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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


6. Chapter 6

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I felt it as soon as they entered the car park. Edward and I were sitting in the car, waiting for Bella and Alice (who had been ‘sleeping' over Bella's house) to arrive. The girls were walking across the lot and the pain was ripping through me. Edward grimaced. Something was wrong. I glanced at him.
"It's horrible. The blonde one is remembering stuff. It's horrible, no wonder they're afraid of us," Edward said. I focused on sending over some calm at them. One of them glared at me, like they knew what I was doing. I decided to listen to what they were saying.
"Look at those filthy leech's. Walking around like they own the place. Filthy killers" said the one with the black hair.
"Well, we're staying away from them. Aren't we?" said the blonde, glancing at the little one.
"Yes Jasmine" she muttered.
"Filthy Killers" said the dark haired one again.
"C'mon Willow. They can't help what they are" the brunette muttered.
"Yeah, just like they can't help killing innocent people," said Willow.
"You should know they're vegetarians," said Bella, who had just arrived.
"Who asked you?" said Willow, her fists clenched.
"Sorry, I was just saying. Those guys have worked hard to fight their nature, you should lay off them"
"Okay, I lay off them. Leech lover" said the girl. Edward was obviously deciding whether to go over there.
"Willow" said the redhead.
"Shut up Sienna, she's as bad as them!" the girl was angry now, exceptionally so.
"You think your special cause you're hanging around with the vampires. You're not! You're just dinner to them!" I was surprised by the anger I felt radiating from Bella.
"They're not like that!" she said. Her fist moved so fast I barely saw it. It hit Willow in the face, and was the spark to gunpowder. The angry girl leapt on Bella. Edward and I darted over to the battling girls.
"Willow!" said the blonde girl, sharply. The girl didn't stop. I tried to focus on calming them down but there was a second emotion coming from someone else. I looked around. Not Edward, the red head or the blonde. Alice had just reappeared and it wasn't her either. It was the little brunette.
"STOP IT!" she shouted. The fighting girl was so startled she actually stopped punching Bella, who took it as an opportunity to slip out and rush to Edward's side.
"Are you alright?" he asked. She nodded. We were lucky; she wasn't bleeding. But she was going to have one hell of a black eye.
"Willow! This was meant to be our fresh start, yet you're doing exactly the same thing you did last time! And I'm fed up of moving again and again! You're my twin, but I don't feel like we're even related any more!" she shouted. Her voice broke as sadness crept in. she ran.
"Ashley!" called the redhead.
"I can't believe you Willow! Ash was right!" said the blonde.
"I'm not the one who..." started Willow.
"Look. Why don't you just stop arguing and find your sister?" interrupted Alice. The blonde glared at Alice and Willow before nodding.
"Nice save Alice"
"I saw that if she finished that sentence the blonde one would punch her in the face, the principle would be expel her and their family would be in ruins" she shrugged. The girls started to walk off.
"Sienna, you take the town. I'll check near the house"
"What about me?" asked Willow.
"You've done enough," said the blonde.
"Can we help?" Alice asked. She shook her head.
"We'll, Jasper, Edward we have to go home. The sun's going to come out in a little while. Find Emmett, Rose, and we'll go home. Bella, you come with us and Carlisle can check you over" we nodded. A small look went through the eyes of the blonde. Understanding, and maybe a little bit of trust.