"Carlisle, I need to speak with you," I told him.

"Sure" he led me to his study.

"What is it Sienna?" he asked me. I took a deep breath.

"I want you to turn me. I want to become a vampire, like you"