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Four girls move to Forks, each possessing an uncanny knowledge of vampires and a circular bite on their wrists.


9. Chapter 9

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I reached the beach and sat at the sea edge with my feet in the ocean. I suddenly had a curious feeling of being watched and I turned, standing up with my fists raised.

"Put them down little girl" said one of the tall men in front of me. I scowled at the men who obviously thought they were it.

"What do you want? I'm not here to make trouble," I said. Normally, I'd have leapt in but I was trying to prove the others wrong. And there was something strange about these boys. The largest boy nodded to the others and they grabbed me. One on each arm and the others surrounded me. The boys looked almost identical. They were all huge and had cropped black hair, which looked ink on their russet skin.

"Let go of me!" I shouted, trying to get them off. I scanned the beach for people who could help me. There was no one. They carried me into the woods and threw me to the ground.

"Okay Leech, what are you doing on our land? Give us one reason not to rip you to shreds," said one of the men.

I'm not a vampire," I shouted.

"Oh yeah right! You have a bite mark on your wrist and you stink of leech," snarled another. Two of the group had left and they now returned with four giant wolves. I gasped. Another man came into the clearing.

"Paul, what are you doing?"

"We found this girl on the beach! She's a leech. Come on Sam!" Sam rolled his eyes.

"Her heart's beating Paul" said Sam.

"But look at her wrist! And she stinks like them!"

"You need your sense of smell tested" one of the group muttered. Paul glared at him and shuddered. Sam put a hand on his chest.

"So, what are you going to do with me know? Seeing as you've kidnapped me," I said, standing up.

"Keep your mouth shut" snapped Paul. I put my hands on my hips and raised an eyebrow. The chocolate brown wolf growled at me and the sandy colored wolf whimpered.

"Quil, Seth. Quiet" said Sam.

"So explain the smell. She may not be a leech but she's a bloody leech lover! I bet she's planning on becoming one like Bella!"

"Oh you did not just say that" I said.

"Did I tell you to shut up?" he said.

"Yeah but I don't really care. You lot can go die for all I care. What I do is my business and my business alone you jerk" he shuddered again. He bared his teeth and his eyes got dark. Then he exploded with fur and shreds of clothes. I didn't have time to react. Claws raked my face and I screamed and fell to the floor as a huge grey wolf stood above me.

"PAUL!" shouted Sam and then he also exploded into a midnight black wolf. The grey wolf tried to swipe me but a shudder ripped through him and he fell to the floor. I could feel the blood trickling down my face. The black wolf growled at the grey wolf who ducked his head submissively and they headed off into the woods. It was then that I noticed the other four wolves all had pieces of cloth tied onto their legs. I felt a warm hand on me.

"Paul's really done it this time," said one of the boys. I looked up at the boy. He handed me a piece of cloth to press to my scars.

"Okay. Sorry about that. Paul gets mad. Often"

"What happened?" I asked, breathlessly. I was afraid of the wolves now and I understood why I'd been afraid of these boys.

"Well, we're werewolves only we're not restricted like those ones in the movies. When we get mad, we phase. That was Paul and Sam. I'm Embry; this is Jacob and Brady. And those four are Quil, Seth, Leah and Collin"

"And we're kidnapping you until we figure out what to do"

"Oh great. First Ashley, now me"


"My sister ran off. The vamps rang up earlier to say they'd found her but she didn't want to come home. And now I'm also being held hostage by a creature that isn't supposed to exist" I groaned. I didn't care really, apart from my bleeding face. These creatures were kind of like me, they also had trouble with their temper.