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Bella learns shockingly that Edward is cheating on her with someone from his past. Bella is crushed, yet comforted by the support of Edward's family. How will Edward react when Bella tells him how she truly feels?

This is FAR from my opinion of Edward. Please no bashing me! :)

1. Why be Distant?

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---Bella's POV---

"Hi Ang", I smiled as I let her inside.

"Hey Bella. Thanks for inviting me", Angela walked in.

"Sure. Come on up to my room", I led her up the stairs.

"Not that I don't enjoy sleepovers but what brought this on? You aren't the slumber party type", Angela asked kindly.

"Angela you know me too well.", I smiled.

She returned the smile genuinely.

"Well, Edward hasn't been around much lately. I need someone to talk to and hang out with and you're my closest friend", I answered honestly.

"Aww you're sweet", she hugged me. "I have noticed though, where is Edward?"

"He went up to Alaska to visit with a family friend", I told her truthfully.

"And Alice?", she asked.

"She went with him. They all did.", I said sadly.

"Don't worry Bella, they'll be back before you know it. I've seen how Edward looks at you. He won't be gone long.", Angela promised.

";Thanks Ang. Want to watch a movie? I have Mean Girls if you want something funny and Vacancy if you want something scary.", I said playing with my fingernails.

"Let's watch Mean Girls. Save Vacancy for when its darker", Angela said getting up to put in the DVD.

"Sounds good", I smiled.

The next day I went to Biology with Angela. We stopped in front of my table and saw Edward sitting at the table.

"Hi Edward. Welcome back!", I grinned and hugged him.

He hugged me back but something was different. I could see it in his eyes. Angela must have noticed it too because there was confusion in her face.

"I'm going to go sit down now. Good to see you Edward. Bella, do you want me to meet you afterschool?", Angela asked not sure if I wanted to spend time with Edward.

"Y-", I started but was interrupted.

"Please do wait for her Angela. I have somewhere to go afterschool so I won't be able take Bella home. Thank you", he said and looked away.

"Sure", Angela said. We looked at each other in confusion as she walked to her seat towards the back of the room.

I sat down as class began.

So how was Alaska?, I passed a note to him.

Fine., was all he wrote.

Did you enjoy spending time with the Denalis?


Do you want to tell me about it?

Not much to tell. Typical visit with old friends.

Oh. Do you want to hear what I did?

Only if you want to tell me.

I frowned. What was wrong with him? I crumpled the note and shoved it in my bag. Something was different. Definitely different. I decided to talk to Alice about it. She probably knew what was wrong.

Hey Alice what's with Edward?, I texted her.

What do you mean?, she replied right away.

He's...not himself

Oh...you mean he's....distant?

How did you know?

Lucky guess. I'll talk to him for you :)

Thanks Alice.


I put my phone away before I got caught. We sat silently through the hour and he left quickly when the bell rang. I got up slowly and met with Angela.

"What's wrong with Edward today?", Angela asked.

"You noticed! It's not just me. I don't know", I said.

"Did you ask him?", she asked.

"Sort of. He wasn't very warming to me", I said sadly.

"Maybe it's just a phase", she smiled.

I shrugged.

That night my phone buzzed and I got a text from Edward.

We need to talk. Meet me at my house.

I frowned and texted back, OK be right there.