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17 year old Erica looks just like any other girl- at least- when she is out of the water. You see, Erica's a mermaid. But don't you dare compare her to Ariel! When those troublesome Quileute boys find her singing on a rock, they capture her. They do not know what to do with her, so they take her to the Carlisle to see if he knows anything about her kind. The Cullen's decide to take her in, intrigued by her story. Erica is convinced she is as worthless as seaweed, but a certain vampire wants to prove her wrong. Can he? Or will Erica shut him out like she does with everybody? Edward/OC This story is currently on hold, sorry...

I don't own Twilight, if I did, do you think I would be writing on a fanfic site???? I really hope you guys like this!!!

1. Chapter 1 Discovered

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I smiled, weaving in and out of the seaweed. There wasn’t much life this close to the shore, I wonder where the tide has taken me? Last month it took me to Cannon Beach, in Oregon. So, assuming my knowledge of the states of the U.S.A. is accurate, I am somewhere near Washington. I smile once again, I love going to new places.

I flicked my fin and swam upwards, nearer to the surface. Oh, did I forget to mention? I am mermaid. But don’t you dare compare me to Ariel. I can survive in the water, just like a fish. Or, I can survive on land. Usually, I like the freedom of the sea, although, sometimes nothing can beat a good run. Plus, sea-creatures are much nicer than people. All I have to do to get rid of my scales is get completely out of water, vice versa if I want my legs to squish together and grow a tail.

I looked up from my position in the water. I dare myself to go further up to the surface. I decide to go on a leap of faith and hope there are no humans around, most people don’t react well to topless girls appearing out of nowhere in the sea. I shove myself forward and smash through the water.

I take a deep breath of oxygen, the air greeting me with a cold breeze. The waves churn my hair around me. In the distance, on the beach, is a big bonfire; with people laughing and watching the fire consume the wood. Fire has always interested me, yet at the same time, always scared me. ‘Maybe because it is the mortal enemy of my home,’ I joke to myself.

It is night, so the people probably cannot see me. To my right, there is a cliff with rocks all around it. I swim over to one of the larger rocks and hoist myself onto it, some things about mermaids are true; for instance we do like to sit on rocks, comb our long hair and sing.

The rock is sharp and jagged, but I am tired and it will have to do as a chair. My hair goes down to my but, and at the moment it is sticking to me like superglue. It is wavy, and like a stereotype of a mermaid, blonde. I can’t help myself, I start to sing; besides, with all the noise the humans are making they won’t notice me. I sing a song I heard a couple years ago on a radio someone was blasting on a beach in California.

I didn’t mean it when I said

I didn’t love you so

I should have held on tight

I never should have let you go

I didn’t know nothing I was stupid, I was foolish

I was lying to my self

My clear, high voice broke through the silence of the water surrounding me; I checked over my shoulder, the humans hadn’t heard me. The worlds spilled out of my mouth like wildfire, taming the wild waves crashing against the rock.

I could not fathom

I would ever be without your love

Never imagined that I’d be sitting

Here beside myself

‘Cause I didn’t know you

‘Cause I didn’t know me

But I thought I knew everything

I’d never felt

In a way, I related to the heartbroken person who was singing this song. But how could I relate to someone with a broken heart, when I have never loved at all? I had never met anyone of my kind; I was just some weird crossbreed. I wanted love, I missed love. But how can I miss something I’ve never had? I continued with the song, my voice breaking on some parts because of my sorrow.

The feeling that I’m feeling

Now that I don’t hear your voice

Or have your touch or kiss your lip

s ‘Cause I don’t have a choice

Oh, what I wouldn’t give

To have you lying by my side

Right here, ‘cause baby

When you left I lost a part of me

It’s still so hard to believe

Come back baby please, ‘cause

We belong together

Now, tears started to trickle down my face, one by one. I looked up at the sky, at all of those stars, wondering if there was a god up there somewhere, looking down at me with his own tears of sorrow. If there was a god, could he be so cruel to make someone, even a mutant like me, experience this much hurt?

Who else am I gonna lean on when times get rough?

Who’s gonna talk to me on the phone

Till the sun comes up?

Who’s gonna take your place?

