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Ever wonder what was going through Edward's mind when he found out the big news in Breaking Dawn Chapter 7? Well, here's my version! BD spoilers. Reviews are wonderful!

I hope you enjoy the story!

3. Morte

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It's all true! Mãewas right! All the stories are true! He's one of them!

I gasped at her emphasis. One of them? She already knew what I was, what else was there?

They must be killed! I have to tell someone!

I turned to face her and kept Bella behind me, as if it were Kaure's thoughts that would kill her.

She saw my movement and burst out.

"Get away from her! I knew you weren't who you said you were from the moment you got here. How dare you bring her here! My father and the town won't let you get away with this! They didn't believe the myths before, but now they will! Even if you kill me, they will know!" The terror appeared in her eyes as she realized the falseness of her statement. She continued to scream her words at me, and her terror only rose; yet she did not slow her accusations against me.

Finally I interrupted her in the smooth ancient language of the Ticuna tribe from which Kaure was descended, hoping to elicit information from her. If she claimed there were myths, I had to find out what they were. "Please, what myths do you speak of? It is not as you believe; I did not know this would happen."

She stared at me in wonder. How does he know our language? Her eyes then narrowed.

"Are you really a Blood-Drinker? And is she truly with-child?"

The hatred threatened to break through, and I was only strong enough to dilute it into sadness. I nodded once. She stepped back in slight surprise. She hadn't been expecting me to admit what I was, but what other choice did I have?

I reached out to her. "Please, I need to help her."

"Help her? Why would you want to help her? You are the one who did it to her!"

I continued to plead with her, "Please, it's not what you think. I didn't mean for this to happen, I just need to know how to help her. She means everything to me. I love her more than anything, whether you choose to believe me or not. Please." The anger on Kaure's face disappeared. She stared at me doubtfully, her eyes flickering to Bella behind me. I saw Bella's confused face flash in her thoughts. I unconsciously reached behind my back and took Bella's hand in mine.

He can't be telling the truth. Their kind only love themselves. But Kaure's doubt disappeared bit by bit as she remembered the contact she had seen between Bella and myself. When she had convinced herself that I might be telling the truth, she moved forward a step. Her arms moved out and around, forming the outline of a rounded stomach. She was looking at Bella, trying to make sure that she knew, but Bella wasn't looking at her face; she was staring fixated at Kaure's hands. Kaure was satisfied anyway and took a few more steps toward us.

"It is said that it always happened to the women quickly. Has it not been long?"

"Only 17 days." I tensed at the mention of 'the women.'

"And is she really...human?"


"Our myths have warned us to kill the creature before it grows too strong. Are you willing to kill it?"

"Yes." The malevolence flowed into me. I quelled it quickly, unwilling to lose my limited composure. I had only one question. I gripped Bella's hand tightly in my own. "And the women? Did they survive?" Her hesitation lasted too long; I knew the answer before she shook her head.

Pain ripped through me. "None?" I whispered in agony. Kaure walked until she was just past me, standing in front of Bella.

"Morte." I froze as I tried to keep the images away, but it was no use. For the second time in my existence, the images of my precious Bella flooded my mind. Dead. I couldn't stop the onslaught of agony that coursed through my veins. I was only vaguely aware of the sound of the boat leaving the island a few minutes later; the only thing my brain could register was Bella, standing warm and soft in my arms.

Then she moved. I reached out and caught her shoulder, surprised. "Where are you going?"

"To brush my teeth again." Her voice was so level that it seemed unnatural. She must have been hiding her real feelings.

"Don't worry about what she said. It's nothing but legends, old lies for the sake of entertainment."

"I didn't understand anything." She still sounded strangely calm.

"I packed your toothbrush. I'll get it for you." I walked ahead of her into the bedroom.

"Are we leaving soon?" She called as I quickly found her toothbrush in a suitcase.

"As soon as you're done." I returned to the hall and handed Bella her toothbrush. I followed her back into the bedroom, waiting outside the bathroom door as she brushed her teeth.

My thoughts returned to Carlisle at home. He would have everything ready, and I would help as best as I could. Bella didn't have to die; I would see to it.

Bella walked back into the bedroom, handing me the brush. I packed it and picked up the suitcase. "I'll get the bags into the boat." I started for the door, picking up another on my way.

"Edward--" I turned back to Bella, slightly distracted by the plans going through my head.


She hesitated. "Could you...pack some of the food? You know, in case I get hungry again." Her eyes fell to the ground guiltily. My thoughts of planning disappeared as my face relaxed slightly. How could she feel guilty about getting hungry? She must feel like it's her fault. That would be Bella. I thought to myself. I longed to comfort her, but the urgency to leave and save her kept me in my place. There would be time later.

"Don't worry about anything. We'll get to Carlisle in just a few hours, really. This will all be over soon." She nodded, and I turned, taking the suitcases out of the bedroom and out to the boat.

It will be over soon, she’ll be safe. I chanted to myself, hoping that it would be true.