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Ever wonder what was going through Edward's mind when he found out the big news in Breaking Dawn Chapter 7? Well, here's my version! BD spoilers. Reviews are wonderful!

I hope you enjoy the story!

2. Kaure

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Extra money.


Spare tickets to Paris just incase Bella disliked the island.



Once again, the hate rippled down my spine, cutting at my dead heart. My fault. My entire fault. Instead of trying to suppress my hatred, I funneled it into packing, as well as the ‘conversation’ I was having with the manager of the airline.

“No, I can’t wait for tomorrow’s flight,” I said angrily, speaking through my teeth in Portuguese. I threw Bella’s outfit on the bed where she was sitting silently. “I need to be on a plane in one hour. One hour, or we will pull our funding from your company. Do you understand?”

“But Senhor, there has never been a problem before--” The weak human’s voice cut off as I accidentally let a growl escape my throat in frustration. He gulped once and typed something onto his computer. “I—I’ll find something,” he said shakily.

As he typed, I continued throwing my anger into packing. For the past hour, I had watched visions of that—that thing inside Bella. I couldn’t stop loathing myself. It was entirely my fault. If only I had not given in to my selfishness, if only I had been more patient. If only I hadn’t gotten Bella into this mess. I kicked the empty suitcase from the bed and started putting all the clothes I had gathered into it.

“Ok, I have a plane for you, Senhor. In one hour, is that alright?”

“Yes.” I snapped the phone shut. I put the last article of clothing into the suitcase and zipped it up in one swift movement. That was it. It was time to leave.

I turned around. Bella had left the room, so I followed her scent into the kitchen. She was sitting in a chair, facing the window. My eyes went immediately to her stomach, where her hand was perched lightly. My revulsion threatened to leak over, but I checked it, keeping it hidden to save Bella from it. I reminded myself that it was time to leave.

“Bella?” I waited as she slowly turned around, still fighting the visions of a monster from my head.

And then I saw that she was crying.

For the first time in over an hour, I only saw Bella.

“Bella!” I ran to her side, placing my hands on her cheeks. It could only be one of two things. “Are you in pain?”

“No, no—“ I sighed mentally as I pulled her close to me, placing my chin on her soft hair. At least It wasn’t hurting her yet. That meant it was choice number two.

“Don’t be afraid. We’ll be home in sixteen hours. You’ll be fine. Carlisle will be ready when we get there. We’ll take care of this, and you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine.” I hoped that something I said would placate her.

“Take care of this? What do you mean?” She must not have realized there was something we could do. Eager to ease her fright, I leaned back and looked into her watery eyes.

“We’re going to get that thing out before it can hurt any part of you. Don’t be scared. I won’t let it hurt you.”

Suddenly, thoughts interrupted my concentration. I missed her reply as my head sharply turned toward the door.

“Dammit! I forgot Gustavo was due today. I’ll get rid of him and be right out.” I jumped up and rushed to the door. How I had forgotten, I didn’t know. I heard the thoughts of Kaure next to him.

I hope she is still alive. I hope I’m not too late. Her Portuguese thoughts were timid even in her own mind.

I cursed in my head again.

I threw open the door and was speaking before they had a chance to speak. “I will not be needing your services today, thank you.”

They jumped at the sight of me, presumably because of my sudden appearance and harsh tone. Gustavo recovered quickly, thanking me and turning around. Kaure recovered as well, but didn't move.

"Please, Senhor Cullen, I made you and the miss some dinner." She walked past my arms into the house. The thirst itched painfully in my throat, and I swallowed angrily. It took a tad more effort to get rid of it than normal in my choleric state.

I have to see.

I shook my head and backed up. "We already had dinner, you don't need to give us your food." She kept walking.

"Please, I made it for you. I'll just leave it here."

I just need to make sure.

I grunted in exasperation and hurried into the kitchen ahead of her, heading for Bella. She still had trails of tears running along her cheeks, so I gently wiped them with my thumbs, leaning to her ear.

"She's insisting on leaving the food she brought--she made us dinner. It's an excuse--she wants to make sure I haven't killed you yet." I might as well have. I turned slightly as Kaure walked in. She glanced at us, staring mostly at Bella. When she had convinced herself that she really was alive, she placed her bowl of Caldeirada soup on the counter.

"Please don't kill her," she mumbled as quietly as she could. I snapped.

"You gave us the food, get out."

She turned quickly, her skirt flying around and she practically ran out the door. Bella gagged at the smell of the soup, suddenly carried by the gust of air brought by Kaure's skirt. I placed my hands onto her warm forehead, whispering calming noises into her ear as she leaned over the sink. Damned soup.

I turned and practically threw the bowl into the refrigerator, hearing it tip and spill as I slammed the door shut.

I then took a split second to calm myself. I needn't be angry; I had to keep control so as to not hurt Bella.

My Bella.

I was back at her side and cooling her face in a moment. Her shaky hands reached for the cup lying on its side at the edge of the sink. I grabbed it and filled it with the tap water, keeping one hand on her face. She rinsed her mouth and spit.

I heard Kaure close by, and turned Bella around. I pulled her close, mostly to comfort her, but also trying to assuage Kaure's fear of me killing Bella.

Bella rested her forehead on my shoulder, her aroma all around me. It took no effort whatsoever to alleviate the thirst that once plagued me at her scent. As Bella lowered her arms around herself, I waited for the thoughts of ease I expected from the doorway.


I turned my head slightly, Kaure coming into view in my peripherals. Why was she not relieved? Then I realized where Bella had placed her hands.

It's all true! Mãewas right! All the stories are true! He's one of them!