There ain’t nobody better

Oh baby, baby

We belong together

Just then a deep voice shattered through my soprano one.

“Hello?” it asked, “Is anyone there? We heard you singing, just come on out. Do you need help, we can help you.” The voice sounded concerned, but I cared little about that. If they found me- I couldn’t even think that.

In a moment of sheep stupidity I shrieked “STAY AWAY!” I gasped, and through my hands across my mouth.

The people on the beach seemed confused, ‘good’ I think. A large group of men grab some torches, and run up a hill a little ways off from the bonfire.

Stupid humans, what are they doing? That hill will probably only lead to a cliff, and what good will that do them?

I hear voices above me- wait a minute, a cliff. As in, a cliff that just so happens to be right above me!

“Don’t worry, we’re here to help you.” This time a feminine voice declares that they will help me. I try to heave myself off the boulder, only to get pulled back by a sharp ache on the back off my head. Uugghh, my stupid had wound itself around one of the rocks jagged points.

I wrestle with my hair, trying to free myself. It is only a matter of time before the humans jumped down. Finally, my hair comes free in my hands.

SPLASH! Comes a noise to my left, I slowly turn my head, my eyes wide with fear. A man breaks through the surface, the moonlight shines down on his face. He is tan- no, copper skinned- with bulging muscles. His black hair is cut short, plastered to his forehead.

“I found her,” he yells up to the people on the cliff. He inches toward me, fear evident in my eyes. “Don’t worry, I’m going to help you.” He says softly. Will they ever use a more original line than ‘Don’t worry, I’m going to help you.’

I snap back to reality with a bang, agilely ducking to the side a diving into the water. Unfortunately, the man is much quicker than I had anticipated. He grasps my forearm almost instantly, confusion takes over his face. “Why are you trying to run away?” he inquires.

“I-I’m not running,” I shakily spit out. His brow crinkles in misunderstanding. I wrap my tail around his legs, hoping the shock will make him let go of my arm so I can escape. Instead, his eyes go as round as the full moon above us, and he grips my arm painfully hard.

He starts swimming forward, as I try to swim the other way; he is much stronger than me though. We make it to the shore in record speed. He throws me down on the ground; I am on the wet sand, the waves lapping at my tail. At least this way he won’t see me make the metamorphis.

“What are you?” the man hissed. I refused to answer, only lowering my head. The only luck that came out of this was that my thick hair covered my chest, so he wouldn’t be able to see anything. My tail glittered in the moonlight, on any normal night, I would have been pleased, but tonight I was only uncomfortable.

“Jared?” came a voice drawing closer; “Did you find her?” it asked again.

“Look for yourself,” this Jared growled.

“I am not some animal in a zoo, for all of your entertainment. Release me this instant!” I screeched at him. I tried to drag myself back to the ocean, but he restrained me. I thrashed about, trying to flee.

“Oh my God,” says the feminine voice I heard earlier. By this time the people from the bonfire and the cliff had gathered around me like I was some circus sideshow.

“Sam, what is it?” says a woman with scars running down her face.

It?” I screech, “It? I am not an it!” Honestly, can she not see that the upper half of my body is normal, clearly meaning I am not an it.

“Well, if you are not an it, than what are you?” asks the person I assume to be Sam.

“You wouldn’t believe me anyway,” I murmur.

“Try us,” says the feminine voice from the cliff.

“Leah!” a boy behind me hisses.

“Shut it Quil,” the woman I guess to be Leah retorts.

“She’s a mermaid,” says a squeaky voice from behind Jared.

“Bingo! Yahtzee! We have a winner!” I say sarcastically. I look up at the people hovering above my through my lashes, feigning innocence. “Please just let me go.” I say. The people ignore me though.

“What should we do with her?” asks one of the freakishly tall men.

“We will take her to the Cullen’s,” says a man in a wheel-chair. “maybe Carlisle will know what to do with her.”

“Okay, that is best.” Sam agrees. They drag me out of the surf.

“What the-?” comes Quil’s bewildered voice. My tail has spread apart and I now have legs. I shoot up and make a run for the water. The men are faster than me though, and catch me . Two men hold on to my wrists and drag me into the forest.