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Bella learns shockingly that Edward is cheating on her with someone from his past. Bella is crushed, yet comforted by the support of Edward's family. How will Edward react when Bella tells him how she truly feels?

This is FAR from my opinion of Edward. Please no bashing me! :)

2. The Truth Hurts

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Charlie was out with Billy Black. I dialed the Black's house.

"Hello", a deep voice answered.

"Hi Jacob. It's Bella", I was happy to hear Jacob's voice especially after things being...different with Edward.

"Bells! Good to hear from you!", Jacob sounded happy.

"Thanks Jake. Nice to hear you too. Think you could do me a favor?", I asked.

"Sure Bella. What's up?", Jake was a nice guy.

"When Billy and my dad come back could you tell him I went to the Cullen's?", I asked preparing for Jacob's reaction. He disliked that I was involved with vampires. I could almost hear him growl.

"I guess", he answered annoyed.

"Thanks Jake you're the best", I wanted to hang up already.

"Sure, sure", Jake's famous response. I smirked.

"Bye Jake. Take care", I said quickly.

"Bye Bella", I hung up.

I pulled up in front of the Cullen's. Before I arrived at the door Alice answered it with a disapproving look on her face.

"Hi Alice. Edward texted me and told me to meet him here", I said waiting to ask what was wrong.

Alice held up Edward's phone.

"-Oh. It was you?", I asked confused.

She nodded. "You might want to come in and sit down", she let me in the living room where Rosalie, Jasper, Emmett sat. Edward, Carlisle and Esme weren't there.

"Where is everyone?", I asked sitting across from them.

"Carlisle, Esme, and Edward went hunting. Alice arranged this meeting for us. None of us know what's going on", Jasper said.

"Okay. I noticed Edward has been...well different lately. Haven't you all?", Alice asked.

"Yes", we all answered confused.

"Alright so when I heard he was like that with Bella too. I knew something was up. So I looked into his future. You guys know how he's been leaving on hunting trips alone lately?", Alice asked.

"Yeah", everyone but me answered.

"He hasn't been hunting. He's been going to Denali", Alice said slowly studying my face.

I was even more confused.

"I don't understand", luckily Emmett was just as confused as I was.

Rosalie and Jasper looked shocked. Rosalie whispered to Emmett--Tanya.

"I'm so sorry Bella", Alice and Jasper immediately comforted me. I didn't know why I needed comfort until I put it together. Edward...distant...hunting alone...Denali...TANYA.

Edward was cheating on me with....TANYA.

I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath.

"What an ass! I am taking him DOWN when he gets back!", Emmett stood up.

"No Emmett you can't tell him", Alice said soothingly.

"What the hell does he think he's doing? Bella's my little sister and he's hurting her for Tanya?! Hell freakin no!", Emmett was angry.

"...It's alright Emmett....Thanks guys. I don't want to see him right now so I'm going to head home.", I started to stand, my eyes filling with tears.

Jasper got up to hug me. It was strange, because Jasper and I weren't close because of his bloodlust and all. It was nice to have his support.

"Bella I'm so sorry. Edward won't be home tonight. He'll make it in time for school but he won't come here. You can stay the night. I'd prefer it anyways so you don't drive in this rain", Alice said being like a sister.

Before I noticed tears were streaming down my face.

"I'd rather not", I said. Honestly I didn't want to be anywhere that associated with him. Except his beautiful family of course.

"Please Bella?", Rosalie pleaded. This too was strange. Rosalie never liked me, you'd think she'd be pleased.

"Alright. Please I can't stay in his room. I want to sleep in here if that's alright", I begged.

"It sounds uncomfortable but if that's what you want.", Alice sighed. "Everybody when Edward returns, you cannot have any part of this conversation or piece of knowledge on your mind. Edward can't know that we found out. I will talk to him tomorrow night", Alice reminded everyone. That didn't apply to me luckily because I wouldn't be able to control my thoughts around him. I would struggle enough controlling these heartbroken emotions.

"I won't be able to sleep", I announced not really speaking to anyone.

"Try Bella. Please.", Alice said kindly helping me get blankets and pillows to set up on the couch.

"Thanks Alice. For everything.", I smiled gently and hugged her.

"Anytime Bella. I'm truly sorry.", Alice said soothingly.

"It's not your fault. I just wish...I don't know. Good night", I said lost in thought.

"Good night Bella", everyone said going upstairs so they wouldn't disturb me.

"I told you guys Edward was a jackass", Rosalie commented on her way upstairs until I couldn't hear them anymore.

I thought about all the great memories I've had with Edward.

I cried myself to sleep that night.