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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


2. Chapter 2

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My head jerked up. Like her? Who?! They were talking about us that was clear; it was in all their thoughts. And another image. Fiery hair, blowing in the wind. Three pairs of red eyes, gazing down at a pale girl, her body contorted into an unnatural position. I shuddered, not nice images to have in your head.

“Guys!” I hissed “they know!” five pairs of eyes gazed at me, four golden, and one brown. Who were these four?

“Quick. Let’s go!” said one of them. They got up, shooting glances in our direction. They left the cafeteria quickly.

“We’re going after them” said Alice. We got up. Bella started to follow.

“No Bella. This could get nasty; you need to cover for us. Say that we’re sick” I told her. She nodded and we followed the girls. They were getting into a car. After checking no one was around, we ran over, at vampire speed, to their side.

“Excuse me. Can we talk to you?” I asked politely. The girls turned. Their expressions ranged from anger to fear. One of the girls looked a bit like Rosalie, being thin, curved, with long blonde hair. Her expression was one of calm, trying to mask her fear. A girl with red hair was full of fear. Two twins had two completely different reactions. One looked enraged, her hands balled into fists. The other seemed fearful, but her expression made me want to protect her. Her eyes were filled with childish innocence.

“Yes. Guys, wait in the car” said the Rosalie look-alike. One of the twins, the angry one, stayed where she was, while the others did as instructed.

“Willow, you’re not going to be much use against them are you? Use your head before you use your fists” said the innocent one.

“She’s right. If they wanted to hurt us, you won’t be able to stop them” said the redhead. Willow muttered something under her breath and got in the car.

“Hello. I’m Edward Cullen. These are my sisters, Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale and my brothers, Emmett Cullen and Jasper Hale. I believe you know something about us?” I asked.

“Yes, we do. We’ve had experience with your kind before” she flipped her arm over so I could see her palm. Underneath was a small circular scar. Was it a bite? They weren’t vampires.

“Maybe we could have this conversation somewhere more convenient?” Alice asked.

“No. we are not going back to your house. And you are not coming to ours” said the blonde, firmly. If Jasper was controlling this, he wasn’t doing it very well.

“Let’s just cut the crap, okay? We won’t tell anyone, as long as you leave us alone. Don’t ask questions about us, please. We want to forget” as she said this, her voice broke. I noticed a tear in her eye. She practically ran away, jumping in her car and driving off. Hmmm…this was going to be difficult.

Ashley’s point of view

“That was scary” I said as the car left the school.

“This is just fantastic!” exclaimed Willow “our fresh start and we just get a repeat of what happened last time! I mean, are they everywhere or something?” I looked at my sister. She was my other half. I couldn’t be without her, and I very nearly had been. Willow kept me going. I was what kept the others going.

“Well, we’re still staying. We need to stay here, away from them” said Jasmine. She was like a mum. Caring for us, loving and sweet. She made the plans; got money etc. she was the oldest. I was the baby of the family, even though Willow and I were the same age. I wasn’t always though. Life had changed so much. I still had nightmares, curled up in our shared bedroom. Jasmine stopped the car.

“Are you hungry?” she asked me. I shook my head and went upstairs. The house was small, and so, cheap. It had one bedroom and one bathroom. We had no beds; we each slept around the room under blankets. The house was boarded up, and no one knew we lived there yet. We wanted to keep it that way. My section of the room was a sofa. I shared it with Willow, her at one end, me at the other. Sienna slept, curled up in the armchair and Jasmine (selflessly) slept on the floor. No carpet either, hard wooden floors. But Jasmine had always made sacrifices for us. Before, she had given us her share of food, going hungry for days just to make sure we got enough to eat. She had given us her blanket on cold nights. I didn’t want to remember back then, but I knew I had to. These vampires wouldn’t hurt us but maybe they could help us.