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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


4. Chapter 4

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I got up early. I was the eldest and it was up to me to make sure that my sisters got something to eat. I knew that the local shop opened at five. We needed to be ready by eight so I went off. I wore my hoodie (one with extra deep pockets), the hood covering my face, hands in my pockets. I entered in the shops. I knew exactly how to do this. I headed to the canned aisle first. One can of tomato soup. A can of carrots and peas. Then, baked goods. A loaf of bread would last us a week, two if we were careful. The others survived on two meals a day, one if we were short of food. I survived on half that. And sometimes I went without. I seized a packet of biscuits and hid it. Not many people around to witness my theft. Two jars of pasta sauce and some little snack foods (the kind that didn’t need heating). A tiny pack of pasta as a treat. Next, toiletries. We had to leave all our stuff behind when we ran. One bar of soap, a flannel, a toothbrush and toothpaste. Deodorant and a few other objects. I also got bottles of water. We didn’t have the money to pay for running water, electricity or heat. Toilet rolls. We only had three sets of clothes each. We had to travel light. So I snaffled some clean socks. Done. Now I just had to get out. The car was nearby. We had stolen it a while back, after we had escaped. I supposed we should ditch it somewhere soon. I snuck out the door, hands still in pockets. I drove the car about a mile away from our house and left it. Then I walked back.

“Sienna” I said “Ashley, Willow. Time to wake up” Willow groaned. I removed the loaf of bread. One slice of bread each.

“Hey, girls. How about tonight, for a treat, we light a fire outside and have something hot to eat? I’ve got some pasta and sauce we can heat up outside. We just need a pot” Willow sat up and took her piece of bread. She kicked Ashley awake.

“Willow!” I scolded.

“What? She had to wake up, I was just helping her,” Willow said.

“Jas? I’ve been thinking…”

“Yes Ash?” I asked. She looked kind of guilty.

“Those vampires…maybe they could help us. We could at least talk to them”

“No!” I snapped. It wasn’t often I got mad at Ashley, but this was one thing I wouldn’t stand.

“Have you forgotten last time? We lost Lily to those monsters! I refuse to lose anybody else!” I yelled.

“Sorry Jas. It was just an idea,” she sounded so pitiful I calmed down instantly.

“I know Ashley. Get ready for school, we’ve got to walk” I left the room and went to the bathroom. I shut the door, locked it and sank to the ground. I lent my head against the door as I remembered.

The five of us were huddled up in our shared bedroom. Lily’s blonde hair tickled my face. I wrapped my arm around her.

“It’ll be fine Lily. Relax,” I whispered in her ear. Sienna hugged Ashley and Willow closer. We tensed as the footsteps came down the stairs. Lily stiffened and whimpered. The door to the kitchen cupboard that was our bedroom swung open. Her crimson eyes examined us and she tugged Lily from my grasp.

“We have guest’s tonight girls. Let’s make them welcome” she said in her soprano voice. I got up.

“Let her go, please. I’ll do whatever you want just let her go,” I begged. Her eyes glinted wickedly.

“She’d sell the rest of you out for this little one” she sniffed Lily’s neck and smiled.

“You’re fathers already provided the main course. This little one can be the dessert”

“No!” we exclaimed. Willow got to her feet, fists raised. She swung a punch and was propelled backwards into the fridge, leaving a dent.

“I expect you to be ready to entertain our guest later Jasmine. Or you know what will happen” she swept away, dragging Lily with her. We heard laughter in the living room and then one piercing scream.