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Bella learns shockingly that Edward is cheating on her with someone from his past. Bella is crushed, yet comforted by the support of Edward's family. How will Edward react when Bella tells him how she truly feels?

This is FAR from my opinion of Edward. Please no bashing me! :)

6. Not True?

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"Will you marry me?", he smiled.

I took a deep breath.

"Of course", I replied and grinned.

He smiled as he stood. He took my hand and walked me back to where we were standing. He slid to his knee.

"Thank you. You've made me the happiest person in the world. I am finally complete", he smiled as he slid the beautiful diamond ring on to my finger.

He stood up and kissed me tenderly. He was complete. And so was I.

After a few hours of our engagement date, he stood up.

"I should take you home. My family will be home soon", he took my hands.

"Alright. Can I talk to Alice before I go?", I asked.

"Why?", he sighed obviously upset.

"Please?", I begged.

He sighed.

"Alright", he responded.

I grinned.

"I love you", I buried my face in his shoulder.

"I love you more", he smiled.

A few moments later, I could hear Alice and Jasper arrive.

"Alice may I have a word with you?", Edward called.

"Of course", I could hear her little voice from a distance.

She walked in the room.

"Hi Bella", she smiled.

"Hey Alice", I smiled back. I wasn't upset with her, I was rather happy that she told me.

"Alice, why did you tell Bella that I was cheating on her? You of all people should know that I would never do such a thing. Never to Bella especially. She's my everything", Edward asked.

Alice looked uncomfortable. Wow Alice's visions are off lately. She missed the Tanya thing, didn't see the proposal, and obviously didn't see this confrontation coming.

"If you didn't do it then you had to have considered it", Alice replied.

"Never. I was getting advice from Tanya for this date with Bella. It's very special to me. To us. I thanked her with a hug and kiss. It was out of friendliness, never romantic", Edward explained.

"Well I didn't know that. I can only go based on what I see. You didn't tell us about it so how was I to know?", Alice fought back.

"You should've talked to me about it instead of hurting Bella!", Edward was getting fired up.

"Edward! Don't be angry with Alice. She was being a good sister by telling me. I would've been so hurt if she didn't. Alice has always been there for me, and I love her for that", I hugged Alice.

"Thank you Bella", Alice grinned.

Edward sighed.

"Alright. But it wasn't true. And Alice?", he asked.


"Bella and I are getting married", he smiled holding up my hand for her to see the ring.

Alice's eyes grew in excitement as she jumped around squealing.

"Oh my god congratulations! Why didn't I see this coming?! When were you going to tell me?!", she squealed pulling us into a group hug.

"We just did", Edward grinned.

"I am SO happy for you guys! Bella's finally going to be my real sister! I LOVE IT!", Alice screamed.

"I love it too", I smiled.

"I am sooo planning this wedding!", Alice promised.