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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


5. Chapter 5

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The five girls were huddled up in our shared bedroom. Lily’s blonde hair tickled Jasmine’s face. She wrapped my arm around her.

“It’ll be fine Lily. Relax” She whispered in her ear. Sienna hugged Ashley and Willow closer. They tensed as the footsteps came down the stairs. Lily stiffened and whimpered. The door to the kitchen cupboard that was our bedroom swung open. Her crimson eyes examined the and she tugged Lily from my grasp.

“We have guests’ tonight girls. Let’s make them welcome” she said in her soprano voice. Jasmine got up.

“Let her go, please. I’ll do whatever you want just let her go,” She begged. Her eyes glinted wickedly.

“She’d sell the rest of you out for this little one” she sniffed Lily’s neck and smiled.

“You’re fathers already provided the main course. This little one can be the dessert”

“No!” the girls exclaimed. Willow got to her feet, fists raised. She swung a punch and was propelled backwards into the fridge, leaving a dent.

“I expect you to be ready to entertain our guest later Jasmine. Or you know what will happen” she swept away, dragging Lily with her. The girls heard laughter in the living room and then one piercing scream.

The girls remembered. The beginning of the end. Four lost girls, alone in the world, all family destroyed by one unstoppable force. They were all that was left of their home.

“Jasmine, when’s mummy coming back?” asked Lily. Jasmine gritted her teeth.

“Mummy’s not coming back. Daddy met someone else, and Mummy ran off” that was what he had said to her. Jasmine didn’t believe it, not after what she had heard that night, but she felt it was her duty to protect her little sister.

“Now, you have to go to sleep before Daddy comes home” she said. The littlest sister nodded and closed her eyes.

“Jasmine” Sienna whispered to her sister “Mum wouldn’t leave us. It’s dad’s new girlfriend. She did it, didn’t she? The car accident…mum was a careful driver”

“I know Sienna. But for now, we just have to bear it”

“I wish dad had never come back,” muttered Willow, with venom “we were better off without him”

That was the truth of it. There little family; Mum, Dad, Jasmine, Sienna, Willow, Ashley and Lily. Then dad started stopping out, getting drunk and sleeping around. He got arrested for manslaughter (murder everyone knew it) and was locked up for five years. Lily was two. When he came back, everything changed. Every happy memory was erased and replaced with horror and bloodshed.

“Girls! Get down here! I want you to meet someone!” Ashley slipped her hand into Sienna’s and Jasmine hugged Lily. They walked down the stairs and went into the living room. There dad stood in the centre with a tall woman with flaming red hair.

“This is my new girlfriend, she’ll be staying with us for a while” the woman smiled evilly.

That was the first night but things weren’t too bad at first. Then when the girl’s dad went off on business trips, she made them sleep in the kitchen cupboard, the shelves and tins digging into their backs. Then there were her friends. They had long parties and the smell of blood was everywhere. Then one night, dad became the meal. That was the night Lily was killed. The girls were never the same again.