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Ever wonder what was going through Edward's mind when he found out the big news in Breaking Dawn Chapter 7? Well, here's my version! BD spoilers. Reviews are wonderful!

I hope you enjoy the story!

1. Impossible

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“Are you well? Did you get sick again?” I called anxiously from outside the door to the room in which Bella was currently residing. I had just checked the trashcan for the suspected chicken, which of course, smelled just as unappetizing as any other human food. However, it had not smelled raw in any way. The source of Bella’s illness must have been something else.

I had known that we would have to leave the island at some point, but somehow I hadn’t considered that something as inconsequent as human illness would be the catalyst for our departure. I found myself forgetting much more frequently the petty human problems that still affected Bella. Still, as trivial as it seemed to me, it was not something I could take lightly. After all, we were in the tropics; who knew what types of diseases Bella could catch.

I shook the thought out of my head quickly. I was getting ahead of myself. Bella was just nauseous; she didn’t even know what was causing it.

My thoughts were interrupted by Bella’s strangled voice, “Yes and no.” Her words should have comforted me, but my anxiety shot up at the tone of her voice. She did know something. But what? I placed my hand on the metal doorknob.

“Bella? Can I please come in?” The silence seemed to last forever, but it couldn’t have been longer than a few seconds.

“O…kay?” I shoved the door open slightly harder than I had meant to, leaving large dents in both the knob and the edge of the door. As soon as I saw Bella sitting by her open suitcase, I judged her countenance. She was staring at the floor, a blank expression on her face. She was paler than normal, but I had noticed that before, presumably a result of the nausea. Her heartbeat was oddly slow. I immediately was at her side, my hand finding rest on her forehead as before, hoping to ease whatever pain she was going through. I had hoped I would be able to figure out what was wrong by seeing her, but her empty look offered nothing. When my attempt to find a temperature also failed, I looked back into her eyes, beautiful and brown and blank, my worry changing to fear as it coursed like fire through my dead veins.

“What’s wrong?”

Slowly, she whispered, “How many days has it been since the wedding?”

What an odd question. My answer was automatic; I was keeping track, “Seventeen.” Strange. What did it have to do with anything? Her eyes continued to be of no help. I longed to be able to hear what she was thinking. Why did she have to be the one that I couldn’t hear? “Bella, what is it?”

She held up a finger. Her lips moved. She was counting. But why? She couldn’t have been sick for long; the only time I hadn’t been with her was during my hunting trip. I would have noticed if anything was wrong. And the only thing that I could even think of that was wrong was her nausea. I started to go through the events on the island, trying to see if I had missed something. The events flew by so fast in my mind that even I could make no sense of them; the fear flowing through me was compromising my attempts. I held my breath and closed my eyes, willing myself to just be patient and wait for an answer. Bella paused in her mental counting, and my eyes shot open. I tensed for her answer, but instead she started counting again. My held breath left my lungs in a silent hiss. I couldn’t be patient. “Bella! I’m losing my mind over here.”

Bella leaned over to her suitcase, her hands shaking as she moved things around. I clenched my fists, holding myself back from ripping the suitcase out of her hands and overturning it onto the floor. Bella finally lifted a blue box and held it out to me.

I don’t know what I had been expecting: maybe a bottle of pills or some other…something that could make Bella sick. I was completely surprised to see the box of tampons in her hand. Confusion flooded my mind. She normally kept everything like that to herself. She must know what’s wrong, she just doesn’t want to tell me, I thought. But it made no sense; why wouldn’t she want to tell me? “What? Are you trying to pass this illness off as PMS?”

She shook her head slightly. “No, no Edward. I’m trying to tell you that my period is five days late.”

My mental questioning immediately halted.

I froze.

Five days late. Of course.

Of course. It made sense now: her emotional outbreaks, appetite, and sleeping habits. I hadn’t even considered them in my mental list of symptoms.

Because it was impossible.

Five days late.

Such a simple phrase, and yet, it was able to stop a vampire’s mind in its tracks. Or was my mind racing? I couldn’t tell. I barely felt Bella leap from my arms.

A small part in the back of mind was trying to reason with my shocked self. Of course Bella must be wrong. There must be some other explanation. Something else, anything else. Bella couldn’t be pregnant. It was—

“Impossible.” The word brought my sight back into my control, and I followed Bella’s eyes. She was staring at her stomach, where a small bump had appeared. Still unmoving, I stared in shock. I knew that it had not been there when I had left her. There was no question. My eyes blurred.

The image I had been subconsciously repressing sprung into my mind. It was an image I had thought of many times before, merely hoping and wishing that there was some way…

…A child was in Bella’s arms, beautiful in every way. Bella’s hair, her heart-shaped face, her alluring chocolate-brown eyes. An invisible haze filled my mind as I watched the familiar scene play out. Bella was radiant, smiling and laughing as she held the child…her child.

It was an image that I hardly dared to let enter my mind, so beautiful and heartbreaking an image it was. It had nearly changed my mind about letting Bella choose my life.

A movement jarred me from my thoughts; Bella had reached into my pocket and removed my cell phone. Strange, I hadn’t heard it ring. My sensory loss should have alarmed me, if my mind had not been preoccupied. I continued to stare at nothing as Bella spoke to someone. Time seemed to slow to a crawl. Bella’s words twisted in my mind. I could not make anything out until her last sentence.

"...And... I swear something moved inside me just now."

Immediately, the image in my head changed. No longer was the child a miniature Bella. It changed, transformed. I watched in disgust as it became a monster.

As it became me.

With bright crimson eyes and bronze hair, the little monster jumped away from a crumpled Bella, blood dripping from its mouth and a grin splayed across its face.


My senses rushed back in full force.

No. I wouldn’t let it happen.

Let what happen? I asked myself. How was this even possible? My memory recalled legends of an incubus, but my knowledge was incomplete.

My head jerked up. I reached out my hand for the phone in Bella’s hand. I saw Bella’s look of relief as she handed it to me. I held it to my ear.

“Is it possible?” I asked, knowing it was Carlisle. He let out a stressful sigh.

“It must be. I never gave much thought to the legends, never had a reason to. I suppose they must be at least partly based on truth. Obviously, we’ll have to find out more, as the legends just stated that the fathers were demons, which is, of course, false.” I disagreed, the vision of a crumpled Bella returning to my mind. I was very much a demon. “Now, I do not know much else, and I won’t until I see Bella. The child could be part-vampire, or even a full fledged one.”

If this thing were a vampire, Bella would be in danger. “And Bella?” I reached out and pulled her close. A part of me scoffed. As if I could protect her, when I was the one who was hurting her.

Carlisle hesitated, “If she can already feel it inside her, it must be growing at an accelerated rate. And you know how fragile Bella is. It will most likely put her health in danger, possibly even kill her.” He paused. “The only thing we can do is try to abort it. But you must get her home immediately; we don’t know how fast it is growing. Come at once.”

“Yes, yes I will.” I hit END and immediately dialed the number for the airport.

"What did Carlisle say?" Bella asked tentatively. She looked up at me, shock still hidden in her eyes.

"He thinks you're pregnant." I saw a shiver run through her. My hand tightened around the phone, hate and fear running down my back. I was going to get Bella home. I would not let this monster hurt her. I pushed the vision away again, listening impatiently as the first ring sounded in the phone.

"Who are you calling now?"

"The airport. We're going home."