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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


8. Chapter 8

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I woke surrounded by warm sheets and soft pillows. I was in a cream-colored room with one wall of glass. It was light and open and there was a door leading to a bathroom. I stretched and got up. It had been the best night sleep I'd had since vampires came into my life. And it had come from a vampire!
"You're awake! Would you like some food? You'd probably want breakfast but it's actually nine in the evening," said a chirpy voice. I looked around and saw the small spiky haired girl smiling at me from by the door.
"If you want, I'll get you something while you shower. Oh, and your sisters know where you are and they've agreed to let you stay here" I could tell there was something she wasn't telling me.
"Okay" I agreed. I went over to the bathroom and gasped. It was huge and white. Each surface sparkled. I had a long hot shower, something I hadn't had in a year. I'd got used to cold showers so this felt incredibly luxurious. When I got out, I found a white silk shirt and a pair of jeans waiting for me on the bed. DESIGNER! How rich were these vampires? I dressed, the clothes fitted perfectly, and headed uncertainly downstairs. The girl was sitting there with a bowl of cereal waiting for me. My favorite. This was creepy.
"Hello. I never properly introduced myself, did I? I'm Alice"
"Hi Alice. I'm Ashley"
"I know. It's a nice name. Are all your family named after trees?"
"No. but we're all named after plants. Jasmine, she's our oldest sister. Sienna isn't really a plant though but she's so dreamy and individual it suits her. Willow's my twin. She has a lot of issues"
"How did you do it?"
"Survive," she asked. It was a strange question.
"I guess...because we stayed together and looked out for each other"
"Do you miss them?"
"Was it hard on the road, without money or anything?"
"Yes" I could feel tears coming to my eyes.
"You know if you wanted...you and your sisters could move in here. We have plenty of room"
"Would we have to become like you?"
"Probably...eventually you would have to or we'd break the law. We're breaking the law now. People aren't supposed to know about us...but we wouldn't do it until you were ready"
"I'd like to have a home again...but Jasmine feels pretty strongly about stuff and so does Willow. And I couldn't do it without them"

Jasmine's Point of view

I still couldn't believe that Ashley was with the vampires. I had tried in vain to find their house, but came back alone each time. I didn't have Ashley's uncanny ability to find places. Willow had gone down to the beach in a rage. She was still angry. I was frustrated at her for it all. She never thought, just did.
"Jas! Jasmine! Hold up!" Sienna was following me.
"You're going to try and find her again aren't you? Why don't you just stop? She obviously doesn't want to be found. She'll come back when she's ready!"
"No. I..." my sentence was cut off as Sienna yelled "Jasmine! Get out of the road!" I leapt out of sight as a black car slid past.
"Back to the house!" I hissed. We hurried off. We'd seen that car before, always searching for something. We reached the house and snuck inside. There was a person in the hallway. She turned and gazed at us with crimson eyes.
"Jasmine. Sienna. Just the people I wanted to see"