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17 year old Erica looks just like any other girl- at least- when she is out of the water. You see, Erica's a mermaid. But don't you dare compare her to Ariel! When those troublesome Quileute boys find her singing on a rock, they capture her. They do not know what to do with her, so they take her to the Carlisle to see if he knows anything about her kind. The Cullen's decide to take her in, intrigued by her story. Erica is convinced she is as worthless as seaweed, but a certain vampire wants to prove her wrong. Can he? Or will Erica shut him out like she does with everybody? Edward/OC This story is currently on hold, sorry...

I don't own Twilight, if I did, do you think I would be writing on a fanfic site???? I really hope you guys like this!!!

2. Chapter 2 The Cullens

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I refuse to go along with them; instead, I let my legs go limp. This way they will have to drag me, the men have barely even noticed though, they continue to run and drag me along. I decide to try another tactic; I dig my heels into the soft soil. My two captors only pause for a second, and Leah behind me digs my ankles out.

They are obviously stronger, so I opt for screeching ‘let me go!’ After ten minutes, my voice has started to go weak. I start to cough because my throat is so dry.

All at once the copper-skinned men, with the exception of Leah, halt suddenly. I stay silent to see what they will do, after two minutes of complete silence I become agitated.

“What are you waiting for?” I demand.

They seem to ignore me for a while, and then Sam sighs and says “The Cullen’s,”

“Really,” I plead to them, “why can’t you just release me? I haven’t done any harm, and you certainly have no claim over me!” I continue with my plea, while the men suddenly wrinkle their noses in disgust. “What?!?” I bellow. “Do I smell bad now?”

I hear four distinct chuckles from behind me, I whip my head around. I hadn’t even heard these people approach. Behind me stand four men. Three of them seem to be around the same age, one is big with dark brown curly hair; standing next to him is a tall, almost lanky man with honey colored hair; leaning against a tree next to him is a man with bronze hair and a tall frame. In front of them is an older man with light blonde hair similar to my own. They all very pale skin and piercing gold eyes, in contrast to my violet ones.

All I can do is stare them, the one with bronze hair stares right back at me; his face looks like he is perplexed about something.

“Sam?” asks the older male, he is most likely the leader. “What do you have here?”

“We found her in the water.” replies Sam. “We thought you might know what exactly she is, and possibly what to do with her.”

“I’ll tell you what you can do with me, you can let me-” I am interrupted by the one with bronze hair.

“You think she’s a mermaid?” he practically scoffs.

“What are we supposed to think?” retorts Jared. “She had a tail, with scales and everything.” I sigh, are people ever going to get over this?

“You’re going to kill her?!?!” the copper man roared. I looked up at my guards with sheer horror.

“What if she is dangerous? She could cause a lot of trouble.” Says whiny-boy Quil.

“You are going to k-kill me b-because I am a m-mystery to you?” I tried to sound calm, but I couldn’t keep the hatred out of my voice. I could not fathom how these people could kill me because I was a riddle to them. Out of nowhere, it seemed as if a ripple of calm coated me in its thick embrace. But it didn’t last for long, the possibility that I might die soon still hung in the air like a hawk circling its prey.

“That is absolutely unnecessary, and if she was so dangerous, why hasn’t she escaped you?”” hissed the man with brown hair on the other side of the clearing. The guards still looked unsure.

“We will take her in, find out exactly what she is. Even if she is dangerous, we would be able to restrain her if necessary.” replies the older man. My captors look at each other for a moment, conversing silently with their eyes, then a decision is made; they pull me up from my spot on the ground, and shove me to the Cullen’s.

I am quite uncoordinated on my legs, seeing as I don’t use them that often, so when they pushed me, I fell onto the ground. The rough exterior of the land skinned my knees and I wished again and again, to unknown gods for some clothes. I picked myself up and brushed the dirt off from my legs. I turned around to face the copper-skinned men. “I would much more appreciate being treated with a little more kindness.” I sneered at them.

The younger man with the dark hair let out a big guffaw at my remark. I couldn’t help the smirk from trying to work its way onto my face. I looked over my shoulder; my once-captors were retreating back to the beach.

“My name is Carlisle,” said the older man with fair hair. “That is Emmett,” he pointed to the dark haired man, “that is Jasper,” the blonde man smiled, “and this is Edward.” He pointed to the one with bronze hair.

I cleared my throat, “Nice names,” I declared.

Carlisle smiled, “Yes, now what is yours?” I hesitated; I got a feeling that I should be scared of these people.

“You don’t have to be scared,” Jasper’s voice cuts through the silence surrounding us. I crinkled my brow, out of confusion, but let it go.

“Erica,” I whispered. I cleared my throat. “My name is Erica.”

“Okay Erica,” Carlisle said. “Are you really a mermaid?” he asked.

“Well…” I gave a nervous laugh. “It kind of, sort of, depends on your definition of mermaid.” The Cullen’s looked uncertain. “I mean, I could show you. You could see for yourself.”

“Cool,” bellowed Emmett.

Another nervous laugh escaped my lips. “Is there a river around here or something?”

“Wait!” a high-pitched voice comes out of nowhere. “Wait, we want to see!” Three girls now come into the circle we have created.

“Alice,” hissed Jasper at a sprite sized girl with spiky black hair. “I told you to stay at the house.”

“And what made you think we were going to listen to you?” said a breathtakingly beautiful blonde woman.

“Rosalie,” scolds a woman who is next to Carlisle. “There is a stream a few yards east.” Said the older woman with caramel colored locks. “Here are some clothes,” offers the lady.

“Thank you,” I say sincerely. They lead me to a stream a couple yards away. We reach it very quickly. I set the clothes down at the bank of the creek, and look over my shoulder at them; they nod as if to say ‘go on, show us’.

I take an unnecessary breath and soar into the air, gravity does its job and the water greets me by drenching me in its liquid clutch. At this point I am completely underwater, my wavy locks whirl and twirl around me. A bright light encloses around me, like it does every time I am submerged in water after being on terrain. My legs unconsciously attach together, and I sense a ripple moving over it; I know that is only my scales forming. The light fades and dulls, and I know that the transformation is over.

I open my eyes, the water stings them for a moment, then they are okay. I look down at my tail, it is so much different then legs; in my opinion, better. There is sort of a clapping sound above me.

“Hey?” shouts a muted voice. “You still down there?” I recognize the voice as Emmett. I stick my hand so it is above the water, and wave it about to show that I am. I break out of the tranquility of the water and go up to meet the Cullen’s. I smile at them.

“Well?” demands Rosalie.

I lift my tail up behind me and send a wave of water towards them. Strangely though, they all move at lightning fast speed and the water ends up hitting the dirt.

“How-how did you do that?” I asked my voice sounding foreign to me because of the shock. They all look at Carlisle.

“I’ll explain that later, don’t worry Erica. Now, do you think I could see your, uh, your-” I interrupted him.

“My fins?” I asked slyly. He nodded in response. I swam over to the river bank and hoisted myself up on the shore. It takes a lot of effort to move around on land, although barely any when I am underwater. I let the end of my tail dangle in the water, so they could get a good look at me. I looked up hesitantly; I was met with seven shocked eyes gawking at me.

“Amazing,” whispered Carlisle.